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Famous Hair Salon Price List Hairstyles & Services

Famous Hair salon is your top-rated salon service which offers you the best possible service through its very trained employees. They are specifically known for the stylists that work with them because all of them are highly skilled in what they do and great at delivering results that the client expects out of them. Make sure to refer Famous Hair Prices before you make a visit.

Famous Hair salons are all part of the Regis Corporation, which is very well known to have the best stylists in the industry. Upon your visit to any of the salons, you can surely expect one heck of an experience which is what the salon is known for.

Famous Hair Prices

Whether you want a long session of hairstyling or a quick updo, Famous Hair Salons are equipped to deliver any of those services to you at any point in time. Their motto is to be quick and efficient at the task at hand, which is where their very well-trained staff becomes very important. 

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Famous Hair Haircut Prices

Famous Hair Salon Prices for Hair Cut
Beard or Bang Trim$5.99
Kids (10 and Under)$12.99

Famous Hair Color Prices

Famous Hair Price List for Color
Permanent (All-Over Tint)$47
Corrective Color$47
Design Style (Updo’s, Twists, Specialty Braids, Spiral Curls, Straighten Hair with Iron)$36
Highlight (Pulled Through Cap)$52
Retouch (Regrowth Area Only)$35
Partial Weave (6-10 Foils)$42
Partial Weave (1-5 Foils)$32
Weaving (Done with Foils)$62
Partial Highlight$32

Famous Hair Conditioner/Treatment Prices

Conditioner & Hair Treatment Prices at Famous Hair 
Pre-Service Chemistry$10
Hydrate Balm$5
Color Care Conditioner$5
Deep Conditioner$11
Post-Service Chemistry$10

Famous Hair Price List for Waxing

Waxing Prices at Famous Hair Salon
1 Area$10
2 Areas$15
3 Areas$20

Famous Hair Perms Prices

Perms Price list at Famous Hair Salon
Spiral Perm (Waist Length)$85
Partial Perm (15 Rods or Less with Cut)$25
Spiral Perm (Middle of Back Length)$75
Spiral Perm (Shoulder Length)$65
Designer Wrap (Starting Price)$50.01
Senior Perm (Includes Haircut Only)$35.99
Perm Plus (with Haircut)$44

Famous Hair Pirce for Special Services

Famous Hair Service Prices
Set with Senior Perm$7.99
Finish Style (Shampoo, Blow dry & Curling/Flat Iron, Basic Braid)$12
Style Dry (with Cut or Chemical Service)$3
Shampoo with Haircut$3
Shampoo and Set$13
Design Style (Updo’s, Twists, Specialty Braids, Spiral Curls, Straighten Hair with Iron)$36
The Works (Shampoo, Haircut & Blowdry)$18
Fluff Dry with Haircut$1
Curling Iron (with Cut or Chemical Service)$3
Shampoo Only$5

More About Famous Hair Salons

Famous Hair Salons belong to the Promenade salon Group, so they have to uphold the reputation they adorn; with every single haircut, they give. From the time the first salon was established, it has continued to expand because of how much people love the services offered by them. 

Famous Hair Locations are all prime locations around the globe and you would be able to find one near you easily. Each of their salons has all services available for you because they work with an agenda in mind, which is providing everything a client needs at one stop. Any Famous Hair Salon near you is the one-stop-shop for all your styling needs. 

Services at Famous Hair Design Salon

Given how hard Famous Hair Salons work on their services especially, there isn’t anything that you won’t find when you walk in. Haircuts are their prime category of delivery with very affordable prices for any haircut that you might want. The great thing is that it is a family salon so that mothers can bring in their kids for a haircut and wives and husbands as well can come together. 

Perms are very popular among clients of Famous Hair Salons because of the quality and finish. The prices for this service will vary based on the length of your hair, but the most basic perm will cost you at least $44, which is less than most other salons.

Famous Hair Prices for Highlights are also surprisingly very affordable where you get options for getting partial highlights or using a cap and even a lowlight which very few salon stylists can do perfectly. All products that are used for highlights or colour are of good quality and from trusted brands which is one of their USPs. 

What any customer will find in the range of services offered by Famous Hair is that they have a lot to offer. Even the Famous Hair Colour Prices are distributed in categories based on the kind of look you want. You can customise your look with the help of all that they have to offer. 

There is a set of specialised services as well, which are the cheapest sections among their entire range. Services like getting the only shampoo done or you can combine it with a haircut is entirely up to you. You can choose what you want and the pricing will be done accordingly. 

What Customer Say? Famous Hair Review

One thing that every customer that visited any of the Famous Hair Salons has said is that they have the best staff working for them. Every stylist works personally with the client to explain the service to them. Customers have left for home extremely happy with how the stylist gave them the perfect haircut which suits them really well. 

Even something basic like getting shampoo done is catered to very well by professionals working in the salons. Many clients have been regulars with specific salon locations like Famous Hair New Castle Pa is popular for that stylist who mixes the hair colours perfectly. All credit goes to how well educated the entire salon team is. 

Famous Hair Hours of Operation

Working Hours of Famous Hair
Monday11 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday11 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday11 AM to 6 PM
Thursday9 AM to 7 PM
Friday9 AM to 7 PM
Saturday9 AM to 4 PM

Famous Hair Customer Support

For finding the Famous Hair Salons near where you live, you can go onto their website and explore the option ‘Famous Hair Near Me’ and find all affiliated salons nearby. Bookings can also be made through the website itself. (

Why only Famous Hair Salon?

The reason so many men and women are loyal clients of Famous Hair Salons near them is because once you are out of their salon, you really feel the confidence that comes from the experience. They are known explicitly for that luxurious yet affordable experience that every customer goes looking for. 

The services and the expertise that Famous Hair has in the industry is what speaks of their brand name. Whether you want to get a quick haircut or a long session of pampering, the environment around will be exactly like you want. Anyone from busy adults to one looking for a relaxing moment can visit their nearby Famous Hair Salon. 


How much is a haircut at Famous Hair Salon?

Famous Hair Prices for Haircuts in Napoleon come to around $13.

What time does Famous Hair Salon close?

On working days, the salons close at 8 in the evening.

What time does Famous Hair Salon open?

Except on weekends, the salons open at 9 in the morning.

Where to Get Famous Hair Coupons?

The discount coupons will differ based on the salon you are going to.

Which service is the best from Famous Hair Design? 

Designer wrap for hair in the perm range is known to be their best service and expertise.

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