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HairMasters Prices: Tread the Streets in Style

Ever wanted to feel the heavenly bliss of a luxurious self-care centre that caters specifically to your needs? Then HairMasters would undoubtedly be your perfect pick. By adding a new dimension to self-care and beauty, the HairMasters luxury salons across the globe have become a sensation, which can easily be attributed to the extremely personalized service, dabbed with the tint of luxury, that they offer. A perfect blend of professionalism and quality at an affordable price range lets the expansive chain of salons thrive forward even in the most competitive atmospheres.

From casual haircuts to professional conditioning treatments, this beauty giant has everything your bucket list ever consisted of. Quality haircuts, styling, highlighting, coloring, conditioning, and much more and all of it tailor-made to suit the requirements of all age groups and genders makes them the leaders of the industry.

Wait up! It is not just your lovely hair that deserves an eloquent treatment, which is why HairMasters also has a chain of special services including your dream manicure, pedicure, waxing, bridal makeover, facial waxing, massages, phew! the list just keeps getting bigger by the moment!

HairMasters Prices

I know you must be thinking that such an extensive range of services might burn a hole in your pocket, which is why the internet is flooded with the question: “How much is a haircut at hair masters?”. Well, you truly do deserve this shock breaker! The services offered by HairMasters are incredibly affordable. You will know that by seeing the HairMasters Prices below.

HairMasters Salon Prices Image

Hairdressing and styling may cost you about 25-42 dollars, which is quite an interesting bargain! It is fascinating to note that deep cleansing facials that will wash away all your fatigue and bring a shine to your beautiful face come for around 40 dollars. Conditioning, manicure, fill-ins, etc costs just over 20 dollars.

All of that combined with massage therapy sessions starting at just 35 dollars all makes HairMasters price list the real deal of affordability.

HairMasters Price List

Ready to book your appointment already!? The moderate HairMasters Salon prices combined with the blissful experience makes it a must-try for those of you who like to tread the streets in style.

Hair Masters Prices for Basic Services

Extension (First)$20
Extension (after First)$10
Color $50
Relaxer $55
Blow Dry Curl$45
Trim $10

HairMasters Haircut Prices

Adult Haircut (with Shampoo & Style)  $26
Kids Haircut (12 and under) $13
Adult Haircut (with Shampoo)$20

Let’s take a look at the FAQs related to HairMasters Haircut Prices:

How much is a haircut at HairMasters?

A hair cut at HairMasters costs around 25-42 US dollars. The cost of a haircut varies depending on the style of cutting, length of hair, the stylist we chose, etc.  

Who is Cheaper HairMasters or Sports Clips?

By comparing the price chart of the 2 salons, it is to be noted that both salons have closely related pricings, which nullifies the purpose of the question at hand.

About HairMasters Salon

Reaping huge financial success right from the budding age, Hair Masters with their outstanding services have flourished and spread across the world with unimaginable pace. Owning over three hundred and forty salons in the United States alone, the franchise is progressing fast without any obstacles up close.

All that said, it isn’t a matter of surprise for readers to know that Hair Masters serves under the Regis Corporation, the owners of the world’s largest salon chains at that.

Services Offered by the Hair Masters

At Hair Masters, one can hope to find absolutely everything needed to have a stunning outlook. Although a huge variety of services are provided by Hair Masters, it is hard to ignore the fact that hair styling is the best dish on the menu. The team consists of professional hairdressers who can make your hair look the best, whatever be the occasion. Hair Masters is well known for its keratin treatments, relaxers, and up-dos. 

Facials are of prime importance to bring out the shine in a woman’s face, and Hair Masters have just the right ones you’ll need: from classic facials to vita-mineral detox facials, it’s all there, all you need to do is to choose.

To add to your charm, Hair Masters also have a line of manicure and pedicure routines along with sculptured nails, nail art, paraffin, and CND shellac. Customized massage therapy by registered massage therapists adds to the soothing experience. From head to toe, Hair Masters has got you covered.

Hair Masters Locations

Being such an expensive chain, there are over 150 salons under HairMasters all over the North American continent.

Where is HairMasters?

The given Facebook link contains the locations of all the Hair Master salons across the United States of America.

For those of you wondering “if there are HairMasters near me?”, don’t hesitate to check out the map provided in the above-given link.

Customer’s Review on Hair Masters Salon

Customers have a surprisingly unanimous opinion on Hair Masters, with the majority of them recommending the salon to their dear ones. Affordability and great service are the key factors pushed by customers. It is also to be noted that hairdressing and styling top the list of services Hair Masters provides.

HairMasters Hours

Hair Masters salons are open from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM on weekdays and from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM on Saturdays while it remains closed on Sundays. So, what’s the wait? Book yourself in for a treat!

Hairmasters Opening & Closing Hours

Monday9 AM to 7 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 7 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 7 PM
Thursday9 AM to 7 PM
Friday9 AM to 7 PM
Saturday9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday10 AM to 5 PM

Customer Support

Corporate Address:

Regis Corporation

Attn: Customer Service Department

7201 Metro Blvd

Minneapolis, MN 55439

HairMasters phone number: 1-800-737-3535.

Social Media Links:

Why HairMasters?

It is undoubtedly the complete service provider for all your beauty needs. It is their carefully crafted customer satisfaction etiquette combined with a team of professionals who use the best products and techniques to enrich your persona that makes Hair Masters the leaders in the business, which is why customers can expect great service in any of its franchises.

Having some time off for relaxation and self-care is why most people visit spas and salons, Hair Masters is a perfect choice for that group of people too as the luxurious and calm interiors provides just the vibe you have been looking for. The facility to book appointments takes out the stress of waiting in line to have yourself groomed, also adding to the better experience.

Rather than making you follow the international beauty standards, the Hair Masters team enhances your natural beauty while maintaining all of your uniqueness. Check out the HairMasters prices above to get an idea about its price range.


How much for colour Service at HairMasters?

Hair coloring at HairMasters comes at around 66-72 USD, while hair color plus highlights cost 95+ USD.

How much is waxing at HairMasters?

Waxing at the hair masters comes at 12 dollars and up.

How much Is Kids Haircut at HairMasters?

Kids under 12 can have their hair dressed at 13 USD. 

How Much are highlights at HairMasters?

Highlights at HairMasters cost between 76-98 USD.

What time does HairMasters close?

HairMasters closes at 6 PM on weekdays and at 1 PM on Saturdays.

What time does HairMasters open?

HairMasters opens at 9 AM every day except for Sundays.

What is the starting pay at Hair Masters?

A hairstylist at Hair Masters makes about 7-19 dollars per hour, while a cosmetologist earns about 8-34 dollars an hour.

What Dye Brand does Hair Masters use?

Hair masters use the best brands available to enhance customer satisfaction. A few brands that fall in this list are American Crew, Biolage, Biosilk, Design Essentials, Farouk, It’s a 10, etc.

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