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Best Cuts Barbershop Prices – Get the best hair care services at Best Cuts

One of the essential parts of adult life is finding the best barber or hairstylist under your budget. If you want professional expertise and friendly price, the Best Cuts hair salon will offer you the best beat for your money. The competently trained team can work with any hair and of any length and makes you fall in love with the new hairstyle. 

Best Cuts barbershop is a middle range hair salon for people who need advanced or traditional haircuts in little time. As a part of a prestigious and branded Regis salon encourages itself in providing all the services like basic hair care, cuts, and styling add-ons to every people at a reasonable price. 

Best Cuts Prices

Do you want to change your look but also save back money in your wallet? Best Cuts Prices are pocket-friendly and provide trendy hair care services to put you at ease. A standard Best Cuts Haircut Prices for men is $19.99 and if you wish to have deep conditioning, it charges an additional $15.00. At Best Cuts Price, women’s haircut is $25.00 and for deep conditioning, you will be charged an extra $30.00.

Best Cuts Prices image

If you want your eyebrows to be done professionally or to have chin and neck waxing, the salon proves those services for an additional charge. The price for chin and neck wax is $15.00 and eyebrow threading its $15.00. Best Cuts and Color prices will vary based on the length of the hair. Highlights can be added to any hairstyle and Best Cuts experts know very well in giving you the best style you deserve and the Best Cuts prices for highlights are very reasonable. 

Best Cuts Haircut Prices

Best Cuts Hair Salon Haircut Price List
Long (Starting Price) (Per Person) (Haircut)$30
Short (Starting Price) (Per Person) (Haircut)$19.99
Medium (Starting Price) (Per Person) (Haircut)$24.99

Best Cuts Highlights Prices

Best Cuts Barbershop Prices for Highlights
Long (Partial) (Starting Price)$95
Thick Hair (Partial) (Extra)$15
Medium (Partial) (Starting Price)$75
Short (Partial) (Starting Price)$55

Best Cuts Salon Waxing Price List

Waxing Price List at Best Cuts
Facial Waxing$10+
Brow Wax$15+

Best Cuts Prices For Color

Best Cuts Hair Color Price List
Thick Hair (Extra)$20
Root (Starting Price)$45.01

Best Cuts Prices for all Ove Color

Best Cuts Hair Salon Price List for All Over Color 
Short (Starting Price) (All Over Color)$49.99
Medium (Starting Price) (All Over Color)$64.99
Long (Starting Price) (All Over Color)$79.99
Thick Hair (Extra Cost) (All Over Color)$20

BestCuts Hair Salon Price for Basic Services

Best Cuts Salon Prices for All Service
HAIR UP$59.99

About the Best Cuts Salon

Best Cuts salon is a part of the branded Regis family and started its operation in the year 1922 with the name of Kunin Beauty salon and later it was named Regis by the founder’s son in 1958. The brand dramatically started to grow in the early period of the 1990s when the clients began to believe that they will have stunning styles and haircuts from the specially trained stylists. 

Best Cuts salons are found in many locations like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, and New Jersey. Over the period, this salon has recorded enormous growth with the increase of the client’s patronage and overwhelming price range.  

Best Cuts Services

Best Cuts have several services catered to men’s, women’s, and kids needs. Clients can select from standard cuts, styling cuts, and cuts along with a shampoo. They offer services like highlighting needs, colouring hair, hair perming, smoothing hair treatments, trimming, conditioning treatments, face waxing for smoother locks, etc.

This salon has a hair gallery to suggest to you what type of hairstyle matches your personality. The gallery cuts for men include Alex cut to have a modern look, Eric’s classic hairstyle, and Devin’s fade cut. For women, the hair gallery includes Candace’s flexible layer, Brianna Classic bob, Julie’s large bouncy layers, Yvonnes’s classic cut, and Vanessa’s hairstyle.

Special services are also available in these salons like-formal styles, special event blowouts, perms, conditioning treatments, and texturizing services. Best Cuts Perm prices are also affordable. The Malibu treatment cleanses and elucidates hair for taking out impurities. Many salons of Best Cuts provide facial and brow waxing. They even have discount services when you use Best Cuts haircut coupons. You can get the Best Cuts coupons either through the online store or directly from the salon itself.

Reviews on Best Cuts

Best Cuts reviews from different customers are like “it is awesome” and “result is what I need”. Some clients mentioned that the trained staff is fantastic and they take time to make the customer satisfied and like the style finally. Another client was suggested to try the Best Cuts and that client felt delighted after receiving the service from this salon. 

The Best Cuts treatments are surely carried out by well-trained experts who have knowledge of modern trends and help you in choosing the right style for you. Along with the dedication, the employees are trained to accomplish their service more quickly and efficiently. Once you visit this salon, you will always love to visit again because of the friendly staff and countless services are available at reasonable and budget-friendly prices. 

Best Cuts Hours

Best Cuts hours differ from one location to another location. Their timings are perfect for people who are busy and have less time. You can have a hair cut during the early hours or after your office working hours. 

Best Cuts Hair Salon Hours of Operation
Monday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

How to Reach Best Cuts Salon?

To save your time, you need to reserve an appointment or directly go for a walk-in. It is up to you to choose. But, whenever you make an appointment, a small discussion is done with the client to give you the right option. In this way, you can go according to your plan. During peak time, it is better to make a prior appointment. To make an appointment, please go through the Best Cuts Website or contact via Best Cuts phone number: 1-800-737-3535. 

Why Prefer Best Cuts?

Best Cuts is a wonderful option for people who want to save money but still willing to have perfect hair colouring and haircut experience. With standard setups, soothing colours, and an open environment, Best Cuts salon concentrates on serving customers who want modern or traditional hair cut but who have a lack of time to wait. Clients can straight away go to the salon and have an appointment immediately at most of the sites. 

One outstanding choice that most of the clients get attracted to this salon is the Style gallery. This gallery has pictures to go through so that one can easily choose a colour and cut that matches their goals and requirements. You will be assured that you will acquire precisely what you see in the style gallery. Cut and colour prices are less compared to other brand salons. Best Cuts highlight prices are also reasonable. 

Best Cuts staff is always trained with up-to-date styles, knowledgeable, and provides clients with an extraordinary experience. They are good at memorizing colours and styles for their frequent customers. 


How much is a Haircut at Best Cuts?

For men, Haircut at Best Cuts costs $19.99 and for women, it is $25.00.

What time do Best Cuts Open?

Best Cuts Open opens at 9.00 am from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday it opens at 11.00 am.

What time do Best Cuts close?

The Best Cuts closes at 8.00 pm from Monday to Friday, at 6.00 pm on Saturday, and on Sunday it closes at 5.00 pm.

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