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Fiesta Salon Prices – Get your hair done with professionals in your budget!

If you’re looking for a hair transformation, some grooming and getting all tidied, visit the nearest Fiesta Hair Salons. Fiesta Hair Salons are a chain of salons that are friendly and offer hair care and personal grooming services for men, women, and children. They are a very professional and personal chain of hair-salons with years of experience under their belt.

With services like haircuts, hair styling, coloring, kid’s haircut, men’s maintenance grooming, perms and much more, the Fiesta salons offer an expansive range of services for men, women, and children. This salon is a hub for all sorts of grooming services and holds a great amount of experience and reputation that precedes its work. The salon uses only the best bunch of products on its customers and ensures that it is safe for them and enhances their appearance. The salon is spread in numerous locations, making it a very accessible and reliable business. Let’s see the latest Fiesta Salons prices in the below section.

What are the Fiesta Hair Salon Prices?

The Fiesta Salons let you have the complete grooming package in just one place that is just around the neighborhood. The Fiesta Hair Prices are much reasonable for their high-standard range of grooming services. The easily accessible, premier quality facilities are worth every penny that the customer spends on them. If you are a frequent customer of the chain, the chances are that you will be benefited from some Fiesta Salons Coupons which you can avail on certain services and enjoy them at a lower price. The Fiesta Salon prices are reasonable, anywhere between $10 and $25 and perhaps a bit more.

Fiesta Salons Prices image

Fiesta Salons Prices of Different Services


Men’s Haircut$18
Children’s Haircut$12
Women’s Haircut$18 

Tanning and Waxing Services

Tanning Bed Session$5
Monthly Tanning Bed Package$45

Fiesta Salons Prices for Other Services

Hair Coloring$55

About Fiesta Salons

The Fiesta Salons franchise is a subsidiary of the brand Signature Styles. Signature Styles is also a part of a bigger corporation- the Regis Corporation. The reason for Fiesta to be despite there being several other premier level salons under the corporation’s belt already was that Fiesta is the everyday salon for the everyday man or woman. It offers a more personal touch and is just around the corner, so it’s recognized for its neighborhood presence.

The Fiesta Salons rose from humble beginnings in 1973 to become the brand that they are today. The salon was the brainchild of a couple- Clayton Jones and his wife, Phyllis Jones. In the present day, they are spread over 250 locations in the states of West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan, thus, retaining their neighborhood presence. Maintaining their local charm, despite becoming a national brand, the salons retained their old and loyal clientele.

The parent corporation- Regis, came to be in the year 1922 and was called the Kunin Beauty Salon back then. Once the brand started ascending onto success, it was already in the business of increasing its franchise. In the year 2007, the Fiesta salons were taken under by the Regis Corporation. Both the parent and the child franchise grew expansively and rapidly, and as of now, Regis has over 10,000 franchises, and salons under it and Fiesta has over 250 locations in the US.

Despite its massive growth and brand value altogether, the Fiesta salons have remarkably kept in balance with their stardom and homeliness and have continued to be the favorite neighborhood salon that they were when they have just started.

What Services does the Fiesta Salon offer?

The Fiesta salons cater to a plethora of services that range from trendy to traditional haircuts for both men and women. They also have haircuts for children and offer many more grooming services for men and women. The salon offers haircuts, hair styling, perming, highlighting, coloring and other hair related styling and care procedures. These procedures are done by trained hair professionals who are excellent in not only their barbering skills but also their people skills, which make the salon a welcoming and homely experience.

Starting with the haircut services, the salon has a professional that only sets you up with a look that is trendy and will suit your face cut and personality. The haircuts include a quick haircut which is the adult cut, cutting and shampooing, cutting, shampooing and basic styling of the hair which includes blow drying of the hair post cutting and a full cut plus styling which uses hot tools that style your hair after cutting them. The haircuts for kids are applicable for under the age of 12 years and include a cutting only and shampooing and cutting of the hair. The salon also offers trimming of the bangs or beard to give it a finishing look.

There are Highlight services available at the salon, which include Mini, Partial, Full, and Cap highlights. Mini highlights use 1 to 5 folds and is a brief procedure and offer subtle highlights near the face. Partial highlights offer more coverage than mini; they use 6 to 15 foils and use dimensional colors, lowlights or highlights. Full highlights have even more coverage with the use of more than 16 foils to change the complete color of the hair and insert lowlights and highlights. The Cap highlighting does not use foil but a cap that has tiny perforations through which strands of hair are pulled out from under the cap and colored. This procedure gives the most natural look to the hair.

The salon also offers complete coloring facilities which come in four types: Permanent coloring- this coloring of your natural hair is to cover the grays or darken or lighten the shade of your natural hair color; Semi coloring- if you can’t commit to one color for long then go for the semi-permanent coloring at the hands of professionals. The salon has a third type of coloring called Specialty coloring which includes a variety of modifications that allow you to choose any color including a dimensional one, have balayage, ombre/sombre done, block coloring, color melting and more. The last type of coloring service is the Gray blending which is aimed at giving the hair more natural look by just reducing the gray just a little.

You can also avail of their Special services which offer hair- styling, and updos like a chignon, braids, French twists and more for special events. The special services also include procedures like Perming, Relaxers and Retexturizing. The salon also offers facial and brow waxing along with three types of deep hair conditioning treatments for the scalp.

How have the customers reviewed the Fiesta Hair Salon?

The hair salon chain has over 250 locations, and that is solely due to their customers’ loyalty and constant support. Even though the salon offers a premier set of services, the essence of their success lies in the way they have connected with neighborhood communities and gained a local Charm that has made them a household name. The customers of the hair salon love how they can go with their families altogether, and the whole family can get groomed simultaneously.

Another aspect of the hair salon that is loved by customers is their vast array of hair-related and grooming services that come at a very reasonable price. The hair salon franchise is very easily available, all you have to do is to surf the internet for Fiesta Salons Near Me, and you will surely find one nearby. Many reviewers noted how the hair son professionals were critical about the right type of hair cut or hairstyle, laying keen emphasis on the way it transcends on the customers according to their features, face shape, and overall physical personality.

Few customers admitted to having been skeptical and honestly confused about what kind of look they wanted and were glad to find that the hair salon personnel were readily suggesting them different styles to match their outer persona.

A few people, however, were a bit put-off by the over-enthusiastic and talkative nature of the hair salon stylists in some franchise locations and found them to be loud and disturbing. Some bad reviews always leave scope for betterment, but the overall perception of the majority of Fiesta hair salon customers is very positive and appreciative.

When can you visit Fiesta Hair Salons?

The Fiesta hair salon is open for business throughout the week, Sunday through Saturday. But the timing is different for some days. Monday till Friday the hair salon is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Saturday, the timing is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Sunday, it is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Besides, on the occasion of Black Friday and Thanksgiving, the hours for the salon may be different.

Fiesta Salons Hours

Monday9 am to 8 pm
Tuesday9 am to 8 pm
Wednesday9 am to 8 pm
Thursday9 am to 8 pm
Friday9 am to 8 pm
Saturday9 am to 6 pm
Sunday11 am to 5 pm

Fiesta Hair Salon Customer Support

For availing customer support and knowing more about the Fiesta Hair Salons, here are there contact details-

Contact– 1-800-737-3535.


Headquarters (Regis Salons Customer Relations)-  

The Beautiful Group Management, LLC

 9720 Wilshire Boulevard, 6th Floor

 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA

Social media handles are

Reasons to visit the Fiesta Salon

The Fiesta Hair salon chain is a unit of the renowned Regis Corporation. The Regis Corporations itself has many hair salon franchises, and Fiesta Salon is one of them. Such a prestigious corporation allows the salon to have a good amount of investment which shows in their ambiance and facilities. It also reflects how well the Fiesta salons must be doing for the corporation to be backing it with so much capital. The Fiesta salons let you have an all-encompassing, rejuvenating experience.

It allows you to indulge in self-care along with your family as it has facilities catering to the needs of men, women, and children, which makes it a hub of personal-care and grooming. Even the atmosphere of the salon is very homely and comfortable. It ensures that the customers feel welcomed and trust their barbers. With so many branches in the US, the Festa Salons are a household name and are very accessible. They’re known for being a part of the suburban community because of there locations being in the heart of the suburbs. And they are the pet salons for the suburban crowd.

What makes the salon chain so desirable is its expansive range of high-quality grooming facilities. They offer haircuts for men, women, and children along with beard styling for men and grooming facilities. They also offer hair-coloring of different types like permanent, semi-permanent, dimensional colors, highlights, and lowlights. In more hair-related facilities, the salon offers perming, retexturizing and relaxing of the hair which covers the needs of all kinds of hair.

For treatment facilities of the hair, there are several scalps and root nourishment treatment packages for the overall enhancement of the natural hair and repair damage. The salon also offers waxing facilities for men and women along with hair-updo and styling for special events. In a very sincere tone, the Fiesta Salon has a lot to offer and that too at a very reasonable price. All the premier facilities are not just for one but for the whole family. It is a wholesome salon that is resolved to give its customers the best facilities at a reasonable price and in a comfortable environment.


Which is better Fiesta Salons or Great Clips?

While both, Fiesta Salons and Great Clips are part of huge salon chains and major corporations, the services of the former are far more extensive. Moreover, the price of the Fiesta salons is much more reasonable than Great clips. Therefore, even though both the chains are equally established and renowned, the Fiesta Salons are better. 

How much is a Haircut at Fiesta Salons?

The Fiesta Salons offer three types of haircuts- for men, women, and children. A haircut for a child would cost you somewhere between $10- $15 while the haircut for adults can range between $15- $20 and possibly more.

What time does Fiesta Salons close in Circleville?

The Fiesta hair salon in Circleville is open throughout the week. The closing hours of the salon are- Sunday- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday- 8 p.m. and Saturday- 6 p.m. For holidays like Thanksgiving and Blak Friday, the closing time is different. So, you should call the salon and confirm the timings with them.

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