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Prices For European Wax Center – Get a silky skin with hassle-free waxing at reasonable rates

European Wax Center is a top-listed splendor lifestyle franchise established by Coba brothers in the year 2004. The wax center provides clients with a full set of waxing services and proprietary products related to body, brow, and skincare categories. The reasonable European Wax Center pricing reveals its motto- Waxing service to everyone-, so every person feels good after removing the hair.

At present, customers who visit the European Wax Center NYC Salon are guaranteed with the best outcome from its hair-removal system known as 4-level comfort WaxE. The waxing center has a relaxed and clean environment, completely separate wax sets, and competent services from the well-trained staff.

Prices for European Wax Center

European Wax Center Price List varies based on the service you choose and from one location to another. There are many European Wax Center Price Packages available for you to choose based on your requirements. The client who has European Wax Center Membership Prices can even visit the company parties and guest house. This salon gives many offers like yearly unlimited European Wax Center Pass Prices, buy six get one free, buy nine get two free, and for the first time visit the salon offers to buy nine get three free, student wax pass i.e., buy three get one free. The general one-time waxing prices list of European Wax Center for body varies depending on the part you want to wax.

European Wax Center Prices image

European Wax Center Price List – ONE TIME PRICE BODY

European Wax Center Packages Prices
Legs Upper$38.99
Bikini Full$40.99
Back Full$58.49
Back Mid$22.49
Arms Full$38.49
Chest Strip$19.99
Bikini Line$33.99
Stomach Strip$14.99
Back Lower$17.49
Back Upper$22.49
Bikini Brazilian$47.99
Legs Lower$36.99
Arms Half$32.49
Chest Full$28.99
Legs Full$68.99
Stomach Full$28.99

European Wax Center Face Wax Prices

Full Face$49.99

Waxing Prices List European Wax Center – Student Wax Pass (BUY 3 GET 1 FREE)

Legs Full$204.49
Legs Upper$114.49
Bikini Full$120.49
Bikini Brazilian$141.49
Arms Half$96.99
Arms Full$114.99
Bikini Line$99.99
Legs Lower$108.49

European Wax Center Pass Prices – Yearly Unlimited Wax Pass

Bikini Full$520.49
Bikini Brazilian$611.49
Full Face Package$637.49
Bikini Line$429.99

European Wax Center Prices Packages – Guests Buy 6 Get 1 Free

Legs Lower$216.49
Legs Full$408.49
Arms Full$228.49
Bikini Line$198.99
Legs Upper$228.99
Bikini Full$240.99
Bikini Brazilian$282.99
Arms Half$192.49

European Wax Center Products Prices – BUY 9 GET 2 FREE

Bikini Line$297.49
Bikini Brazilian$423.99
Arms Full$342.49
Arms Half$288.49
Legs Lower$324.99
Legs Full$612.99
Legs Upper$342.99
Bikini Full$360.49

First-time Guests Buy 9 Get 3 Free

Arms Half288.99
Bikini Brazilian423.49
Legs Upper342.99
Bikini Full360.49
Arms Full342.99
Legs Lower324.49
Bikini Line297.49
Legs Full612.99

About European Wax Center Salon

European Wax Center was established in the year 2004 by David Coba and Siblings Joshua at Florida and Aventura as a solo center. In 2008, the siblings began to franchise the European Wax Center and for 14 years, David Coba worked as a CEO for this salon. In 2019, the European Wax brand headquarters moved from FL, Aventura to TX, Plano, making the salon services available to many people and increasing job opportunities in the hair removal company. 

This European Wax Center is the first chain of removing hair salons that provides many wax related services and skincare products. Now this chain has spread to around 878 locations in the US, along with the places in Florida, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, New Mexican, Washington, Virginia, Wisconsin, and many. 

Services Offered by European Wax Center

If not all, most of the customers attest to the efficient hair removal from their bodies and faces without facing any side effects or skin injuries. Waxing is the perfect option for removing hair. It can be carried out on any part of your body right from eyebrows to the legs. The packed range of services is bikini waxing, body waxing, back waxing, eyebrow waxing, and leg waxing, in addition to Brazilian waxing. The waxing center is famous because of its first-class practices, such as no recycled waxing products or dual dipping, along with the licensed staff.
Besides providing many waxing services, several European Wax Center products are created and sold by them. The European Wax Center product prices are affordable and their cost differs from product to product. Their own products include body wash, tweezer kit, calming cream, body lotion for thinner and softer hair, brow powders, ingrown hair serum, and many more.

European Wax Center Reviews

The European Wax Center Reviews are more important to know better about this wax center so that you can make a wise decision before you visit this salon. Many patrons are pleased with the service provided. They offer free wax service for the first visit and the employees here are accommodating and very helpful. It’s effortless to make an appointment at a suitable time based on your schedule and the customer says that they have even enjoyed using the wax care products and it is undoubtedly suggested to visit this salon for all waxing services you require.

One of the clients says that the Brazilian wax at this salon is too good. Everything at this salon is gentle, friendly, and great. The staff here always tries to know the customer requirement and act according to their needs. Staff is well-trained and specialists make us feel comfortable while waxing and so quick service, clean, neat, and thorough. You can also get European Wax Center coupons and passes, which helps in saving your money for a long duration.

Working Hours of European Wax Center

The European Wax Center hours are very flexible to all the working clients who can visit only after their office hours. They can even have an appointment and schedule a slot after finishing their office.

European Wax Center Hours
Monday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

European Wax Center Near Me

To book an appointment or to know further information or to inquire about a branch, go through the official website

Customer service: 1-800-322-1189

Headquarter Address: PO. Box 802208 Aventura, FL 33280 

Phone number: 954.455.8000     

To visit your nearby wax centers just search “European Wax Center Near Me” so that every location of this salon near you is displayed.             

Why Choose European Wax Center?

Removing hair is no longer a painful and prolonged process; European Wax Center focused on converting the waxing method into a tiny task. You just have to visit the salon and have to look up as the salons are set with experts who can provide you with waxing services and first-class body treatments at a low cost. Every individual wish to look elegant and gorgeous and the expertise handling at European Wax Centers can change your look and feel and help you in enlightening your natural prettiness with their outstanding wax services. The European Wax Center Prices at NYC are kept very minimal for making the wax services approachable to everyone. 

Women look forward to experiencing the best in the underarm, bikini line wax, and eyebrow wax, whereas males can have the most excellent waxing services related to ear, brow, and nose. Clients are given pampering sessions at this wax center to make them swagger out after the meetings. The European Wax Center is not only specialized in the services related to waxing, but they also provide facial service and whole-body massage at great prices.  European Wax Center offers clients with a contemporary environment for a luxurious and satisfying experience, which is concentrated more on revealing the stunning skin tone, through outstanding services by competently trained waxing specialists.


How much is a Brazilian wax at European Wax Center?

The price for a Brazilian wax at European Wax Center is $47.99. 

How much are waxes at European Wax Center?

The cost of waxes at European Wax Center varies based on the part of the body and face you want to wax. Here is the price list for some services:
Underarms : $18.99
Chest full : $28.99
Arms full : $38.49
Hands : $12.99
Back full : $58.49
Eyebrows : $18.99
Nose : $12.99
Full face : $49.99
Lip : $10.99
Chin : $10.99
Cheeks : $12.99 

What kind of wax does European Wax Center use?

The European Wax Center uses Cirepil blue stripless hard wax, which is perfect to use on every part of the body.  

What time does European Wax Center open?

Every day the European Wax Center opens at 9.00 am.

What time does European Wax center close?

From Monday to Friday, the European Wax Center closes at 8.00 pm, on Saturday it closes at 6.00 pm, and on Sunday the salon closes at 4.00 pm. 

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