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Davi Nails and Spa Prices – Add Creativity with Beauty!

Having a beautiful and awe-inspiring nail right before your senior prom is not even a dream anymore. One of the leading nail salons of the United States is here to make your dream into a vivid reality. Yes! You guessed it right; we are talking about the Davi Nail Salon. Formerly known as California Nails, Davi Nails are literally one of the pioneer institutions. Which shapes the future of Nail care services, not only in the country itself but in an international scenario as well. Yes, Da Vi Nails Prices are very affordable.

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Davi Nails Walmart prices Image

The Davi Nail salons are located in so many different locations in the USA, and all of them are specialized in different types of nail care services, including nail beautification as well. From basic and traditional services for your beloved nails to anything in trend right now, Davi Nails Walmart are a true leader in the field with the best quality services and 100% customer satisfaction all the way along.

Da Vi Nails Prices

The Davi Nail salons have a lot of services to offer to the customers in the Nail care genre, in terms of both care services and beautification. From full set acrylic nail attachments to classic Manicures and pedicures, the Davi Nails service menu has a lot of variety to offer and that too at a very affordable price. Other than these mentioned above, Davi Nail has services like nail repair, UV gel polish or polish change as well. So, for any generic nail care services in Davi Nail may cost from $3 to $40, depending on the type of services you have chosen. Check out the complete Da Vi nails prices below.

Da Vi Nails Walmart Prices

Davi Nails in Walmart Price List
Nail Take Off$10
Fill in Acrylic$14.99
UV Gel$35.49
Nail Design$5
Nail Repair$5
Polish Change (Hand)$7
Pedicure Spa$17.99
UV Gell Fill$22.99
Pink & White Fill$25.99
Pink & White (Solar)$40.99
Manicure & Pedicure$25.49 
French Manicure (with Nail Set)$5
Full Set Acrylic$21.49
Cut Down$5
Polish Change (Toes)$10

The DaVi Nail salon prices may change from time to time. So, once confirm the price for the service you are about to acquire at the salon.

The History of Davi Nails

The history of Davi Nail has been dated back to 1995, when the Truong family started their first Nail care salon in the USA, by the name of California Nails. For the first day of its inception, the primary intention of this organization is to make nail care and nail beautification services affordable and accessible to men and women and even to teenagers as well. the name Davi was later taken by the owner duo, David and Vi Truong, to bring a personal touch to their family business. Which started as a single flagship store in the States 25 years ago, Davi nails have expanded their business to multiple locations worldwide in such a short period.

Davi Nails And Spa Services

The wide array of services provided by the Davi Nails includes almost every type of service in the overall Nail care and Nail beautification services. From basic generalized Pedicures and manicures to trendy nail polishes and Acrylic Nail attachments, the list is pretty long and diverse at the same time. The different types of nail care and nail beautification services are done on the Davi Nail salons are as follows:

  • Manicure: An overall treatment for the fingernails only, which comprises various steps like cutting and shaping of the nails, removal of cuticles and also painting of the nails.
  • Pedicures: Pedicure basically comprises of exact workflow like Manicures, but they are chiefly meant for the toes only.
  • Nail extensions: this particular treatment comes pretty handy when the customer accidentally broke one of the fingers or toenails, right before a big day. Or it can be used by customers as well, who opted for longer and brighter nails altogether.
  • Nail art: It is basically a creative way to decorate and design nails, using different colors and patterns and other attachments like stones and metal rings and many more.
  • Silk wrap: This one of the unique nail care services provided by Davi Nails, where they wrap all nails individually with silk fabrics to make them stronger and more durable.
  • Acrylic and gel nail polish: These are the two trendiest types of nail polish customers have been looking for these days. Both the gel and acrylic nail polishes have a better effect than the regular ones. The basic difference between them is that the gel polishes need to be cured with UV or LED light only and acrylic nails require monomers and acrylic powder to get a better 3D sculpture-like effect.

Davi Nail Reviews – Are they really worth all the Popularity?

One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of Davi Nails is its warm and cozy approach to their customers. This Da Vi Nails has so much faith in the services they provide to their customers and the approachable outlook they possess- they believe in advertising their brand only through word-of-mouth from their loyal clientele. To know the scenario a bit thoroughly, we have gone through the testimonials of their clients.

Most of the clients stated that they love the vibe of the salon from the right moment they step inside the space. The staff are pretty friendly; they are courteous and extremely trained to do all the services with ultimate precision. And price wise, they also charge a pretty affordable rate for all their services as well. Along with other stuff, the exciting price point is also something, helps them to keep their clientele as well.

Davi Nails Hours

Davi Nails In Walmart Hours of Operation
Monday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Tuesday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Wednesday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Thursday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Friday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Saturday10 AM to 7 PM
Sunday10.30 AM to 6 PM

Davi Nail Salon Customer Support

Official address:

1559 W 3860 S,
West Valley City,
Utah 84119

Contact Number: 856-534-6245

Official Website:

Social Media:

You can follow the below social media pages to know the updated Da Vi Nails price list or any offers or deals.

Why Should I Choose Davi Nails?

In the last 25 years, since the day of its inception, Davi Nails has been continuing their journey, in the nail care industry with the same enthusiasm and precision, they had started with. Guarantee of using the best quality products present in the market at a particular point of time is what the brand offers to its customers. For the last 25 years, the primary objective of the Davi Nails is it ensure 100% satisfaction to every customer from the moment they step into their stores.

All services are specially curated according to the requirement of both customers and ongoing trends of that particular time. Moreover, the exciting Davi Nails prices of all the services and the ultimate intention to make nail care services affordable to each and everyone is what not only helps them to keep their business altogether but also makes them completely unique and different from the rest in the same industry. For updated information on Da-Vi nails prices, you can bookmark this page and check regularly.


How much do Services at Davi Nails Cost?

For both nail care and nail beautification services, DaVi Nail prices will be anywhere between $3 to $40, depending on the services.

How much is the Manicure and Pedicure at Davi Nails?

Manicures price in the Davi nails starts from $10 and the price for pedicures starting from $17. But, in this case, they have a special offer, where, if you take both a manicure and pedicure, the price falls somewhere around $25. Check out the Davi Nails price list above for more details.

How much is a Pedicure in the Davi Nails?

The price for a single session of a pedicure starts from $17 in the Davi Nails salon.

What time Davi Nails close?

From Mondays to Saturdays, the Davi nail store will close at 07.00 pm, and on Sundays, the time will change to 04.00 pm.

What Time Davi Nails Open?

On weekdays, the shop will be open from 09.30 a in the morning, and for Saturdays and Sundays, the time will be shifted to 10.00 am and 10.30 am, respectively.

What time do Davi Nails close in Walmart?

The Davi nails outlets inside the Walmart store, closes at 08.00 pm, from Mondays to Sundays.

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