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Bubbles Salon Prices – Attractive Services to Kids & Adults!

If you seek for yourself a trendy and hip hairstyle that will win you praise and approval, then the Bubbles Hair Salon is just right for you. Known for delivering the most attractive and trendiest hairstyles and haircuts, the Bubbles salon has 25 years of experience in the hair-care and grooming industry.

With professional barbers, reasonable prices, great value for your money, and prompt customer service, the Bubbles salon delivers the trendiest hairstyles and uses the best hair-care products. To get looks that are not only trending but also match your face cut, and the best hair-care tips from the professionals themselves, the Bubbles service is at your service.

Even after years of experience, the salon has a youthful vibe that focuses on giving its customers a comfortable and transforming experience. The satisfying experience is given to the customers by a set of the most attentive and understanding barbers that treat every customer with individual and personal styles and ideas.

Bubbles Hair Salon Prices

The Bubbles salon offers its customers with a plethora of hair-related and grooming services that cover haircuts, hair styling, waxing, coloring, and much more. The salon charges a very reasonable price for their dynamic set of services provided by some of the best-trained barbers that use the best kind of hair-care products for their customers. The Bubbles salon also ensures that for every service that they provide, they explain to you the reason for any additional charges, which is such a loyal thing to do as it prevents the customer from being cheated out of their money.

If you are a frequent and loyal customer with the Bubbles salon, the salon will gift you the Bubbles Salon Coupon using which you can avail the same set of brilliant services at a much lesser price. The Bubbles Hair Salon Prices for a haircut for women falls within the range of $30 to $40 or more. The Bubbles Salon prices for a child range between $20 and $30. Here is the Bubbles Hair Salon Price List for many other services that they provide.

Bubbles Hair Cut Prices

Shampoo, cut, and blowdry$38
Shampoo, cut, and deluxe style (+ iron finish)$48
Shampoo, cut, and blowdry for relaxed hair$58
Shampoo, cut, and blowdry for non-relaxed hair$78


Shampoo and Deluxe Style$40
Shampoo and Blowdry Style$30
Shampoo and Blowdry style – highly Textured, Natural Hair$65 
Special Occasion Design $50 
Curling or Flat Iron$10.49
Shampoo and set$30
Shampoo, cut and set$40.49 
Long Hair Charge$10.99
Hair ExtensionsBy consultation
Shampoo and clipper cut $30 
Shampoo and Blowdry Style – Highly textured, relaxed hair$45


Single color$50
Full highlights $95
Partial highlights$75
Dimensional color (2 to 3 colors)$115
Color correctionBy consultation


Any 2 waxing services$25
Any 3 waxing services$35
Brow, chin, or lip$15

Texture and curl

Flexi Rod Set$65.99
Relaxer, Shampoo, Cut and Blowdry$105 
Twists / locs / natural hair styles$65.99
Wrap and Curl$45.99
Any Three Areas$35.99
Shampoo, Blowdry and Style – Natural Hair$60.99
Shampoo, Blowdry and Style – Relaxed Hair$45.99
Rollerset and Blowdry$45.99
Perm, cut and blowdry$105 
Designer perm, cut and blowdry$135


Shampoo, cut, and blowdry$25
Haircut only$20


Cibu Systems Treatment$20.49
Deep conditioning masque$25.49
Prescriptive Treatment$20.49


The Classic$48
The Classic with Color $98
The Classic with Highlights$123 
The Classic with Full Highlights$143
The Classic Fusion with Highlights $173
The Classic Fusion with Full Highlights$193

Bubbles Salon Background

At the Bubbles salon, each guest is given due attention and curated customized looks from their stylists according to their hair needs and style preferences. The well-renowned Bubbles salon chain was founded by Ann Ratner with a vision to build a salon that was youthful, energetic, and dynamic. A native to the United Kingdoms, the salon only came into existence when Ann moved to the United States wherein the year 1978 she inaugurated the very first Bubbles salon in the downtown area of Washington, D.C.

Since then, there has been no looking back for Ann and she kept ascending to newer heights of success by expanding her empire of Ratner Companies with the establishment of the Salon Cielo & Spa in the year 2001. Ann’s vision is what drives the brand to newer and honorable heights of achievement while still allowing their loyal customers to have the most comfortable and transforming experience in any of the Bubbles salon.

As of today, she is the president of Salon Cielo, Bubbles, and her own product line Cibu. The Ratner companies are the largest hair salon chain in the U.S. These expansive achievements of hers were reflected in every enterprise owned by her, making the Bubbles salon, her first enterprise, a successful chain of salons with outlets in over 1,000 Bubbles Salon Locations spread across 16 states and a family of more than 11,000 employees.

Services Offered by Bubbles Salon

Big-box stores are stores that comprise everything commercial products you could think of purchasing. The Bubbles salon is like the Big-Box store of the Haircare industry because of its amazingly expansive range of hair-care and grooming services that make it a one-stop-shop for all the valid reasons. The salon offers services for children as well till the age of 10 and younger. So the next time you want a grooming session and can’t find a baby-sitter, just bring your kid along, and the salon will cater to your needs as well.

Starting from the basic haircuts, the salon has a different package that includes a haircut with variation in shampooing and blow-drying. The salon also offers several packages ranging in price and specifications that include shampooing and styling only. These styling packages also have a Special Occasion design, which can be availed whenever you need a distinct hairstyle for an event.

Dynamic is the word when it comes to the range of services that the salon has to offer. The salon provides hair extensions as well after consultation with a stylist. You can have you hair colored completely, have highlights, lowlights, and even color correction at the Bubbles salon. Color correction is done to correct the botched up coloring that your hair has undergone at the hands of another barber. 

Bubbles hair salon also offers Balayage coloring, which is one of the most sought after hair coloring styles and is also pretty difficult. It needs to be blended in the right fashion, with a proper exhibition of different color tones while also looking natural. Other than styling, the salon also offers semi-permanent and permanent hairstyles like Relaxing, Perming, and a Keratin treatment that is given if the stylist finds that the hair of the customer needs it. There is also a rather cheap Prescriptive treatment available at the salon.

In the grooming services offered by the salon, the salon provides wax of the brow, chin or lips. There are also haircuts for kids aged 10 and below. There is a package with only a haircut as well as a package that includes shampooing, cutting, and blow-drying. 

Bubbles Salon Reviews

The fact that the Bubbles salon has over 1,000 outlets expanded over 16 U.S. states, including D.C., is very telling of its accomplishments and popularity amongst its customers. The salon offers a wide variety of hair-care and grooming services at a great value for your money. Going by the customers’ reviews of the Bubbles hair salons, it was very evident that one of the things they appreciate the most about the salon is the amount of individual attention that is given to them by the hairstylists and barbers.

A reviewer described her experience at the salon and said that while she was getting her haircut and hairstyle done, the salon had started closing but in no way did she feel like the barber was in any kind of hurry, in fact, she was surprisingly very diligently working on her hair and worked way past closing time. Even after the work was all done, she patiently gave the customer aftercare tips.

Another customer said that the more she visits the salon, the more benefits she receives. Not only is the staff incredibly welcoming and comfortable to be around, even for first-time customers, the salon also rewards loyal customers with Bubbles coupons and gift cards.

Young women love the salon because it is up-to-date with the newest and trendiest hairstyles and can have their hair colored and corrected without any worry in the Bubbles salon. Many reviewers lauded the salon for its atmosphere and easily affordable price despite great quality work and products being used in the salon.

Bubbles Salon Hours 

You can visit the Bubbles salon any day of the week as it is open from Sunday to Saturday. Monday to Friday you can visit the salon between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. On Saturday, the salon is open from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. On Sunday, the salon opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 7 p.m.

Monday9 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 9 PM
Thursday9 AM to 9 PM
Friday9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 7 PM
Sunday11 AM to 7 PM

Timings varies from location to location. To know the exact timings for different locations, click here

Bubbles Salon Customer Support

Headquarters address: 

Ratner Companies,

1577 Spring Hill Road, Suite 500,

Vienna, VA, 22182

Contact number: (703)269-5400


Social media handles:

You can book your appointment using the above-mentioned website, which will take you to your choice of salon location wherein you can choose to book online or fetch the number and call it to confirm a booking.

How is this salon chain any different?

 What makes the Bubbles salon chain different is its 25+ years of experience in the hair-care and grooming industry. In today’s world, everyone wants to look trendy and sharp; this means getting hairstyles and hairdo that is in with the times. Well, the Bubbles salons are excellent in giving its customers just that.

The salons have a distinct atmosphere and way of working, which is intentionally kept this way. The founder, Ann Ratner, maintains that every single Bubbles salon should have an energetic and enthusiastic environment to cultivate better work results and maintain what the brand stands for. 

The Bubbles salon are a game-changer because of their expansive variety of services that are not only delivered in their best quality but are also very affordable as compared to several other chains that have a meager number of services and cost a hefty price. The Bubbles salon has basic haircutting, shampooing, blow-drying, perming, highlighting, balayage coloring, hair-relaxing, and several other services.

They also have waxing services, and you can book appointments for special events as well. All these services can be availed in different packages or alone. Plus, the salon is also open for haircuts for kids as old as 10 years and below. For the best hairstyles and great customer service, visit Bubbles salons once and see for yourself their customer reception, diligent work, and amazing prices.


How much is a Hair Cut at Bubbles Salon?

A Bubbles hair cut will cost you anywhere between $30 and $40. A Bubbles salon hair cut for a child will cost between the range of $20 and $30.

What is the address for the Bubbles Salon in Odenton, Maryland?

The address for the Bubbles salon in Odenton, Maryland is 2389, Brandermill Blvd, Gambrills, Maryland.

What time does the Bubbles salon in Albemarle County, Virginia, close?

From Monday till Saturday, the salon closes at 9 pm, on Saturday at 8 pm and on Sundays, the salon closes at 6 pm.

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