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Happy Nails Salon and Spa Service Prices with exciting coupons

Getting ready to go to a party or college, and your nails are looking dull and boring? It will definitely hamper all the impression that you were hoping to create on your friends and colleagues. But what if we tell you that there exists a spa catering to all your needs starting from giving a soft hand massage, a manicure and a pedicure. Yes, you heard me right, Happy Nails Salon and Spa is a place that will deliver you good quality service at a very reasonable price.

The Happy Nails started as a family venture, where they aimed at bringing the cosy charm of town life to the urban business branding system. And look at them now, they have multiple services like waxing, threading, manicures that come under different tags such as pamper me mani, simply mani and please me mani, pedicures that are loved by their customers and also the various skin care services.

Happy Nails Prices

In our Happy Nails Price List, you will find all the details and prices that Happy Nails provides to its customers. But just to freshen you up with some knowledge we will be giving a brief idea to you, such as their skincare service falls in the range of $45 to $70, mani and Pedi $12 to $40, and waxing costs around $7 to $50.

Happy Nails Prices image

Happy Nails Pricing for Skin Care Services

Happy Nails Salon Skincare Prices
Back Purifier$45
Acne Treatment$55
European Facial$55
Deluxe European Facial$65
Plain Facial$40

Happy Nails Pedicure Prices

Happy Nails Price List for Pedicure
Basic Pedicure$26.99
Pamper Me Pedi$55.99
Indulge Me Pedi$38.99
Gel Pedicure$40.99
Please Me Pedi$35.99
Simply Pedi$26.99

Happy Nails  Children’s Services Prices

Happy Nails and Spa Kid’s Price List
Mani & Pedi$26
Color Change (Hands or Feet)$12

Happy Nails Price for Fill

Fill Prices at Happy Nails Salon
Pink and White$30
Lume Gel$30
Regular, White or Pink$20

Happy Nails Threading Prices

Threading Price at Happy Nails Spa
Full face$40.99

Happy Nails Salon  Waxing Prices

 Waxing Prices at Happy Nails Spa
Half-Leg (Upper or Lower)$25
Full-Leg with Bikini$55
Full Face$35
Full Back$35

Happy Nails Pricing for Additional Services

Happy Nails Spa Services Prices
Shoulder massage (Price/Minute)$1.99
Gel coating for artificial Nail$5.49
French polish with service$5.99
Buff Shine$5.99
Callus treatment$5.99
Hot oil & Lotion Mani or Pedi$7.49
Nail design (1 design)$3.99
Polish change French$10.99
Gel color change for Nail$20.49
Polish change for Nail$8.99
Nail design (2 designs)$5.99
Gel soak-off application for Nail$15.49
Paraffin for Mani or Pedi$7.49
Take off with service$5.99
Polish change for Toes$8.99
Extra 15 minutes massage (with Mani & Pedi Service)$10.99
Gel soak-off application for Toes$20.49
Take off only$7.99

  Happy Nails Salon & Spa Overview

The Happy Nails were established in 1983 by Mai Huynh. Originally, she is from Vietnam. Before Happy Nails, she used to provide spa service to the customers in her own country. With a cloud full of dreams, Mai has come to the United States of America and started her own Nail Salon. For many days, they have just a single outlet. But after a few years, her husband Henry started to expand the business throughout different cities.

Nowadays, they own more than 50 outlets throughout the country. One of the famous branches of Happy Nails is in South California. They are renowned for their innovative designs and stylish nails. The primary mission of starting this company is to provide good quality service to the customers and give an aesthetic look to the nails of customers. They have built a proper place where a nail enthusiast can spend long hours with luxury.

Happy Nails Services

Happy Nails has a wide range of services associated with nails. Besides nails, they also have service-related skincare. You should pay a visit to the nearest outlet in order to get a detailed idea about the Happy Nails Menu. You will find so many services related to your nails which can be done. Some of the services are very rare to find and some of them were innovated in Happy Nails itself.

At the most affordable prices, you can get many services done under the same roof. Manicure and pedicure are the two most demanding services of Happy Nails. They have different types of manicure and pedicure available there. Manicure for men is also available in the same section. The main focus of the company is towards nails, so the most demanding service of Happy Nails is art-related with nails. You can get a set of artificial nails for your fingers as well as toes. Check the Happy Nails Pricing before you decide which one to prefer. You will get more than enough options when you look at the list.

They even provide services to children like pedicure and manicure. You can take your young ones along with you to get pampered by their services besides you. You can even get your body waxed. There are different types of waxings available for different parts. The pricing will be according to the body part. They have special treatments as well like acne treatment, plain facial, back purifier and many more in order to take care of your skin/

Happy Nails Spa Reviews

The Happy Nails customer review was very satisfying if we consider the reviews for nail and manicure services. Although some people had issues with their services related to waxing and massage. Some of the customer reviews that we found considerably legit and worth sharing. One of the customers said, “I really enjoyed their mani and Pedi sessions in which they give me a soothing massage on hand, and then gave me a French manicure”.

Another customer said, “Although I am a man and I was really sceptic on getting a manicure, their staff suggested me to get a Men’s Sports Manicure, and I must say I had the best time of my life as they pampered my fingers so well, and I have never felt so good before”. A customer was not happy with the waxing service and said, “I went for a full-body waxing, the staff seemed to be in a hurry and gave me the worst waxing, there were hair patches in my body that weren’t removed properly and I also had red marks over my legs”.

Happy Nails Hours

The Happy Nails Salon and Spa is open on all days except Sundays and Saturdays. The regular hours for Happy Nails are from 8:30 am to 5 pm. On Sundays and Saturdays, the shop stays closed. You can get more information on the timing of your nearest Happy Nails outlet by giving a call to the helpline number. Timing may differ as per the branches. 

Happy Nails Salon and Spa Hours
Monday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Tuesday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Wednesday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Thursday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Friday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Saturday9.30 AM to 7 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

Happy Nails Salon and Spa Contact Details

Office Address:

15776 Gateway Circle, Tustin, CA

Customer Service Number: (714) 259-8888

Official Website Address:





Why Happy Nails Spa and Salon?

If you are looking forward to taking care of your nails, Happy Nails is one of the best ones you got. With premium-quality service, your nails will look new and stylish. The environment of the salon is relaxing as well as comfortable. You will not feel any type of discomfort during your sessions at the end of which you will have a blissful experience if you pay a visit to any of their outlets. 

They even have a facility to get bookings through their official website. In order to avoid waiting, you should book your slot before you reach the outlet. You can even confirm your booking by giving them a call on their helpline number. You can also get an appointment after you reach the salon, but you may have to wait for a couple of minutes to get your seat. If you are interested in looking outstanding with your elegant nails, it is recommended that you pay a visit to the nearest Happy Nails outlet.


How Much is a Nail Fill At Pro Happy Nails?

The cost for a nail fill at Happy Nails will completely depend upon the kind of filling the customer is opting for, such as pink and white, regular, silk or lume gel. All of which will fall in the range of $20 to $30.

How Much Is a Manicure No Color at Happy Nails?

The cost for a manicure no colour at Happy Nails will fall in the range of $15 to $20.

What is the Happy Nails Acrylic Prices?

The Happy Nails Acrylic prices will completely depend upon the colour or the type of acrylic service you have chosen, but the basic rates start from $8.

What are the Happy Nails Pedicure prices?

The Happy Nails pedicure prices will fall in the range of $26 to $55 and it will depend upon which service of pedicure you will choose such as pamper me Pedi, indulge me Pedi, please me Pedi, simple Pedi and gel pedicure.

What Time does Happy Nails Close?

Happy Nails closes at 7 pm from every Monday to Saturday and 6 pm on a Sunday.

What Time does Happy Nails Open?

Happy Nails open at 9 am for every Monday to Saturday and at 10 am on a Sunday.

What Time do Happy Nails close On Sunday?

On a Sunday, happy Nails closes early at 6 pm exactly.

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