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Holiday Hair Salon Prices – Get the most desirable bouncy holiday look

Holiday Hair is one of the best pocket-friendly salons to bring out the best look of women in Mid – Atlantic States. Holiday Hair is chosen as the best choice of style-conscious women who want to look beautiful in their new cut and style. Hairstylists at Holiday Hair are always updated with the latest trends and services and yes you can update your hairstyle as per the Hollywood trends.

Holiday Hair services are mainly for women with varieties of haircuts, hairstyles, and treatments like hair straightening and chemical treatments. They also offer men’s haircut and kid’s hairstyles on demand. You can get the basic haircut with shampoo and style from Holiday Hair at a reasonable price.

Holiday Hair Salon Prices

Holiday Hair Haircut Prices are well within your budget. The stylists are professionally trained with the latest trends and hairstyles in the world. The prices are very similar to the prices of Regis Corporation. Holiday Hair Coupons are often available at the salon for shampoo and conditioner sets. Large shampoo and conditioner bottles are available under this coupon at the unbeatable best price to last more than a month. The prices for a haircut and shampoo are nominal and they provide packages at the best price for the customers.

Holiday Hair Prices image

Holiday Hair Salon Style Prices

Holiday Hair Haircut Prices
Kid’s Haircut (12 and Under)$12
Facial Waxing$10
Shampoo, Cut & Style$20
Highlights (Includes Style Only)$55
Appointment Charge$5
Haircut with Color or Perm$10
Color (Includes Style Only)$45
Specialty Style$20
Shampoo & Style$12
Perms (Include Style Only)$50

Holiday Hair Price List for Designer Styles

 Holiday Hair Designer Stylist Price List
Color (Includes Style Only)$47
Perms (Include Style Only)$52
Shampoo, Cut & Style$22
Facial Waxing$10
Specialty Style$22
Highlights (Includes Style Only)$57
Appointment Charge$5
Kid’s Haircut (12 and Under)$14
Shampoo & Style$14
Haircut with Color or Perm$10

Holiday Hair Salon Hours

Holiday Hair hours start early in the morning around 8 AM and continues its service till 8 PM on the regular days and on weekends they close 2 hours earlier. As Holiday Hairs are open for almost 12 hours a day and they provide services with their regular stylists and experts.

Holiday Hair Hours of Operation
Monday9 AM to 7.30 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 7.30 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 7.30 PM
Thursday9 AM to 7.30 PM
Friday9 AM to 7.30 PM
Saturday9 AM to 7.30 PM
Sunday9 AM to 7.30 PM

About Holiday Hair Salon

Ray Holland started Holiday Hair Salon in 1963 in Pennsylvania and now it has grown big with 150 salons. Holiday Hair is a part of Regis Corporation that provides service throughout Mid – Atlantic States of the USA. You can find Holiday Hair salons in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Maryland. 

Holiday Hair has a pleasant interior to attract more customers, similar to a neighbourhood salon. They have a good customer base and firm foundation and they continue to extend to all parts of the United States. They focus majorly on personalized service for women and they also provide men’s haircut and kid’s hairstyles on demand.

Holiday Hair Services

Holiday Hair provides a wide range of services starting from haircuts, hair colour, highlights, perms, relaxers, trimming beard and bangs, waxing, and conditioning. For a seasonal look, you can try a new colour or style your hair to make everyone turn heads.

Haircuts: Holiday Hair provides proper guidance and service to upscale yourself with a new and elegant hairstyle. Though it may be a simple haircut, it will create a massive difference in your look and personality.

Hair colouring and Highlighting: you can give a boost of radiant colours to your hair from red to green with the excellent colour choices from Holiday Hair. You can get bleached tips and dark roots for your styled hair.

Perms: bring out the best curls in your hair from Holiday Hairstylists to stand out from others at a manageable price.

Relaxers: this service is available only in selected salons for Hair straightening and reducing curls. Get a curl-free new natural look from Holiday Hair locations near you.

Beard Trim:  get a quick touch –up and trim for your beard and bangs from Holiday Hair clippers at a reasonable price.

Waxing:  Remove unwanted hair from your body using the waxing service available at Holiday Hair. A perfect look is possible with a brow wax, or all-over facial waxing is done exclusively at Holiday Hair. 

Keratin treatment: Other services at Holiday Hair include keratin treatment and hair conditioning to restore the natural softness and gleam of your hair.

These services are for men, women, and kids. They do grey blending, highlighting, complete colouring, and hairstyles according to the demands of the customer. Whole-body waxing and facial waxing are also done for the customers based on demand. If you need deep conditioning, Holiday Hair salons are there to help you. 

Holiday Hair Salon Reviews

The Holiday Hair salon is a part of Regis Corporation that offers salon services throughout the USA. Holiday Hair salon is popular for its perfect haircut and hairstyle for all types of customers. They have received an average of 4.5-star rating out of 5 from the customers.

Many customers have felt happy about their new look and have shared the compliments received from their friends and relatives for the new look. Holiday Hair products are available at affordable prices and they have produced excellent results on the customer’s hair. Customers have positively informed that they have not spent a fortune in the Holiday Hair salon for their good looks. Holiday Hair has received good star ratings for pleasant, professional and timely services from almost all the customers who have visited their salon.

Holiday Hair Customer Support

As Holiday Hair provides excellent customer support in all possible ways. Holiday Hair is a part of Regis Corporation and has its headquarters at Regis Corporation. There is no separate headquarters for Holiday Hair. 

Holiday Hair appointments can be obtained by visiting the following website link:

Facebook link:

Customer care:  + 1800-345-7811

You can do your hair cut at any Holiday Hair Salon as Holiday Hair Altoona Logan Town Centre Prices and Holiday Hair Ebensburg Pa Prices are similar. There may be little difference in the prices due to the location of the salon, but services are the same.

Why Holiday Hair Salon?

Holiday Hair is one of the best hair salons in Mid- Atlantic States since 1963. They provide excellent hairstyles to suit all types of customers. Holiday Hair also has its own brand products for hair care and treatment and they provide it to the customers at a low price. There are experienced hair stylists in all salons to deliver the perfect style for your look.

Holiday Hair Prices are the least in the industry, yet they deliver professional, pleasant and timely service. Holiday Hair Salons are great for women with many options to choose from. You can have a haircut based on the style you pick and then go for perms. If you are not comfortable with perms, hair straightening and keratin treatments are available at a reasonable price. The magic hands of the stylist perform all-colour treatments and highlights. 


How much are highlights at Holiday Hair?

Holiday prices start from $55 for styling and highlights from a regular stylist and $2 more for highlights from a designer stylist.

How much for a perm at Holiday Hair?

Holiday Hair Salon Prices for perms from designer stylist starts from $52 and the regular stylist charges only $50.

How much for bleach and colour at Holiday Hair?

Holiday Hair Prices fall within your budget level; even if you do bleach and colour, it will not cost you more than $55.

How much does it cost for cut and colour at Holiday Hair?

Holiday Hair Haircut Prices for haircut and colouring combination start from $55.00 from the regular stylist and if you need a designer stylist for haircut and colouring, price starts from $ 57.

How much is a kid cut at Holiday Hair?

Holiday Hair Price List indicates that if a kid’s haircut is made by a normal stylist, it will cost $12.00 and if done by a designer stylist, it will cost $14.00.

How much is a haircut at Holiday Hair?

An adult haircut by the regular stylist is only $20.00 and if you need a designer stylist to perform a haircut, it will cost you only $22.00 and kid’s haircut costs $12 – $14  at Holiday Hair.

What time does Holiday Hair open?

Holiday Hair Hours start from 8 AM and the service extends till 8 PM. On Saturdays, their service ends by 6 PM and on Sundays, they are open from 10 AM only. They operate till 4 PM on Sundays. 

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