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Elemental Massage Therapy and Spa Price List | For Better Massage Therapy experience

Element Massage Studio is a massage spa that you must have already guessed by the name and is only interested in two things – giving their customers the best possible massage session, and customer’s satisfaction. They have a pledge in the name of Element’s promise that says if you don’t enjoy their massage session or feel it is not up to the mark, you will get your next session free.

Other than just being a massage parlour, the Elements Massage Reviews that we referred to were also great and most of its existing customers praised their customizable massage sessions. They have options for people to opt for a membership that comes in both one hour, 90 minutes and 2-hour sessions. The Elements Therapeutic Massage Prices are also very reasonable and surely worth a try.

Elements Massage Prices

Every Elements Therapeutic Massage Locations have a special intro price for their first time visiting customers. Where they provide them with a discounted rate on usual Elements Massage Pricing will range between $69.99 and $119.99. After this intro session is over, the customer will be charged with regular prices of $99.99 to $189.99.

Elements Massage Prices image

Elements Massage Special Intro Rate

Element Massage Price List
2 Hour Massage$119.99
1 Hour Massage$69.99
90 Minute Massage$89.99

Elements Massage Wellness Program Prices

Wellness Program Price List 
2 Hour Massage$129.99
90 Minute Massage$99.99
1 Hour Massage$69.99

Elements Massage Add Hot Stones Prices

Elements Therapeutic Massage Prices
Add Hot Stones to 90 Minute Massage$16.99
Add Hot Stones to 2 Hour Massage$20.99
Add Aromatherapy – For Any Massage$10.99
Add Hot Stones to 1 Hour Massage$10.99

Elements Therapeutic Massage Regular Prices

Regular Prices at Elements Massage
2 Hour Massage$189.99
1 Hour Massage$99.99
90 Minute Massage$139.99

Elements Massage Aromatherapy Prices

Elements Massage Add Aromatherapy Cost
Add Aromatherapy to 90 Minute Massage$10
Add Aromatherapy to 2 Hour Massage$10
Add Aromatherapy to 1 Hour Massage$10

Add Himalayan Salt Stones Prices

Elements Massage Himalayan Salt Stones Price List
Add Himalayan Salt Stones to 1 Hour Massage$20
Add Himalayan Salt Stones to 90 Hour Massage$20
Add Himalayan Salt Stones to 2 Hour Massage$20

All About Element Massage Studio

The Elements Massage Spa is one of the Spas in the United States of America with old values. All the service will give you inner peace since they are based on ancient methods. The salon was found in 2000 by Michele Merhib who used to work as a masseuse. When she got kicked out of her job, she opened her own massage studio. The first spa was established at Aurora, Colorado. 

The customers started enjoying the service provided by the spa and the number of clients grew exponentially. This is how she decided to expand her business to other parts of the country. In the present, the Elements Massage Spa has over 250 outlets all across the country. the quality hasn’t degraded since and even today they thrive to provide services with the same principles. 

Services Offered at Elements Massage Spa

There are not many services offered by the Elements Massage Spa. But all the services which they offer are with absolute standard quality. Ever since they started their first spa, they have not compromised in providing quality service to the customers. And this is how they have managed to keep their customers satisfied. 

The massages are categorized based on the time for which you need the service. There are different tiers in which the messages are classified, such as 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, and many more. If you are a new customer, you will get all the services in a discounted manner. They even provide membership every month. The membership system comes under the wellness programs of Elements Massage Salon. 

You can even get a massage with your spouse as well side by side. You can take your loved one and have bonding time together by getting a massage side by side. There is even more service like the stone massage, Himalayan salt stone massage, Aroma Ritual. You can add these services along with the regular massage with some extra charges. 

Elements Massage Reviews

We found several customers talking good as well as a few bad about the Elements Massage, and we decided to share some of them with our customers in order to be fair and genuine to them. A regular customer of their spa quoted, “I love how easy it is to change my membership package from an hourly basis to 2-hour basis. The cost was not too much and am happy with the upgrade. “Another customer said, “The therapists are really well-trained, and I feel they have magic in their hands. She can open those knots in my back with just a slight touch of hand”.

There go all the reviews that we found legit that highlighted the good part of Elements Massage Therapy and Spa, but there were a few negatives too such as, “I think the price is overcharged for just a one-hour session”, “My masseur simply rubbed my back for an hour or so, which I did not find much effective”. Other than that, the Elements Massage Spa has only seen good reviews.

Elements Massage Hours

The working hours of Elements Massage Salon are from 9 am to 9 pm. The regular timing is only for Mondays to Fridays. For Sundays and Saturdays, the salon closes early. Timing for Sundays and Saturdays is from 9 am to 7 pm. 

Element Massage Opening Hours

Elemental Massage Working Hours
Monday10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM  to 8:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM  to 8:00 PM

Elements Massage Customer Support

Office Address:

5116 S Rural Rd.

Suite 125

Tempe, AZ 85282

Customer Service Number: 480.498.5212

Official Website Address:




You can find the nearest franchise through, with this you can easily find Elements Massage Locations.

Why Element Massage Studio?

If you are looking for a quality massage or any services related to spa, Elements Massage Spa will be the best choice for you. You will receive all the services with high quality. Every service is relaxing and peace offering. All the services are specifically made to improve your body tissues. In order to gain strength and empower your internal powers, you should definitely check this spa at least once to get a peaceful experience. 

They even have a coupon system with which you can get amazing discounts on your bill. There will always be a chance to win a coupon every time you get your service done. With Elements Massage Coupons, you can get many surprising discounts on different services. 


How Much Does An Elements Massage Package Cost?

The cost of Elements Massage falls into two different packages. One is an intro package that is available only for their first-time customers and the other is a regular package. The intro package falls in the range of $69.99 and $119.99, whereas the regular package for massage will fall in the range of $99.99 and $189.99.

How much does Elements Couples Massage cost?

According to our survey, we have found that the Elements Couples Massage costs almost double of a regular massage cost. But in order to know the exact price, the website states that you will have to contact their staff personally.

How much does Elements Massage Membership Cost?

The Elements Massage Membership Price comes in three different packages. One is for an hour massage that will cost you a membership price of $69, another is a 90-minute massage membership that will come for $99, and the last one is for a 2-hour membership that will cost you $139. All of these rates are monthly based.

How Much Does Elements Pay Massage Therapists?

Elements Massage pay their therapists quite well, and it ranges between $10.49 and $28.50 on an hourly basis. It will also depend upon the expert level of each therapist.

When Did Elements Massage Open?

Elements Massage opened in the year 2006.

How To Cancel Elements Massage Membership?

In order to cancel your Elements Massage Membership, you will have to log into your account through their website. Go to their membership page, and select cancel membership. They might ask you to provide a reason, and you can state whatever reason you are cancelling your membership for. Another way is by contacting their customer care number and asking them to cancel your membership.

Elements Massage How Long Is Session?

The session for massage in Elements Massage may last for an hour, or 90 minutes or even 2 hours. It depends upon your membership package.

What Time Does Elements Massage Open On Sundays?

For Sunday, the Elements Massage open exactly at 9 am.

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