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Hair Cuttery Salon Services and Prices

Hair Cuttery is a unique haircutting salon that you will find in the country, mostly new to its American pop style layout. They introduce a celebrity stylist every now and then to their customers, and they do it by promoting it on their website. There are various Coupons for Hair Cuttery available on their website that makes customers visit it often and get amazing discounts. Other than that, the Hair Cuttery Haircut Prices are also very reasonable.

Where a buzz cut will cost you only around $16, different haircuts are also not highly-priced and fall in the same $16 to $18 range. They have a special discounted price for children which is only $13. The Hair Cuttery Services and Prices may seem a little high to a few of its customers as they get their celebrity stylists to do haircuts and colouring for their customers from time to time.

Hair Cuttery Prices

In our Hair Cuttery Price List you will find all the details that will brief you about what is the cost of haircuts, styling, shampoo, getting perms, and other services in Hair Cuttery. But just to be precise, a haircut for kids that are aged below eight years, will cost around $13, and it will also include shampoo. For adults, the price may go up to $25.99 if you opt for shampoo and blow-dry along with it.

Hair Cuttery Prices image

Hair Cuttery Haircut Prices

Hair Cuttery Salon Prices for Hair Cut
Shampoo / Cut -adults$17.99
Shampoo / Basic Set$20.99
Shampoo / Cut / Blowdry$32.99
Shampoo / Cut (children under 8)$13.99
Shampoo / Blowdry – adults$25.99
Iron set$12
Shampoo / Blowdry – (children under 8)$20.99
Shampoo / Designer Set$35.99
Shampoo / Blowdry Straightening$20.99
Iron finish$7
Special Occasion Quick do’s & Designs$30.99

Hair Cuttery Color Prices

Hair Cuttery Price List for Color
Double Dimension Color w/ partial or full highlights$105-130
Additional color$20
Single application color$50
Redken® Color Camo for Men$25
Hair Cuttery highlights (partial or full)$45-75

Hair Cuttery Prices For Highlights

Prices at Hair Cuttery for Highlights
City Lights (Full Highlights, Shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, Cut and Blowdry)$99
Color Camo for Men (Color Camo, Shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, Cut and Blowdry)$45
Color Escape (Single Application Color, Shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, Cut and Blowdry)$69
Double Dimension with Partial Highlights (Single Application Color, Partial Highlights, Shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, Cut and Blowdry)$114
Touch of Color (Partial Highlights, Shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, Cut and Blowdry)$69
Double Dimension with Full Highlights (Single Application Color, Full Highlights, Shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, Cut and Blowdry)$144

Hair Cuttery Salon Prices for Waxing

Complete Facial Wax Package$22
Both Eyebrows or Partial Facial Wax$10

Hair Cuttery Services and Prices

Hair Cuttery Price List
Iron Set$12
Beard, Bang, Neckline Trim$5
Clarifying Treatment$15
Redken Customized Treatments$11.99
Iron Finish$7

Hair Cuttery Value Package Prices

Hair Cuttery Package Price List
Color Camo for Men$46
Touch of Color$80
Style Express$35
Straighten Up$105
Shape Up $45
Wound Up$75
Double Dimension w/ Full Highlights$155
Color Escape$75
Double Dimension w/ Partial Highlights$130
City Lights$105

All About Hair Cuttery Salon

The Hair Cuttery is one of the oldest hair salons in the United States of America. The first salon was established in 1974 by Dennis and Ann Ratner. In order to expand the business, they have joined ideas together and work with each other to flourish. Nowadays, the company owns more than 850 Hair Cuttery Locations all over America.

They have more than 12000 employees working for them. The main headquarters is on the East Coast. They have started exploring places such as New England, Florida and other leading cities.

Hair Cuttery Services

Mainly, all the service provided by the Hair Cuttery is divided into four categories. The first one is haircuts and styling. The prices are more for women since they need more care and time to take care of their hair. You can check prices under the section of Hair Cuttery Women Cut Prices. The second category is related to the colouring of your hair. In this category, services like hair correction, the colouring of hair, hair perm will be available. Check the Hair Cuttery Hair Color Prices in order to get a budget before you pay a visit.

You can also get your whole hair dye with a different shade. Most of the people pay a visit to Hair Cuttery in order to dye their hair. You can also check the prices on their website under the section of Hair Cuttery Dye Prices. The third category is associated with a different type of treatment. You can get a facility in which you can enjoy different types of treatments like a straightener, which includes clarifying treatment, designer perm wrap along with straightening the hair.

The last category is waxing. You can get your body waxed properly in Cuttery. There are different types of waxing available in the salon, such as full body waxing, arm waxing, leg waxing, armpit waxing, and many more.

Hair Cuttery Reviews

We surveyed to find out whether Hair Cuttery really stands up to what it claims and if their customers really like the service they provide and we found some comments that were worth the share on our website. A customer shared, “I went to Hair Cuttery to get my hair curled, and the stylist was brilliant and sweet. She immediately understood that I was scared and she calmed me and asked me to get soft curls if I am not sure. And I must say it really looked good on me”.

Another customer spoke about the pricing, “I already knew that the prices at Hair Cuttery are high even for a simple hair cut but spending $25 just for a cut and shampoo is not what I wanted!”. It’s clear that the customer hated the price, but there were other comments on how nice the environment of the salon is, “I really like the casual and laid back environment of Hair Cuttery, and I will surely visit again”.

Hair Cuttery Hours of Operation

The salon is open all day in a week and the timing differs now and then. The regular timing for the Hair Cuttery is from 9 am to 9 pm except for Sundays and Saturdays. The timing for Saturdays from 8 am to 7 pm. The timing for Sundays is similar to the regular timing. The only difference is that it closes early, at 6 pm. It is recommended to book your slot in order to avoid any type of delay. 

Hair Cuttery Salon Working Hours
Monday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Hair Cuttery Salon Customer Support

Hair Cuttery Official Address:



Customer Service Number: (703) 451-9677

Official Site:





You can make appointments through their official website.

Why Hair Cuttery Salon?

You can get most of the services at affordable prices without getting quality compromised. What more things can a customer ask for. Even you can earn a coupon after you get your service done. You can use the Hair Cuttery Coupons at any outlet of their company to get amazing discounts. Under one roof, you can get all the service done with experts. You can check the Hair Cuttery Color Prices and get an idea about the costing of other services.

The salon provides haircuts for people of all age groups. There is a discount for seniors as well. You can check out the Hair Cuttery Prices for seniors. You can always have an option to get accurate information on the opening timing for a certain day and other information on services just make a call the helpline number.


How Much Is A Haircut At Hair Cuttery?

The cost of a haircut at Hair Cuttery depends on whether you want shampoo along with it or blow dry or even both. For shampoo and cut, it will cost you around $17.99, for shampoo and blow dry it will cost you $25.99, and for shampoo, blow-dry and cut, it will cost you approximately $32.99.

How Much Do Highlights Cost At Hair Cuttery?

The Hair Cuttery Prices for Highlights is very random and it ultimately depends upon the type of highlight you opt for, whether it is full or partial, double dimension etc. The price range will fall between $45 and $130.

How Much Does A Perm Cost At Hair Cuttery?

The Hair Cuttery Perm Prices for an adult will cost you around $50 to $160.

What Products Does Hair Cuttery Use?

The products that Hair Cuttery uses for different hair treatments are usually keratin, hair dye, perming solutions, conditioners, hair treatment serums, etc. All of these products mostly belong to the Redken Company and hence are very safe to be used and applied on hair and skin.

Where To Get Hair Cuttery Gift Cards?

There are several ways of getting Hair Cuttery gift cards. The most common way is by the staff of Hair Cuttery itself, as they distribute it in times of some special occasions. You may also find gift cards on their official website as well as some third-party apps.

What Brand Of Hair Dye Does Hair Cuttery Use?

The brand of hair dye that Hair Cuttery uses is Redken which is one of the most trusted and safe hair dyes available in the market. It does not contain any harmful chemical ingredients in its components and hence very safe to be used.

What Time Does Hair Cuttery Close?

Hair Cuttery closes at precisely 9 pm from Monday to Friday, from 8 pm on Saturday and 5 pm on Sunday.

What Time Does Hair Cuttery Open?

Hair Cuttery opens at 9 am from Monday to Friday and on Sunday, for Saturday it opens at 8 am.

What Time Does Hair Cuttery Close On Sundays?

On Sunday’s, Hair Cuttery Salon closes at 5 pm on a Sunday.

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