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Hair Mechanix Prices

Done with the haphazard and sloppy haircuts that you’ve been receiving at the hands of uninterested and unprofessional barbers for men? Book your appointment in the Hair Mechanix and get hooked to their professionalism, style, and delivery. Hair Mechanix will give you one of the best hairstyles you’ve ever received as it is amongst the best hair salon for boys and men in the United States. Known for its very professional business and immaculate cuts and styling for guys, the hair salon is run by female barbers that are well-trained in the skill and great with customers.

With expertise and understanding, the barbers of the Hair Mechanix hair salon can transform your look by giving the most ravishing haircut. When we say they can transform your look, it also means that you can seek their skills even after your haircut has been botched by some other barber. So be it a botched up case, or hair and beard grooming, massage, or coloring, Hair Mechanix is a stop shop for all your grooming needs as it also offers waxing and shaving services.

Why wander elsewhere if you can have a perceptive and skillful barber, several services, efficiency, and professionalism, all in one place? The cherry on top is the ability to book an appointment, and your grooming will start just as you enter the salon, no waiting or fusses of that kind despite an appointment! Check out the updated Hair Mechanix prices of all services below.

Hair Mechanix Price List

Hair Mechanix is dedicated to the grooming of boys and men by the hands of capable women who have skilled the art of barbering. If you are wondering, ‘How much is a Haircut at Hair Mechanix?’, then rest assured that whatever be the Hair Mechanix prices, it will be worth the haircut you want by the end of your appointment with the hair salon. While Hair Mechanix offers several services which are widely varied in their cost, a precision cut price of Hair Mechanix can range from $10 to $30 and more.

Hair Mechanix Prices image

Hair Mechanix Prices

Men’s Haircut

Buzz Cut$16
Bald Fade$26
Boys and Girls$16
Classic Clipper Monroe/Southgate$18
Classic Clipper$19
Straight Razor Head Shave$25
Scissor Cut$20
Straight Razor Fade$26
Sides only Haircut$16
Zero Fade$21

Beard Care/Trimming Services

Beard Trim$8
Head Shave$25
Line Up$10
Straight Razor Face Shave$25

Hair Mechanix Prices of Coloring Services

Color with Highlights$50
Facial Hair$8
Natural Color$30
Sides Only$15

Waxing Services

Centerbrow/Inner Nose/Ears$6
Mr. Clean$18

Scalp Treatments

5 Minutes$6
10 Minutes$10


Chair Facial$15
Hot Towel Facial$13
Expert Tune Up$25
Facial Deluxe$25


Face Shave$25
Head Shave$25
Partial Shave$15
The Day Maker$20

About Hair Mechanix Salon

Hair Mechanix is a hair salon exclusive to boys and men. It started branching out from Westland, Michigan, and now it has 10 outlets in the United States in Westland, Livonia, Waterford, Southgate, Auburn Hills, Warren, Monroe, Troy, Jacksonville, and Brighton. The hair salon is focused on men’s grooming and maintenance and is given to providing its customers with a wholesome experience that covers most of the men grooming services.

The exclusivity and attentions that the hair salon offers to its customers are what has bagged the business its loyal customers. The special part about the salon is that while all of its customer base comprises of men, the trained professional barbers in the salon are women who skillfully groom these men by paying attention to their needs and deliver the exact look that they desire.

What services does Hair Mechanix offer?

Hair Mechanix is dedicated to providing grooming services for men and boys. These grooming services are performed by trained hairstylists, cosmetologists, massage therapists, and their professional teams. The whole experience at the Hair Mechanix is promised to make all its customers feel incredibly comfortable and welcomed. The motto is to make the men feel pampered, to understand their grooming needs, and that they have a transforming change.

The services that are provided by Hair Mechanix include precision cuts, maintenance, scalp treatments, hair coloring, and more. There are five kinds of precision haircuts offered at the Hair Mechanix- the neckline cut, buzz cut, classic cut, straight razor fade, and zero fade. The precision cuts are inclusive of shampooing the hair, a clean-up of straight razor neckline, and a neck massage using a hot towel. The hair coloring also categorized into three based on their cost volume covered- eyebrow coloring, natural coloring, and coloring of the sides only.

The hair salon also offers scalp treatments to clean and instigate the release of the hair’s natural oil. The maintenance services include the head shave, goatee or mustache, straight razor face shave, and the beard trim. The salon also offers waxing services for men. Areas like the eyebrows, ears, inner nose, and center brows are covered in the waxing services.

The list of services from the Hair Mechanix does not seem to end as they also offer massage therapies to rejuvenate the men that seek their services. The business is fully motivated by serving, grooming needs, and pampering them exclusively.

The Hair Mechanix barbers focus on understanding the wants and needs of its customers by giving them their complete attention and delivering the most promising results. Be it a vintage or a current trend that you want your haircut to be styled in, the talented women at Hair Mechanix will sort you with the best haircut only.

What the customers feel about Hair Mechanix?

With several grooming services centered on the maintenance of men and boys, the Hair Mechanix delivers in terms of giving its customers the wholesome grooming and personal care experience that they seek from the business. Customer reviews have shown that the customers are specifically won over by the thoughtfulness that is shown by the female barbers working in the salon.

While they are skilled and confident in their own styles and decisions, they incorporate the customer’s idea for the style in the best way possible. They are even very helpful to the customers when they are in doubt or have no clue as to which look they should opt for. Having trained in hair styling and with years of experience, the barbers are spot on in their suggestions of haircuts and styles that the men should go for. They give the customers tips for the proper aftercare and also tell ways to accentuate their best features.

The skilled and attentive barbers of the hair salon are what win their customers’ loyalty. Another aspect that we found to be winning the customers over is the fact that you can make prior bookings with the salon. Many people liked that once they had made a prior booking, they did not have to wait for long once they reached the salon and were attended immediately.

Hair Mechanix Hours

The Hair Mechanix is open throughout the 7 days of the week. It is not only open Sunday through Saturday, but they are also open for a few hours on holidays. The Hair Mechanix Hours are like this- Monday through Thursday the opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., whereas Friday- 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday- 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday- 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information about open hours on the holidays, just call up the salon, and they would be happy to let you know.

Hair Mechanix Opening and Closing Hours

Monday10 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday10 AM to 8 PM
Friday9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday9 AM to 3 PM

Getting in touch with Hair Mechanix

Even though Hair Mechanix is more than welcoming of walk-in customers, they prefer to have the customers book an appointment in advance so that it is easy for the business as well as the customers to be more time-efficient. You can call the different locations of Hair Mechanix at the following

Hair Mechanix Number- 734.331.3900 (Headquarters)
The address for the headquarters is-
37604, Ford Rd, Westland,
MI 48185

You can also make an online booking by checking into the official website of Hair Mechanix-

The hair salon is also present on the following social media platforms-

What choose Hair Mechanix?

The hair-care and grooming industry is mostly oriented on women and their needs, men’s grooming and personal care is often deemed more mundane. Due to this reason, there is way less prevalence of men oriented salon and grooming outlets for women.

This is why Hair Mechanix is so important. It is not only exclusive to boys and men, but it also encompasses a whole variety of grooming services for its customers. The selling point for the business, as well as their customers, is the comfortable and caring experience that is given to the customers while they are getting groomed.

The salon offers several important grooming services like precision cuts, which include important cuts like the classic cut, Buzzcut, Fade cuts, and more. The salon also offers beard styling, shaving, head shave, amongst other maintenance services. Catering all sorts of grooming needs of men, the salon also offers waxing services on the ears, inner nose, between the eyebrows and the center brows.

To create a more wholesome experience for its customers, to relax and refresh them, the salon also offers massage therapies. All these services are at a price that is worth it and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The Hair Mechanix is a one-stop-shop for men and boys’ grooming, so why go elsewhere?


How much Mechanix Hair Cuts charge for men’s haircutting?

While a classic precision-cut would cost you between $15 and $20, fade cuts are more expensive and range from $20 to $30 and more. A buzz cut should cost you more or less $15.

Does Hair Mechanix offer hair coloring services?

Yes, Hair Mechanix offers Hair Coloring Services, which cover the natural coloring, coloring of the eyebrows, and the sides.

Is the Hair Mechanix open on a Sunday?

Yes, the Hair Mechanix is open on a Sunday; in fact, it is open throughout the week. However, on Sunday, the timings are different from the rest of the week, and the hair salon is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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