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Carlton Hair Prices – Updated Price List of all Services

Carlton Hair is a very renowned hair salon in the salon industry and is known to be located in the most prime cities across the globe. Excellence is what they strive for with each client they work with; that factor is clearly visible. Every look that they have done till now has been well appreciated by their clients and followers, as well. 

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Carlton salon has set a standard for itself and other salons working in the industry. Their motto is simply to do better than they did the last time, and with that, they have been able to achieve great looks through time. All the services that they provide are catered for by many other salons, but none of them are like Carlton Hair. Also, the Carlton Hair Salon Prices are very affordable which you will know from the below section.

Carlton Hair Salon Prices

Here, you will find the Carlton Hair Prices for every service that is being provided by that Salon. Everything from haircuts for adults to children has been covered for your reference under Carlton price list. 

Carlton Hair Prices of all Services


Full Highlights$112 – $183
Partial Highlights$91 – $152

Styling Services

Formal Styling$65 – $97
Shampoo, blowdry, style$44 – $72

Carlton Haircut Prices (includes shampoo & condition)

Children’s Haircuts Carlton$37 – $64
Haircut$59 – $109

Conditioning Treatments

Carlton Hair Prices of Conditioning Treatments are as follows.

Perm$109 – $156
Conditioning treatment$34 – $46


Balayage$131 – $205
Color & Touch$72 – $115

Carlton Prices for Other Services

Glossing (Blow Dry Not Included)$38
Toner (Starting Price)$25
Smoothing Treatment$150
Dry Bar Styling (No Wash, Approximately 20-Minute Style)$35
Color Correction (Price Determined During Consultation)$0.00
Wave Relaxer (Perm Solution Relaxer Only)$95
Conditioning or Scalp Treatment (Blow Dry Not Included) $25

About Carlton Hair

Carlton Hair Salon works with very specific clientele because they know what they need for their salon. Staying on top of current trends is one of their best aspects because anything you see in magazines etc. will either be done by them or can be done by them very easily. The effective service that they deliver and have been delivering is clearly why they are popular. 

Another great thing about Carlton Hair is that as keen as they are for their work, they are also keen for feedback and improvement. They have established themselves but are constantly striving for something better. Their business is also entirely customer-driven. The people that work with them at their salons are well trained to work by their values only. 

Services Offered by Carlton Hair

Carlton Hair, despite being a hair salon, it has a range of services to offer to its customers. You can get the best of haircut and a blow-dry from their salon, for whichever look you are going for, from working woman to a casual everyday look. Children and men are also most welcome at their salon because they have special styles of haircuts for them as well. 

Other services except for hair cuts that Carlton Hair Salon gives are hair treatments, highlights, extensions, and flamboyage, etc. There are other specific and specialized Carlton Hair treatments like bridal hairdos and perms, as well. One of the best services offered by them is their walk-in blow dry option. 

All of the products used by Carlton at their salons don’t have any harsh chemicals which could harm your hair. This is one thing they really take pride in because very few salons are able to do that. No alcohol or sulfates can be found in anything they use.

Carlton has also recently opened its nail service under the name of Carlton Nails. This service provided by them has become fairly popular among many women and has taken flight quickly because people trust the brand. The same service is for both men and children as well, which makes them really unique in what they do. 

Skin Care services and add ons like waxing are also something that Carlton caters to. All kinds of wax options are available at their salons, along with massages and relaxing facials. The options they have for the services are standard, but their work is excellent. 

Customer reviews of Carlton Hair

The simple reason that customers love coming back to the salons of Carlton is that they have a great policy and staff. People working for them are really customer-oriented, which is why for most people the experience has been really great. Carlton Hair price list doesn’t disappoint them because of the good service. 

Given how most reviewers have mentioned the staff working at Carlton, it shows they have been well trained in what they are supposed to do. All of them have been really appreciated for being friendly and good stylists, obviously. Carlton Hair products are also very popular with most customers and one of their most appreciated things. 

Carlton Hair Hours

Most of the salons under Carlton Hair open up at 11 in the morning, and their final hour is 7 in the evening. Bookings can be made accordingly, and for discounts, there is Carlton Hair coupon. 

Monday10 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 9 PM
Thursday10 AM to 9 PM
Friday10 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 8 PM
Sunday11 AM to 7 PM

Carlton Customer Support

Carlton Hair Salon is based out of Santa Monica, but you can find one of their salons near you through their website. They have a locator that shows all the Carlton Hair locations nearby. 

Booking for any service can be done through their services section of the website (, which will then ask you to pick a salon of your choice from different Carlton hair salons. Then you can move forward with filling in details about the appointment. 

You can follow their social media pages to know the updates on Carlton hair specials on any events, offers and any other useful notifications.


Is it possible to get a specific hairstylist?

Yes, the Carlton Hair website lets you filter available time slots by hairstylist so that you can choose. 

How much is a hair cut at Carlton Hair?

Any haircut appointment at Carlton Hair Santa Monica or other locations will include shampoo and blow-dry, which will cost you somewhere between $58 to $80 depending on the length of your hair and the type of hair cut. 

Why choose Carlton Hair?

When you choose Carlton Hair as your salon, you are also choosing perfection and passion along with that. It is a recognized name in over 80 countries, which assures that you will get the best possible service from them. The beauty industry might be ever-changing, but this is a name that has stayed for a long while and will be there in the future as well.

Moreover, the variety of services offered by Carlton is really what makes a case for them. The hairstylist working with you will do their best to give you the look you want. The luxurious experience is all that really matters along with the good service when it comes to Carlton Hair. 

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