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Hollywood Nails and Spa Prices – Get Fancy and Chirpy Nails

Having to keep up with the turbulent day to day life, getting your dream nails can be a hustle, amidst all the bustle around. In the midst of all the gumption and promptitude, DIY your nails could be quiet intimidating and tiresome in true sense. But not anymore, search for “Hollywood Nails Near Me” on the internet and get ready to be amazed. Hollywood Nails and Spa is literally synonymous with all things glamorous. Well-groomed ladies with glamour and glitz is what people can think in their mind when they hear about Hollywood nails. Before going into the Hollywood Nails prices, let’s see something interesting about the salon.

Hollywood Nails Prices image
Hollywood Nails Prices image

There are almost every beauty establishments, which claims to provide services only for the best interest of customers, but very few stick to that in the long run. But, unlike them, Hollywood Nails and Spa has been making customers their main priority since day one. With over 13 years of experience in the business, the Hollywood Nails and Spa takes pride overbuilding personal relations with each of their customers, along with pampering them with best-of-the-industry services.

Hollywood Nails Prices

Hollywood Nails salon is one of the very few establishments, which creeds in providing the best quality services at an affordable price range. During the sudden onset in the popularity of different types of nail arts and other services, these are not accessible by mass people, as those are pretty expensive back then. The primary objective of Hollywood Nails was to make their services affordable and makes nail care and beautification, accessible to each and everyone back then. And their service price list depicts the same as well.

The service menu of Hollywood Nails and Spa is comprising of a lot of versatile treatments and other services. On a generic term, nail care and nail beautification services in Hollywood nails and Spa can charge anywhere between $3.99 to $65.99, depending on the services you have chosen. Complete Hollywood Nails Prices are listed below.

Hollywood Manicure and Spa Price List

Manicure ServicesPrices
Hollywood Princess / Prince Manicure (For Children Aged 10 and Younger)$12.49
Restore My Nails$18.49
Exotic Mango Manicure$23.49
Hollywood’s Gentlemen’s Manicure$30.49
Apple Martini Manicure$28.49
Heavenly Hollywood Manicure$45.49
Microdermabrasion Hand Treatment$55.49
Hollywood’s Organic Manicure$35.49

Hollywood Nails Pedicure Prices

Pedicure ServicesPrices
Apple Martini Spa Pedicure$47.49
Microdermabrasion Foot Treatment$65.49
Hollywood’s Organic Spa Pedicure$55.49
Exotic Mango Spa Pedicure$35.49
Renew My Feet$25.49
Heavenly Hollywood Spa Pedicure$70.49
Hollywood’s Gentlemen’s Spa Pedicure$55.49
Hollywood’s Princess / Prince Spa Pedicure$25.49
Kona Coffee Bean Spa Pedicure$60.49

Hollywood Nail Price List of Pedicure Extras

Pedicure Extras ServicesPrices
Cooling Aloe Vera / Cucumber Mask$10.99
Warm Paraffin Treatment$12.99
Callus Elimination$5.99
Volcanic-Stone Massage$7.99
Organic Sugar Scrub (Orange or Lavender)$12.99
Polish Change$12.99
Nail Art$5.99
Foot Reflexology Massage$10.99
French Tips$8.49
Mud Mask$12.99
Polish Change in French Tips$15.99
Sugar Scrub (Non-Organic)$10.99
Shine Buffing$5.99

Hollywood Nails Extensions Prices

Extensions ServicesPrices
Regular Gel Powder Fill$25.49
Design Tips with Gel Powder New Set$40.49
Gel Liquid New Set$55.49
Regular Acrylic Fill$20.49
Design Tips with Gel Liquid New Set$55.49
Pink and White Acrylic New Set$45.49
Regular Acrylic New Set$30.49
Solar Nail New Set$45.49
French Tips with Gel Powder New Set$35.49
Back-Fill Acrylic (Pink and White)$35.99
Back-Fill Color / Glitter Powder$35.49
Pink and White Gel Liquid New Set$65.99
Pink and White Gel Powder New Set$48.99
Two Color / Glitter Powder New Set$55.49
Color / Glitter Powder with Acrylic New Set$40.49
Design Tips with Acrylic New Set$35.49
Gel Liquid Fill$37.49
Back-Fill Gel Liquid (Pink and White)$45.99
Color / Glitter Powder with Gel Powder New Set$45.49
Regular Gel Powder New Set$35.49
Color / Glitter Powder with Gel Liquid New Set$65.49
Back-Fill Gel Powder (Pink and White)$40.99
French Tips with Acrylic New Set$30.99
French Tips with Gel Liquid New Set$40.49

Manicure and Spa Extra Prices

Manicure Extras ServicesPrices
Shine Buff$5.49
French Tips$6.49
Mud Mask$10.49
Polish Change$6.49
Warm Paraffin Treatment$8.99
Polish Change in French Tips$10.99
Organic Sugar Scrub (Orange or Lavender)$10.49
Sugar Scrub (Non-Organic)$7.99
Cooling Aloe Vera / Cucumber Mask$8.49
Nail Art$10.49

Hollywood Nail Art Prices

Nail Art ServicesPrices
Nail Art (10)$15.49
Gel Glass Top Coat$5.99
Take Off$15.99
Nail Repair – Gel Liquid (each)$7.99
Nail Repair – Gel Powder (each)$5.99
Nail Art (2)$5.99
Nail Repair – Acrylic (each)$3.99
Nail Art (1)$3.99

Hair Removal and Waxing Price List

Hair Removal and Waxing ServicesPrices
Brow Shaping$15.99
Full Arms$40.49
Sides of Face$28.99
Full Face$40.99
Full Leg$60.49
Half Leg$35.49
Half Arms$25.99
Full Leg, Feet, and Toes$80.49
Upper Lip$10.99

Skin Care Prices at Hollywood Nails

Skin Care ServicesPrices
Hollywood’s Gentlemen’s Facial$75.49
Hollywood’s Teen Facial$70.99
Hollywood’s Organic Signature Facial$100.49
Hollywood’s Dr. Alkaitis Holistic Organic Food Facial$110.49
Microdermabrasion Treatment$100.49
Fountain of Youth Facial$125.49
Revive My Skin$55.99
Hollywood’s Back Facial$90.49
Sensational Aromatherapy Facial$95.99

Prices of Body Treatment Services

Body Treatment ServicesPrices
Mineral Mud Wrap (50 Minutes)$100.99
Hollywood’s Cellulite Wrap (6 Treatments Special)$620.99
Microderm Body Scrub (50 Minutes)$150.99
Body Polish (50 Minutes)$80.99
Hollywood’s Cellulite Wrap (55 Minutes)$110.99
Hollywood’s Exclusive Grape Seed Body Treatment (50 Minutes)$95.99
Hollywood’s Seaweed Body Peel (60 Minutes)$120.99
Heavenly Organic Body Treatment (60 Minutes)$130.99
Hydrating Seaweed Body Wrap (50 Minutes)$110.99

Hollywood Nails Price List for Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic Massages ServicesPrices
Deep Tissue Massage (90 Minutes)$100.99
Swedish Massage (6 Sessions of 60 Minutes)$306.99
Swedish Massage (90 Minutes)$90.99
Relaxing Stone Massage (90 Minutes)$100.49
Hollywood Day Spa’s Massages (60 Minutes)$100
Refresher Mini-Massage (20 Minutes)$25.99
Deep Tissue Massage (60 Minutes)$75.99
Swedish Massage (60 Minutes)$60.99
Swedish Massage (30 Minutes)$40.99
Relaxing Stone Massage (60 Minutes)$75.99
Deep Tissue Massage (30 Minutes)$45.99
Acupressure Chair Massage (30 Minutes)$45.49
Deep Tissue Massage (6 Sessions of 60 Minutes)$405.99
Hollywood Day Spa’s Massages (30 Minutes)$75
Acupressure Chair Massage (60 Minutes)$85.49
Relaxing Stone Massage (6 Sessions of 60 Minutes)$405.49

Permanent Makeup Prices

Permanent Makeup ServicesPrices
Beauty Mark$75
Lip Liner$425
Full Lip with Liner$595

Hollywood Nails & Spas Eyelash Extensions Price List

Eyelash Extensions ServicesPrices
Brow and Lash Tint$30.99
Brow Tint$15
Partial Set$75
Lash Refill$45
Full Set (Includes First Refill)$200
Lash Perm$20.99
60-Minute Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage During Application$45
Lash Refill (Package of Five)$200
Lash Tint$20.49

Makeup Services Price Range

Makeup ServicesPrice
Makeup Lesson$45.99
Bridal Makeup$75.99
Everyday Makeup$30.99

Hollywood Nail Salon Prices for Threading

Threading ServicesPrices
Brow Tweezing$20.49
Upper Lip$13.49
Brow Reshaping by Tweezers$28.99
Full Face$65.49
Sides of Face$20.49

Hollywood Spa Prices – Enhancements for the Skin Care Services

Organic Dr. Alkaitis Eye Treatment$25.99
Hydrating Treatment for Hands (10 Minutes)$12.99
Décolleté Treatment (20 Minutes)$20.49
Revitalizing Eye Treatment$15.49
Organic Dr. Alkaitis Mask$25.49
Contour or Calming Mask (Approximately 20 Minutes)$20.49
Hydrating Treatment for Feet (10 Minutes)$17.99

The Beginning of Hollywood Nail Salons

Hollywood nails are one of the sister organizations of the Regis Corporations, which have been one of the most significant forces in the beauty and grooming industry since 1958. Located in Arlington, Virginia, Hollywood Nails are definitely one of the biggest nails in the industry and they hold to that by their highest level of services, which leads to ultimate customer satisfaction.

Hollywood Nails and Spa is not only known for providing the best possible nail care and beautification services to their customers but also offers a great deal of top-to-toe care packages. The versatility in the service menu and equally trained and experienced team is what helps them to keep their loyal clientele for the longest of time.

Services offered by Hollywood Nails Bar

Like any other top-notch nail salon and spas, the Hollywood Nails bar also has a wide range of nail care and nail beautification services, including manicures and pedicures and many more. Their Manicure menu literally consists of different varieties of service, which include ultimate care for your hand nails with all the safety and hygiene commitments. Other than regular manicures, they also have some specialized manicures like Collagen manicures, gel manicures and obviously Hollywood special spa manicures as well.

Their Shellac French manicure service and also the dipping powder manicure is also one of their specialties, which are favored by most of their customers. Now, just like Manicures, the Hollywood Nail bar also has some varieties in their pedicure services as well. Their different types of pedicures include simple foot massages, hot stone pedicures, gel pedicure, deluxe spa pedicures, and many other services.

Now coming to their nail beautification services, the Hollywood Nails and Spa is also offering a wide array of different services, in this genre as well. From regular acrylic nails to French acrylic services to glamourous pink and white nails, they have pretty much everything up in their sleeves. Moreover, apart from taking each of the services and sessions separately, they also came up with some exciting combo offers, to make their services much more affordable as well.

Apart from all the services mentioned above, the Hollywood Nails professionals have also curated unique Manicure and Pedicure and Nail Polish services for children as well, which are cute and safe for the children at the same time. Other than the regular nail care and nail beautification services, they have some additional services like French tip and buffer-and-shine and many more like these in their service list to offer to their customers.

Hollywood Nails Salon Reviews

The best way to know any organization more profoundly and precisely is to read all the reviews about them on the internet. Direct talking to employees about the work environment and also some of the patrons may come helpful in the process as well. Generally speaking, the average reviews we got about the Hollywood Nail salons are pretty affirmative by all means.

The services they provide are pretty versatile and covers most of the aspects of nail care and nail enhancement services. All the procedures Hollywood nails Salon and Spa follows are clean and hygienic and are incredibly safe for everyone. All products they have been using for their services are best in industry and are also safe for your nails and skins as well.

Now coming to the staff and other members of the Hollywood Nail bar, according to the insight from the industry itself, Hollywood Nail salon is the home of some of the best professionals in the industry. They are not only professionally trained and have expertise in the job they do, but they are also pretty courteous and friendly at the same time as well.

Hollywood Nail Salon and Spa Hours

Hollywood nail salon and Spa are one of those very few organizations, which beliefs in providing 24×7 services to their customers. Hence, the opening and closing time of the salons in Virginia are as follows:

Hollywood Nail Salon Timings
Monday10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

However, during festive seasons they also extend the closing time of their salon to 08:00 PM AND 10.00 PM from Thursday to Saturday.

Hollywood Nails Near Me

Official Address:

5015 Wilson Blvd,
Virginia- 22203

Contact Number:  (703) 465-1823/ (703) 528-7147

Official Website:


What makes Hollywood Nails Salon and Spa different from others around the block?

First and foremost, Hollywood nail salons have been maintained by one of the leading names in the beauty industry and that makes it different from the others in the first place. Hollywood Nails and Spa is being considered as the leading nail care salons in the USA for quite some time now. The best possible services by professional industry experts are what helps them to keep the position in the first place. Customers are the key to any service-related business model.

Unlike many other salons and Spa, Hollywood Nails believes in providing cent percent satisfaction to their customers and they take ultimate pride in the fact as well. The Nail services provided by Hollywood are hand-curated and designed according to the particular needs and necessities of the clients only. Their staff are highly trained professionals; their services are hygienic and safe; they are highly affordable by all means. Practically, there is no possible reason one can avoid their hospitality and services.

To get the up-to-date Hollywood Nail prices, keep checking this page from time to time!


What time does Hollywood Nails close?

Hollywood Nails Salon closes at 7 PM from Monday to Saturday and at 5 o’clock on Sundays.

What time does Hollywood Nails open?

Hollywood Nails Salon opens at 10:00 AM from Monday to Saturday, and at 11.00 AM only on Sundays.

How much does Hollywood Nails cost?

Average nail care and nail beautification service in Hollywood Nails and Spa can cost between $4 to $65, depending on the service you have chosen.

How much are Gel Nails at Hollywood Nails?

Hollywood nails bar has both Gel manicures and Gel pedicures in their list and the average cost of these are $35 and $55 and above, respectively.

How much is a Refill at Hollywood Nails?

For a regular acrylic nail fill-in, Hollywood Nails salon might charge you around $25 and more depending on the amount of refilling your nails needs. Other refiling services like French acrylic or pink and white fill-ins may cost approximately $30 to $45 depending on the service again. So, we can say that Hollywood Nails Acrylic prices are between $25 to $45.

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