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Dashing Diva Prices- Get yourself a Dashing redo with Dashing Diva Salon

Though there are many nail salons found in big cities, clients prefer visiting Dashing Diva Nail Salons because of their excellent services and remarkable product lines. The Dashing Diva Salons have proven to satisfy customer needs and maintain high-quality products.

In New York, Dashing Diva is the ultimate nail treating salon with many creative and the best nail experts who are well prepared to execute many current nail tricks and designs. From nails and hands to massaging and body waxing, all are performed by proficient experts; all the services are available at the salon with affordable Dashing Diva Nail Spa prices.

Dashing Diva Prices

The Dashing Diva Nail Salon prices begin at $12 for a basic manicure, and cost increases with the chosen service type. The Dashing Diva prices in NYC differ from one service to another service. Diva Nails and Spa prices are very reasonable.

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Diva Nails Price List for Pedicures

All-Out Lounge Pedicure$60.49
Spoiled Lounge Pedicure$43.99
Gel Add On$20.99
French Pedicure Add On$4.99
Lounge Pedicure$23.99
Polish Change$12.49

Dashing Diva UV/LED Color Gel Nails Price List

Permanent French$15.49
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay$35.99
Permanent UV Fill-In$45.49
Gel Polish with Nail Guard$38.99
Gel Polish$28.99
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay (Single Finger Application or Design)$5.99
Permanent UV Overlay$70.49
Permanent UV with Extensions$80.49
French Gel Add On$10.99

Diva Nails Manicure Prices

Lounge Manicure$12.49
Gel Add On$18.49
Spoiled Lounge Manicure$22.49
Polish Change$8.99
All-Out Lounge Manicure$35.49
French Manicure Add On$4.99

Dashing Diva Salons Waxing Price List

Bikini & Leg$55.49
Full Arm$3299
Full Leg$38.99
Half Arm$20.99
Under Arm$12.99
Half Leg$24.99

Dashing Diva Services and Prices

Chair Massage (10 Minutes)$12

Dashing Diva Removal Services with Prices


All About Dashing Diva Nail Salons

Mt. John Chang established Dashing Diva in the year 2003. Chang possesses the world’s most significant nail manufacturing industry in Port Washington, New York. With its outstanding services and innovative creations, the Dashing Diva expanded its stores on three continents with around 30 stores.

The very first branch of Dashing Diva was built at Greenwich Village, New York, in October 2003. Now, it is established in the Philippines, Japan, China, Kuwait, and the United States. The brand is maintaining its dedication to brilliance and trying to provide a relaxing and comfortable experience to everyone.

Extended Services of Dashing Diva Salons

Dashing Diva is an excellent single-stop store for all the nail care services you require. The Dashing Diva services include pedicures, manicures, nail extensions, waxing, massaging and they concentrate on every nail and foot-related services with reasonable price lists. Their services are not just meant for females only, but they also extended their hand care and nail care services to below eight years old kids. The Dashing Diva Nail Spa prices are kept amicable for all the people.

Besides nail pampering, they also offer face, body massage, and facials. Pedicures and Manicures are provided in combination with massage, aromatherapy, and exfoliation. In the case of nail extensions, they perform it with silk wraps, tips, glue and gel manicure, extension with silk, and powder fill-ins. For waxing, they wax upper lips, underarms, eyebrows, bikini, semi-Brazilian bikini, chin, full leg, cheeks, back, chest, shoulders, and whole body. Furthermore, they offer chair massage and heavenly foot-massage for 10 minutes, and reflexology for 30 minutes, all at affordable Dashing Diva prices NYC.

The Dashing Diva menu is so descriptive with services along with Diva nails price list and many products related to skin, nails and more. Dashing Diva magic press nails are a quick and easy solution for sharp finishing and best looking. Magic press nails are ideal for wearing every day and suitable for any event. The Dashing Diva metallic nails are simple to apply and easy to take out that lasts for a week.

Dashing Dive Nails Reviews- What do clients like about it?

Clients are very much impressed with their extra attempt in sterilizing all equipment that gets in touch with the customers. They use branded and high-quality nail lacquers to perform pedicures and manicures. The salon uses only superior-quality signature lotions, scrubs, and particular treatments. Every client is treated with expertise nail and foot care services that are matchless in terms of creativity and excellence, providing only the modern technique for handling a customer.

Dashing Diva staff are amicable, do an excellent job, and are quite welcoming. The services provided here are excellent and the place is elegant, pleasant, and relaxing. Customers love to visit this salon and are undoubtedly recommended for nail and foot care services.

Dashing Diva Hours

Monday9.30AM to 8.30PM
Tuesday9.30AM to 8.30PM
Wednesday9.30AM to 8.30PM
Thursday9.30AM to 8.30PM
Friday9.30AM to 8.30PM
Saturday9.30AM to 8.30PM
Sunday10AM to 8PM

Dashing Diva Customer Services

There are many Dashing Diva locations. To make an appointment or to know more about this salon, go through the official site

Headquarter Address: 3914 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11361, United States. 

Service number: 1.866.665.3482  

Dashing Diva Garden City Address:

953 Franklin Ave, Garden City, NY, 11530, United States

Customer Service Number: +1 516-739-1111 

Reasons to Prefer Dashing Diva Nail Salons

Dashing Diva Salon is the best in nail pampering services. They have well-trained and most creative nail experts in every location who are well prepared to perform service for any customer. Dashing Dish is always in advance in their development and professional training. With excellent locations, creative nail ideas, many numbers of additional feet, hand, and body services, and highly skilled professional staff, Dashing Diva Salon has an abundance to provide for those who require an enjoyable salon experience.

Clients can get services from talented, extremely knowledgeable staff. If you need the best pedicure and manicure services and designs, Dashing Diva is the perfect place to get them. The salon is well-acclimated with modern fashion and trends, so when someone visits here, they make sure that up-to-date trends will be achieved.

Dashing Diva is very particular in sanitation and hygiene. Their standard methods are very cautious and utterly safe, so clients are not exposed to any harm or risk. Service provided is speedy and professional and the creativity level here is absolutely unmatched. You will depart from this place with a relaxed feeling.


How much is the manicure at Dashing Diva Salon?

The Dashing Diva Garden City prices for manicure varies based on the type of manicure you choose and approximately ranges from $3.00 to $35.00.  

What is the Pedicures price at Dashing Diva?

The price value for a pedicure at Dashing Diva Salon ranges from $4.00 to $60.00. 

How much is the waxing at Dashing Diva Garden City?

The price for waxing changes based on the part of the body you have opted to wax. The least price is $7.00 for lip waxing and the maximum price is $55.00 for leg and bikini waxing. 

Where to buy Dashing Diva nails?

You can purchase Diva nails either directly from the store or any online shopping store. 

Dashing Diva Working Hours

The Dashing diva hours may differ based on the Dashing Diva NYC locations, so it is better to check out the timings of the salon you are looking for. 

What time does Dashing Diva open?

The opening hour of Dashing Diva is 9.00 am from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday at 10.00 am. 

What time does Dashing Diva Close?

The Dashing Diva Salon closes at 9.00 pm from Monday to Wednesday, on Thursday and Friday, it closes at 10.00 pm, on Saturday, it closes at 9.00 pm and on Sunday, it closes at 8.30 pm. 

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