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Chatters Salon & Beauty Supply Prices

Going for Chatters and making it your priority over various other salons available in the country, is exactly what you should be doing. It is not only because of Chatters Haircut prices that is so cheap but also because of how committed their experts and stylists are to their work. The professionals of Chatters know and understand that every customer deserves the best treatment. And that is why their team keeps updating themselves with the latest trends available in the market to provide you with the best service. 

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From trendy hairstyles to vibrant hair color, the professionals of Chatters can do everything to ring a smile to your face. The best part of going to Chatters is that their experts listen to what you have in mind, and if the image is not clear, they put in their suggestions based on what you like, your face structure, the color of your skin, etc., to provide you with the best haircut. Chatters is a unisex salon, so not only women but kids and men can also get their hair cut at the minimal price possible. They do perms that come in both regular and special. Chatters Salon Prices for all these services are affordable.

Latest Chatters Salon Prices

Chatters is one of the leading hair salons in Canada, and it is not only because of the quality haircut they provide to their customers, but it is also because of Chatters Prices that are affordable. Their service cost ranges between $10 to around $50, but it can go high depending upon whether you want your hair to be coloured completely from the roots to the tips, the length of hair, and so much more. You can refer to our Chatters Hair Salon price list to know more about it.

Chatters Salon Prices of Waxing, Haircut and all Other

You can get the best service at affordable price range. Chatter hair salon prices provided below will prove you that. Check out Chatters haircut cost, waxing, coloring, styling and other services cost here before making a visit.

Chatters Haircut Prices

For men or women, Chatters gives the best hair cut within the price range of $9 to $45.

Men’s Shampoo, cut, style$29 – $33
Women’s Shampoo, cut, style$41 – $45
Women’s Bangs Trim$9
Men’s Buzzcut$17
Men’s Beard/Neck Trim$12



Color only

You can color or highlight your hair with just below the price of $100. See the Chatters prices for highlights, coloring for both Men and Women.

Women (Medium)$82 – $92
Women (Short)$72 – $82
Women (Long)$92 – $102
Men$52 – $62


Shampoo and blowout (Long)$37 – $41
Event Style$62
Shampoo and blowout$26

Chatter Salon Prices for Other Hair Services

Hair Up-Do$45.99
Keratin Treatment$25.99

More About Chatters Hair Salon

Chatters is one of the best hair salons in Canada. The company started in 1987 in Red Deer, Alberta. Jason Volk is the Director and the Chairman of the company. The only mission of the company is to provide Style Happy Hair days to its customers. They believe in giving an amazing salon experience to the customers. They offer you the best pleasurable experience in a most sustainable environment. 

The Chatters Salon & Beauty Supply was started with a small salon shop in Red Deer. The founder has the vision to expand his territory all across the country. The company owns 110 salons all over Canada. They have more than 1600 employees working for them. The company also certified under the Green Circle Salons. They recycle most of the waste that they collect from every hair service.

Chatters Salon Services

There are many services offered by the Chatters Hair Salon for men as well as women since it is a unisex salon. Primary services like haircuts are available at most reasonable prices. It will differ on the basis of your gender. Your hair will be handled with the most trained experts in the company. If you are in Chatters Hair Salon, you need not worry about anything. Everything will be taken care of by experts. There is a wide range of prices associated with different types of haircuts. You can even get a smart hairstyle after a proper haircut. 

Also, just by calling the helpline number of your nearest Chatters Hair Salon, you can get the cost estimate. You can have a glance at Chatters Price List if you care to visit the salon by yourself. They also offer services like Keratin Treatment in order to take proper care of your hair.

Services like Hair-up do, Keratin treatment is rare to find in any salon. Even if you find it, you may have to spend a lot on getting these services. But if you have already paid a visit to the salon, you may already have a brief idea about the Chatters Salon Haircut Prices. If you have not yet visited this salon, it is highly recommended to take a ride to the salon. You will have a whole different perspective about the services offered in order to take care of your hair. 

Every type of service can be received related to beautification. Chatters Salon Services like waxing, lashes, brows, perms, the coloring of your hair, and many more will be available under the same roof. You just have to book your slot, and the experts will take care of you at the most reasonable prices.

Even though there are many types of coloring possible in the Chatters Hair Salon, it will not cost you too much. You can highlight your hair by giving them a nice vibrant color. After coloring your hair, the color may get faded away from some of the parts. You can pay a visit to Chatters salon and get a color correction in order to get your vibrant colors back to as it was before. 

Chatters Hair Salon Review

To come to a conclusion about the Chatters Hair Salon, we went through various comments and reviews online by their existing as well as previous customers. We also went through some of the complaints in the Customer Complaint website and noted some of the legit reviews which we will share with you.

One of the best reviews we found was by a lade, “I am a working woman, but I also love to live a party life with my friends, so I needed a haircut that is edgy and short but also one which I can tie in a ponytail and go to my office looking professional. My stylist at Chatters did exactly what I asked her to do, and she gave me the perfect hairstyle that is professional in the morning and edgy at night when I let it down.”

Although 91% of the comments in the online review websites we found them to be positive, we also found a comment that was negative but legit, so we will share it with you. A gentleman said, “I had a prior appointment with the Chatters, but they made me wait for a long time, and then when I complained about it, one of their workers was rude to me.” Other than this negative comment, we found all the comments and customer reviews to be very good about them, and we surely recommend our readers to pay them a visit.

Chatters Hair Salon Hours

The Chatters Hair Salons are open all the days of the week. The timing from Monday to Friday is from 10 am to 9 pm. There is a slight difference in the timing of Saturdays and Sundays. The timing for Sundays are from 11 am to 6 pm, and for Saturdays, the timing will be from 11 am to 9 pm. You can book your slot for the service as per your choice. Although it is not mandatory to book before you go to the salon. But it is recommended to book your slot in order to avoid any type of delay or waiting.

Monday10 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 9 PM
Thursday10 AM to 9 PM
Friday10 AM to 9 PM
Saturday11 AM to 9 PM
Sunday11 AM to 6 PM

Customer Support of Chatters Hair Salon

Chatters Head Office Address:

Chatters Limited Partnership
271 Burnt Park Drive
Red Deer County
Alberta, Canada T4S 0K7

Contact Numbers:

  • Customer Service Number: 1855 342 5055
  • Home Office: 1888 944 5055
  • Head Office: 1403 342 5055
  • Customer Relations: 1855 342 5055

Official Website Address:

Social Network Links:

Why Choose Chatters?

The Chatters hair salon is one of the finest hair salons in Canada. You will get several services under the same roof. Some services like Keratin Treatment, French Braid, Hair Extension are rarely offered by the salons. Even if you find any salons offering these services, you may not be satisfied with their work.

They may cost you more, and even after that, the job may not be finished well. But with Chatters Hair Salon, you will be in good hands. They will assure you to get you the best service possible. With so many years of experience, the well-trained experts will provide you with the best service, which will satisfy your needs. 

The prime most point is Chatters Hair Salon Prices. They are the most reasonable as per the services you will receive. There is no reason to ignore this place. It is highly recommended to visit this place and check out the Chatters Salon price list as well. You will be surprised after giving it a glance at how affordable they are. It is the best choice you can get when it comes to taking care of your hair. Hope you got the required information from this Chatters Salon prices article.


How much is a Haircut at Chatters?

For women, Chatters will charge you around $30.99, and for men, the Chatters hair cut price is $22.99.

How much does Chatters cost?

Chatters services prices are very affordable, and so the price does not go above $100 for minimal hair color. The starting range of hair cut is $10.99.

How much is a bang trim at Chatters?

The cost of a bang trim at Chatters is around $10.99, and it may change depending upon the requirements.

How much is a Hair Trim at Chatters?

The cost of a hair trim at Chatters is around $15 to $20. Again, it may change depending upon your requirements and hair length.

How much does Chatters charge for Hair Color?

The cost of hair color at Chatters is around $100 if you want to go for complete hair color. But it may change if you wish to get a perm hair color.

How much does Chatters charge for keratin treatment?

Chatters pricing for keratin treatment is $25.00.

How much do perms cost at Chatters?

Chatters perm costs you from $30 to $150 based on the style and time they spent on your hair.

Are Chatters available in the US?

No, currently Chatters are available only in Canada.

How to find the nearest Chatters Salon to my location?

It is very easy to find the nearest Chatters Salon to your location. You can do it in two ways; one is by going to their official website and let it recommend you the nearest Chatters hair salon to your location. The other way is to use the Google Maps and search for ‘Chatters Hair Salon near me,’ and it will show you a list of the Chatters Hair Salon, you can select the closest one to you.

How many Chatters locations are in Canada?

The Chatters Hair Salon has gained very large popularity, mainly because of its cheap prices. Looking at how quickly it has expanded its hold, its no surprise that there are a total of 116 Chatters Hair Salon in Canada.

What kind of Hair Dye does Chatters use?

Hair dye is always a major concern for people. But you do not have to worry about Chatters as they use hair dye that has been tried and tested. They are safe to be used and do not have any side effects. 

How much is a Kid’s Haircut at Chatters?

The price of kid’s hair cut at Chatters is not provided exactly, but it may range between $10 and $15.

How much does Chatters charge for Hair up-do?

For hair up-do, the Chatters may charge around $45, but it may go up depending upon the length and style of hair.

Do Chatters provide special services to people like on marriage occasions?

Yes, Chatters do provide special services to people like on marriage occasions, bridal treatments, party occasions, etc. All you have to do is make a prior appointment with the salon.

What time does Chatters open?

The Chatters Hair Salon opens at 10 am every morning from Monday to Friday and at 11 am on Saturday and Sunday.

What is the closing time for Chatters?

The Chatters hair salon closes at 9 pm from Monday to Saturday and 6 pm on Sunday.

Do they remain open for all the days of the week?

Yes, the Chatters hair salon remains open for its customers on all days of the week.

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