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Beach Bum Tanning Package Prices – Get a Beautiful Summer like Tan

Getting a great beach tan is quite tricky without having a sufficient pleasant environment and Beach Bum Tanning center will precisely deliver us the right amount of tan we need. Beach Bum Tanning Salons are truly very reputable and can surely be affordable by many people. As an opulence salon they offer many high-level services, so few tanning services may be costlier compared to other services, but still, it’s worth it.

With a vast history of around 30 years, Beach Bum Tanning salon offers you the ideal sun-kissed tan with perfection with lots of additional packages available. So, if you love to have a perfect tanned look, make sure to look into Beach Bum Tanning Prices.

Beach Bum Tanning Prices

Beach Bum Tanning Package Prices and individual prices differ based on the service you choose. Also, different Beach Bum Tanning Packages are there to provide more savings, though these are more suitable for the people who visit frequently. Beach Bum Tanning Pricing for a one-time service is also worth the money.

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The Beach Bum Tanning Spray Tan Price for a single visit starts at $30 and you can have a lot of savings by looking at multiple pack sessions. To reach your goals in getting the right tan, try Beach Bum, infrared sauna costing a single session at $20, five sessions at $80, 10 sessions at $200. At Beach Bum Sunless Tanning Prices, Airbrush Prices are very reasonable and provide the best services with expert supervision. Let’s get into How Much Are Beach Bum Tanning Packages and its price range in the following section.

Beach Bum Tanning Price List

Any Bed Pass (Set Up Fee)$99
Bronze (Set Up Fee)$30
Infrared Sweat Pass$79
Start-Up (All Access)$99
Any Bed Pass with Sunless Booth$89
Sunless Pass (with 2 Add-Ons Per Visit)$109
Sunless Pass (Set Up Fee)$20
Any Bed Pass$79
Infrared Sweat Pass (Set Up Fee)$20
Monthly Price (All Access)$109
Sunless Pass$89

Beach Bum Tanning Spray Tan Price

Airbrush Sessions$20
Sunless Booth Dark Solution$5
Sunless Booth Sessions$10

Beach Bum Tanning Pricing List

Titanium (30 Day Pass)$169
Diamond (Walk-In)$34
Platinum (12+8 Free)$275
Titanium (4+1 Free)$115
Platinum (Single Session)$23
Titanium (7+3 Free)$199
Platinum (4+1 Free)$95
Bronze (30 Day Pass)$59
Titanium (12+8 Free)$335
Bronze (12+8 Free)$119
Bronze (7+3 Free)$69
Bronze (Single Session)$10
Diamond (4+1 Free)$135
Platinum (30 Day Pass)$139
Titanium (Single Session)$28
Platinum (7+3 Free)$159
Bronze (4+1 Free)$39
Diamond (30 Day Pass)$199
Diamond (7+3 Free)$239
Diamond (12+8 Free)$409

Beach Bum Tanning Spray Tan Price

Diamond Illuminating Collagen Mask$18
Neck Lift Collagen Mask$10
24K Gold Hand Mask$15
Lavender Repair Mask$12
Honey Milk Crystal Mask$12
Wine Crystal Eye Slice$5
Lip Collagen Crystal Mask$10
24K Gold Facial Masks$15
Red Wine Collagen Mask$12
Acne Collagen Crystal Mask$5

Beach Bum Tanning Salons and Spa Prices

Sunless Booth (4+1 Free)$115
Sunless Booth (12+8 Free)$349
Sunless Booth (7+3 Free)$205
Sunless Booth (Single Session)$29

Beach Bum Infrared Sweat Service Price List

Infrared Sweat (7+3 Free)$175
Infrared Sweat (12+8 Free)$299
Infrared Sweat (Single Session)$25
Infrared Sweat (4+1 Free)$99

Beach Bum Tanning Airbrush Prices

Airbrush (12+8 Free)$469
Airbrush (7+3 Free)$275
Airbrush (Single Session)$39
Airbrush (4+1 Free)$159

Beach Bum History

Beach Bum Tanning salon was established in the year 1986 in Manhattan, New York City. The tanning salon has built itself as one of the first tanning and magnificence salons and further gained its reputation on the East Coast. The Beach Bum Tanning Locations are scattered in 50 areas including, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, and Connecticut.  Beach Bum Tanning salon values the client’s requirements. With 20 years of experience in indoor tanning, they are impeccable having modern and best quality equipment in the industry.

Beach Bum Tanning Services

Beach Bum Tanning has the best chosen indoor tanning machinery today in the market. They have modern tanning beds that have features like shoulders and facial tanners, aromatherapy, and cooling fans. The internal tanning services provided by this salon are the best carriage between obtaining the wanted bronzed glow and preventing the sun’s harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The indoor services include sunless spray tanning where the solution is applied to areas of the body and airbrush tanning is a modified treatment where the expert at this tanning service uses a specific technique to make skin look natural and flawless.

When Sunless spray tanning is applied to the skin, the active ingredient DHA reacts with the skin’s superficial proteins to produce a golden brown color. After 2, 3 hours of applications, the skin darkens and within 24 hours, it will obtain its peak color. Certainly, the color will become paler slowly through some natural exfoliation. In reality, the Beach Bum Tanning stands at the top position in the airbrush technique because it has developed a vegan and organic customized solution.

The Beach Bum Tanning has wellness with sweat and Infrared services; with the help of a thermogenic workout system they will train harder, help in losing weight, recover faster, and fit body wrap. Beach Bum Tanning Fit Body Wrap Price is a bit costly, but it improves the state of robustness. In this salon, you can also find other beauty and fitness treatments like express fillers and Botox, massage therapies. Here you can also get different types of lotions to make the skin look healthier on regular usage and the Beach Bum Tanning Lotion Prices vary based on the product and location you choose.

New customers are treated with the royal treatment and they can choose the Beach Bum Tanning Coupons for the required services and get many discounts.

Beach Bum Tanning Salon Reviews

It is better to take a look at customer reviews before visiting the salon. Customers are very much satisfied with the services provided here. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and highly experienced in their work. The line beds are excellent and neat. I love to visit this place and consider it the best tanning salon.

Quality facility! The place is spotless and the waiting time is considerably less. The staff here in spare time explains and suggests the best tanning service according to your skin and finally, lets you leave the place with a few tips on how to maintain the tan and assures the perfect tan color. A customer commented on it to be the best place to visit and has recommended it to be the best sauna for tanning services.

Beach Bum Tanning Running Hours

The Beach Bum Tanning Hours are flexible to visit in your free time. You can even make an appointment by calling the salon.

Beach Bum Tanning Opening Hours
Monday8:00 AM to 11.30PM
Tuesday8:00 AM to 11.30PM
Wednesday8:00 AM to 11.30PM
Thursday8:00 AM to 11.30PM
Friday8:00 AM to 11.30PM
Saturday8:00 AM to 11.30PM
Sunday8AM to 11.30PM

Beach Bum Tanning Address and Service Number

To know more information about Beach bum Tanning, go through their official website “ “and also find the nearest location by searching “Beach Bum Tanning Near Me.”

Headquarters address: 157 Market St, Winchester, Virginia 22603 

Service Number: +1 540-545-8895 

Winchester: 540-545-8895

Martinsburg: 304-262-2277

Front Royal: 540-635-6466 

Why Prefer Beach Bum Tanning?

People visit Beach Bum tan salon for several reasons: to have a good look and feel good about them, pre-tan before any trip, or to relax in the console of this comfortable tanning salon along with getting their favorable tan. The salon has the best chosen indoor tanning machinery today in the market. It is equipped with tanning beds of different types, facilities from shoulder and facial tanners, aromatherapy, and cooling fans. Beach bum provides many customized memberships, coupons, first visit offers, packages, and beach pass sessions to the customers.

Moreover, the tanning specialists and airbrush performers are certified in smart tan and are well-adjusted with the latest trends. They treat every customer with special importance. The experts here thoroughly work in mixing about 150 color combinations to give the perfect skin color in just 20 minutes.

The Beach Bum Tanning Prices NYC is a little high, but their service is worth for money. They always try to understand the client’s busy lifestyle and accommodate the schedule according to their comfort. Your precious time is valuable and they have dozens of timeline beds and prolonged hours to give you the best service.


How much is Beach Bum Tanning?

The Beach Bum Tanning Prices vary based on the membership services, i.e., 30-day membership for silver is $149, platinum is $239, titanium is $279, and diamond is $329. 

How much is Beach Bum Tanning Packages?

Beach Bum Tanning Packages differ with services being offered, so it all depends on the type of package you choose. 

What is the price for the Bronze tanning package?

The Bronze package prices range from $36.00 to $108.00 based on the session you select. 

What is the price of the Platinum package?

The Platinum package price ranges from $79.00 to $239.00 and the beach pass is $99.00. 

What are the Titanium package prices?

The titanium package price varies from $99.00 to $299.00 and the beach pass price is $99.00.  

What is the price for Diamond Tanning Packages?

The Diamond Tanning Package prices range from $119.00 to $359.00. 

 How much is Spray Tanning at Beach Bum?

The price for a single time Spray Tanning at Beach Bum is $29.00, and the packages price for spray tanning varies from $115.00 to $349.00. 

 How much is one tanning session at Beach Bum?

A one-time tanning price for Bronze is $10.00, platinum is $23.00, titanium is $28.00, and for a diamond is $34.00. 

How to cancel Beach Bum Tanning Membership?

You can cancel the membership by visiting any Beach Bum Tanning Salon. 

What time does Beach Bum Tanning open?

The Beach Bum Tanning salon opens at 7.00 am every day. 

What time does Beach Bum Tanning close?

Beach Bum Tanning salon closes at 10.00 pm from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday, it closes at 9.00 pm. 

When did Beach Bum Tanning close in Fairfield? 

In Fairfield, the salon closes at 10.00 pm from Monday to Friday, and at 8.00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

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