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Brow Art 23 Price List – All Extra Services

I am sure you must have heard of salons that are dedicated only to hair services or waxing, or only facial. But have you heard of any salon that specializes in the art of brow shaping? I am sure not. A place called Brow Art 23 that has well-trained staff members in shaping brows, giving them color, shape, and texture that will make your eyes look radiant, beautiful and much more appealing.

Brow Art 23 Prices image

People don’t really put too much effort into making their eyebrows perfect, and that is where they go wrong. Most people go to a regular salon and get their eyebrows done, but there is a 30% chance that the staff of that hair salon may go wrong. And it will take you a long weekend to grow them back. So, instead of taking that risk, why not just go to a professional hair salon and get your requirements fulfilled like in the Brow Art 23. Now let’s see the Brow Art 23 Prices below.

Brow Art 23 Prices

Brow Art 23 is not only about eyebrows – although they specialize in it, there are also more services provided like facial threading, body threading, henna & makeup, eyelash extension, etc. The Brow Art 23 Eyelash Extensions Price falls in the range of $30 to $300. Henna and makeup will fall in the range of $20 to $26. Facial and body threading will fall in the range of $7 to $68. Below you can see the Brow Art prices for each and every service.

Brow Art 23 Body Threading Price List

Under Arm$25
1/2 Arm$27
Full Arm$50
1/2 Leg$35
Full Leg$68

Brow Art Facial Threading Prices

Full Face$38
Partial Face (Sides)$18
Upper Lip$7

Brow Art 23 Eyelash Extensions Prices

1/2 Set$200
Temporary & Lash Clusters$30
Full Set$300

Brow Art 23 Henna Prices

Permanent Makeup (Prices Vary)$0
Henna (Temporary Tattoo) (Starting Price)$20
Makeup Application$26

More on Brow Art 23

The Brow Art 23 is one of the best salons for eyebrows. They are the most unique salon which focuses on eyebrows. You will be surprised if you walk into any outlet of Brow Art 23 just by looking at their service list. Check the Brow Art 23 menu prices on their official website to get a proper estimate of your bill and services. If you are interested in opening a franchise, you can check the Brow Art 23 Franchise Cost on their official website.

Brow Art 23 Services

There are many services available for your eyebrows. You can get many options for different styles of eyebrow. Services like Brow Art 23 Eyelash Extensions are also available here. Eyelash extensions include the creation of full, long eyelashes to enhance the beauty of your face. If you are going to any beauty contest, it is necessary to look outstanding. All the tiniest things should be perfect. You can get your eyelashes done here and look outstanding always. You should check Brow Art 23 Eyebrow Threading Price after you reach any outlet to get more idea about the prices of services.

Besides services related to eyebrows, they even provide different services as well. Henna, makeup services are also two of the most popular services of Brow Art 23. In the case of a wedding or any religious festival, you can get a beautiful design on your hands. Brow Art 23 will provide a set of different designs. You can select any of them. The henna tattoos are harmless as well as painless. It is temporary, so there is no need to worry about taking it off. It will fade away after a few days. You can utilize the service again if you like.

There are even some special services available on-demand at higher prices. One of the special services of Brow Art 23 is permanent makeup. The permanent makeup is related to the eyelashes. The concept of permanent makeup is to get your eyelashes done forever. This service takes lots of time to be done. You probably should go early in office hours if you are looking for this service. At most affordable prices, the Brow Art 23 will provide all the services associated with eyelashes or eyebrows.

Brow Art 23 Reviews

We conducted a review to find out whether the customers of Brow Art 23 were actually pleased with their services and if they wanted to share some feedback regarding their staff, professionalism, ambiance, price, etc. And we were surprised to find out that a lot of customers had something to share about them. Some of the reviews are shared here. A customer said, “My eyebrows are very thin, and it is difficult to shape them as they are less. But the staff was such an expert in it, she did a wonderful job on my eyebrows and I am surely going to visit them again”.

Another customer was not happy with the amount charged for henna, she said, “My hair is not so long, it’s only shoulder length, but they charged me extra for the length and I had to pay more than $20. This is not fair. “A customer was thrilled with the experience and said, “This was my first time visiting a salon that prides themselves for their eyebrow threading. And I must say the experience was great”.

Brow Art 23 Hours

The Brow Art 23 is open on all days of the week. The regular timing for Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 9 pm. Timing for Sundays is slightly less than others 11 am to 7 pm. Timing can be different for some branches of Brow Art 23 as well as on holidays. On holidays, every branch will have special holiday timing. In order to confirm the timing of the nearest Brow Art 23 Locations, it is recommended to give them a phone call. You may have the facility of booking your slot in person as well over a phone call.

Brow Art 23 Hours
Monday10 am to 9 pm
Tuesday 10 am to 9 pm
Wednesday10 am to 9 pm
Thursday10 am to 9 pm
Friday10 am to 9 pm
Saturday10 am to 9 pm
Sunday11 am to 7 pm

Brow Art 23 Customer Support

Office Address:

3223 Lake Ave. Suite 15C
Wilmette, Illinois 60091

Customer Service Number: 1.800.850.0773

Official Website:

Social Media Links:

Why Brow Art 23 Salon Only?

If you are looking for the services related to eyebrows, Brow Art 23 is the best option you can opt for at the most reasonable prices. You can tell the fair pricing of services by looking at Brow Art 23 Menus Prices. Before any service gets a start, the staff member will interact with the client about their allergies. 

If the customers have any allergies, they will avoid the product used in the Service accordingly. They will cover all the safety measures of your allergies with dedicated assistance from the staff members and is definitely a place worth visiting. Considering Brow Art 23 prices and its services, it is highly recommended to pay a visit, even for once.


How much does Brow Art 23 cost?

 The cost at Brow Art 23 will depend upon the type of service you choose. Services like facial threading will fall in the range of $7 to $38. Body threading will cost you around $25 to $68. Henna and makeup will be approximately $20 to $26 and eyelash extensions will charge you about $30 to $300.

How much is Eyebrow Threading at Brow Art 23?

The cost of eyebrow threading at Brow Art 23 is very reasonable, that is $11.

How much is Henna at Brow Art 23?

The cost for Henna at Brow Art 23 is around $20, but the price may increase depending upon the type of hair and length.

What is the Brow Art 23 Phone Number?

The phone number of Brow Art 23 is 1.800.850.0773. Although this is the number of their main customer care center, you can get the phone number of a specific location through their website.

What are the Brow Art 23 Henna Prices?

Henna prices at Brow Art 23 are very variable, but the starting price for it is $20 only. Although this price is subject to change depending upon the length and texture of hair.

Are there any Brow Art 23 Coupons Available?

Yes, there are many Brow Art 23 coupons available that you can get from third-party stores and apps. You can also get these coupons from their official website in times of promotion or some special occasion. 

What time does Brow Art 23 open?

Brow Art 23 opens at 10 am on Monday to Saturday and at 11 am on a Sunday.

What time does Brow Art 23 close?

Brow Art 23 closes at 9 pm from Monday to Saturday and 7 pm on a Sunday.

Is Brow Art 23 open on Sundays?

Yes, Brow Art 23 is open on Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

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