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Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa Price List – Explore Best ever Services

The Hand and Stone as the name suggests are an expert group of spa that provides services not only in body massages and facial, but also other services like removal of facial hair, waxing etc. The Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa price themselves in having a very customizable service menu, which they can charge and mould depending upon what the customer wishes for.

The Prices For Hand and Stone Massage also fall in the mid-range but are still affordable by their many customers. They have services like a massage for 1 hour, which can be customized to 1.5 hours if the customer wants to have some more time to themselves. One of their most popular services is the Hand and Stone Couples Massage where you can get both you and your partner a soothing massage by one of their best masseurs.

Hand and Stone Prices

The Hand and Stone Spa Prices are very much variable, but we will be providing you with a range that will brief you on the type of service as well as the cost of the service. As the Hand and Stone Massage Prices starts at $59.95 and goes up to $119.95. Whereas the Hand and Stone Facial Prices all fall in the range of $49.95. Any service related to skin treatment will cost you in between $20 and $50.

Hand and Stone Prices image

Hand and Stone Massage Prices

Prices for Hand and Stone Massage
1 Hour Massage (Guest Pricing)$89.95
90 Minute Hand and stone couples massage (Guest Pricing)$259.9
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage (Guest Pricing)$139.95
30 Minute Cold Stone Face Massage (Guest Pricing)$39.95
30 Minute Massage (Guest Pricing)$49.95
90 Minute Massage (Guest Pricing)$119.95
1 Hour Hot Stone Massage (Guest Pricing)$109.95
1 Hour Couples Massage (Guest Pricing)$199.9

Hand and Stone Membership Prices

Hand and stone price list for Membership
1 Hour Couples Massage (Member Pricing)$119.9
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage (Member Pricing)$99.95
1 Hour Hot Stone Massage (Member Pricing)$69.95
90 Minute Massage (Member Pricing)$79.95
1 Hour Massage (Member Pricing)$59.95
30 Minute Massage (Member Pricing)$29.95
90 Minute Couples Massage (Member Pricing)$179.9
30 Minute Cold Stone Face Massage (Member Pricing)$29.95

Hand and Stone Introductory Offers

Hand and stone massage Introductory Prices
1 Hour Hot Stone Massage$69.49
1 Hour Massage$49.49
1 Hour Facial$49.49

Hand and Stone Facial Prices

Hand and Stone Prices for Facial
Signature Facials$49.95
Men’s Facial$49.95
Teen’s Facial$49.95
Classic Facial$49.95

Exceptional Exfoliations Prices for Hand & Stone

Hair Removal$15
Salicylic Peel$99.95
Lactic Acid Peel$99.95
Glycolic Peel$99.95

Hand and Stone Enhancement Prices

Hot Towel / Cold Stone Face Massage$15
Heavenly Hand Therapy$10
Hot Towel / Foot Exfoliation Treatment$15
Peppermint Scalp Massage$15

More About Hand and Stone

The company was launched in 2004 by John Marco. He was a physical therapist by profession. He came up with the idea of the Hand and Stone salon to show people that these services are not for rich people. When the salon was introduced to the people, they rushed to the salon and got the services done. All the people who visited at the salon were feeling like rich people. And this is how the business of John Marco started expanding. 

At present, the company has its own 250 outlets throughout all the 50 states of America. They have a couple of outlets in Canada as well. They still are offering their franchises to other people to expand their business. 

Hand and stone locations & Services

There are several special services offered by the Hand and Stone salon. In this article, you will have a brief idea about the various services provided by the salon. In order to get more information, you can visit the official website of the company or by paying a visit to the nearest Hand and Stone Salon. One of the unique services is Hand and Stone Massage from the experts of the salon. The messages of the salon are stress-relieving and relaxing. It is highly recommended to try this service if you pay a visit to any outlet of Hand and Stone salon.

There is also a provision to give a Hand and Stone Gift Card to your loved ones. With this gift card, you can get a couple of service in free of cost. You can buy those from the nearest Hand and Stone outlet. Along with this, they also have a system of providing membership to the customers. You can pay some amount and get your membership card done. With this membership card, you can get discounts on your services.

The famous service provided by the Hand and Stone related to massages are 1-hour massage, 1-hour facial massage, guest 90-minute massage, cold stone face massage, and many more, You can get your service done at more affordable prices. You can also check the Hand and Stone Wax Prices by giving a call to the helpline. 

Hand and Stone Reviews

The reviews for Hand and Stone were not disappointing as customers were glad about their various packages as well as the customizable policy. Some of the reviews that we found to be legit are shared below. One customer quoted, “I am a frequent visitor and I even have a membership with Hand and Stone, I love the discounted price and the occasional coupons that they throw in from time to time”.

Another customer said, “I think the prices are quite high, compared to other spas, but yes, I agree that their quality of service is excellent indeed.” A customer was not happy with the membership cancellation procedure, “I cancelled my membership, but they still charged my credit card, I am so disappointed”.

Hand and Stone Hours

The timing is the same for all the days of the week except Sundays and Saturdays. The regular timing for the salon is from 9 am to 10 pm. But the timing for Sundays and Saturdays, from 8 am to 8 pm. To confirm the timing for your nearest Hand and Stone salon, you can also contact through the helpline number provided below.

Hand and Stone Massage Hours of Operation
Monday9 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 10 PM
Thursday9 AM to 10 PM
Friday9 AM to 10 PM
Saturday8 AM to 8 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

Hand and Stone Customer Support

Office Address:

200 Horizon Drive, Suite 203

Hamilton NJ 08691 

Customer Service Number: (609) 587-9800

Official Website Address:





You can book a slot for yourself through their website or even by calling on their customer care number.

Why Choose Hand and Stone?

You can choose Hand and Stone for all your needs that not only are restricted by body massage but also cater to facial hair removal, rejuvenation treatment, enhancement treatment, skin enhancement, body waxing, and so much more. They have a splendid membership procedure for their customers that provides them with discounted rates and coupons every month.

When we conducted a survey, we found that customers loved their customizable service menu, they really liked how enthusiastic the staff of Hand and Stone appears to be with their customers. There is no traffic and the ambience of the spa is also very calm and cosy. You can enjoy a beautiful day with your partner by opting for a couple’s massage therapy with one of their expert masseurs. The charges that they have for their services may appear high, but if you opt for a membership with their spa, you will be in profit.


How Much Is Hand and Stone Membership?

The monthly membership cost for Hand and Stone is around $49.95, where the rates of every service that you avail get a discount of 10 to 15%.

How Much Is A Massage At Hand and Stone?

The Hand & stone massage and facial spa prices fall in the range of $59.95 and $119.95. Any type of massage will cost you $59.95, but if you go for a couple’s massage, the rate will be doubled.

How Much Is A Couples Massage At Hand and Stone?

The cost of couples massage at Hand and Stone is around $119.95, which may increase depending upon the time.

What are the Hand and Stone Waxing Prices?

The cost of waxing at Hand and Stone starts from a minimum price of $10 and goes up depending upon the body part.

What is the Hand and Stone Enhancement Prices?

The Hand and Stone Enhancement prices start at the range of $20 and go up to $40.

How To Cancel Hand and Stone Membership?

You can cancel a Hand and Stone Membership by informing them through their customer care number and providing them with your membership number. Also, you can do it through their website as well.

How To Cancel Hand and Stone Appointment?

You can cancel a Hand and Stone Appointment through their website, if you have made your booking through it, or even by calling the customer care number of that particular Hand and Stone location and cancelling it.

What Time Does Hand and Stone Open?

The Hand and Stone open at 9 am from Monday to Friday, at 8 am for both Saturday and Sunday.

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