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Hollywood Tans Specials & Packages | Experience Best Ever Tanning Services

We all love the golden glow of a tan on our skin and what all would we not do just to give our skin a layer of healthy cells, but not everyone is lucky enough to spare time to go to the beach and lay there for hours. In such situations, an indoor tanning place comes in handy, such as the Hollywood Tans. They started as a Group LLC in the year 1194 and now have become only Hollywood Tans. People love the Hollywood Tans Prices as they are so affordable.

The staff give services depending upon your wish, along with their expert advice. Also, their customers love the fact that while visiting any locations of Hollywood Tans they have at least 15 tanning beds ready, so you never have to worry about getting yourself an appointment as walk-ins are welcome here.

Hollywood Tans Prices

The Hollywood Tans Price List will walk you through every service provided by the tanning spa. However to brief you their tan prices start at a minimum rate of $8 and will go up to $25. Isn’t it cheap? Also, there is an option to get yourself an estimate on Hollywood Tans Monthly Prices by getting yourself a membership at a minimum price of $20. The quality of services compared to the price on demand is very much justified.

Hollywood Tans Prices image

Price Of Hollywood Tans Salon

Hollywood Tans Price List
HT4220 Tans$80.49
HT54 10 Tans$91.49
HT601 Tan$17.99
HT6020 Tans$170.99
HT54 5 Tans$52.49
HT42 1 Tan$8.99
High Pressure 20 Tans$220.99
High Pressure 10 Tans$154.99
HT42 10 Tans$5649
HT425 Tans$32.49
High Pressure1 Tan$22.99
Premier1 Tan$27.99
HT54 1 Tan$13.49
HT6010 Tans$119.99
Premier20 Tans$270.49
HT605 Tans$68.99
High Pressure 5 Tans$88.99
HT54 20 Tans$130.49
Premier 5 Tans$108.49
Premier 10 Tans$189.49

Hollywood Tans UV Free Instant Tan Prices

Hollywood Tans UV Free Price List
20 Tans$330
1 Tan$25
5 Tans$105
10 Tans$185

Hollywood Tans Monthly Prices

Prices For Hollywood Tans Monthly
HT42 (2 Weeks)$19.5
High Pressure (3 Months)$236
High Pressure (2 Weeks)$49.5
HT52 (1 Month)$59
HT60 (2 Weeks)$39.5
HT52 (6 Months)$234
Premier (2 Weeks)$59.5
HT42 (1 Month)$39
High Pressure (1 Month)$99
HT60 (1 Month)$79
Premier (1 Month)$119
HT42 (3 Months)$99
HT60 (6 Months)$294
HT52 (3 Months)$156
Premier (1 Year)$690
HT42 (1 Year)$249
High Pressure (1 Year)$590
HT60 (3 Months)$196
HT52 (2 Weeks)$29.5
Premier (3 Months)$276
Premier (6 Months)$414
HT42 (6 Months)$149
HT60 (1 Year)$490
HT52 (1 Year)$390
High Pressure (6 Months)$354

Hollywood Tans Membership Prices

Prices For Hollywood Tans Membership
High Pressure$58.99

Hollywood Tans Spray Tan Prices

Hollywood Tans Salon Price List
Sunless Spray Tanning$25
HT42 (1-STAR)$8
The Auto Revolution$25
HT54 (2-STAR)$14
HT High Pressure Booth$23
HT60 (3-STAR)$18
Stand Up Tanning$25
Instant Tan$25

More About Hollywood Tans Salon

The first branch of Hollywood Tans was opened at Fairfax City Mall in 2002. The founder of this company is Lewis Shender. They are one of the leading indoor tanning specialists in the Marr Hollywood Tans. Before several years, the spa was under the Hollywood Tans Union. But now they are operating on their own. You can find many outlets in various places throughout America.

Hollywood Tans Specials & Services

You will find all the types of tanning options in Hollywood Tans. They prefer standing tan bed instead of the ones in which you have to sleep. No services involve UV light to keep your health. Instead of UV light, they use Instant tan powder. This powder sprinkled over your body and moisturized your body from top to bottom. They also use bronzer to give a glowing look to the customers. This is the basic method which they use to provide a tanned look to your body. There will be a difference as per the service you choose.

Besides all this, they provide you with a range of tanning option. You will have a brief idea about the many services which Hollywood tans offer to the customers. If you want to tan your just once, you may have to spend $8 and more, depending on the service that you opt for. 

There are several options such as HT42 which includes a layer of tanning powder. In this service, you can ask for multiple layers depending on the customers. You will have to pay extra for extra layers. They come in multiple tan packages such as one tan, five tans, ten tans, 20 tans and many more. You can also ask for Hollywood Tans Exton Prices after you visiting any outlets. The Exton will enhance the look on your body. 

You can even get the package every month. You have to pay once in a month and the service will be offered throughout the month. There will be fixed turns which you can use to tan your body. They also provide some special services such as tanning under high pressure. To get more information on Hollywood Tans Lotion Prices, you can always call on the helpline number provided below.

Hollywood Tans Review

To get a very clear idea on how Hollywood Tans operate and if their customer service is really up to the mark, we conducted a survey and a small feedback session with some of their customers and found the following reviews to be very legit. One customer quoted about the price, “I used to hate myself as I couldn’t earn enough to give myself some self-love, but when a Hollywood Tans salon opened up near my location, I was so happy, as they had very affordable prices for tanning”.

Another customer told us about the no appointment needed scenario, “They have so many tanning beds available in one store itself, that you never require to book yourself an appointment, and if you have gone out shopping and got some cash left, you can easily opt to go to their spa at any time of the day without any hassle or booking”.

Hollywood Tans Hours

The timing for the Hollywood Tans is the same for all the days unless it is Sunday. from Mondays to Saturdays Hollywood tans timing is from 9 am to 9 pm. The timing for Sundays is from 10 am to 6 pm. You can call on the given helpline number to book your slot for service or enquiry.

Hollywood Tanning Salon Hours of Operation
Monday9 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 9 PM
Thursday9 AM to 9 PM
Friday9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 9 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

 Hollywood Tans Salon Contact Info

Office Address:

9656 Main St

Fairfax, VA

United States


Hollywood Tans Customer Service Number: (703) 503-3456 or (703 )644-1650

Official Website:

You can book yourself an appointment through their official website, although it is not a must.

Why Hollywood Tans Salon?

If you are looking for service associated with tanning your body, the Hollywood tans are the right place for you. It is highly recommended to pay a visit at least once before you make up your mind about the company. All the tanning options are free from UV light. In most reasonable prices, you will be able to enjoy various services. 

Price of Hollywood Tans is quite lower than other companies. With a variety of tanning option, they also have a coupon system as well. You can get surprising discounts on your bills if you have Hollywood Tans Coupons. It is worth it to pay a visit at least once to experience a whole new service.


How Much Is A Spray Tan At Hollywood Tans?

The cost of Hollywood Tans Spray Tan is very affordable, that is only $25. But mind it that it is only the starting price and the rate may go up if you need it in a larger quantity or time duration.

How Much Does Hollywood Tans Cost?

Hollywood Tans are a very affordable tanning salon and spa. They are aimed at providing people with very cheap and reasonable cost prices. The starting price of their services is only $8 which goes up to $25 and above depending upon the type of tanning you opt for.

What are the Hollywood Tans Westminster Md Prices?

The Hollywood Tans Westminster MD prices are the same as every Hollywood Tans locations. They have a fixed price across all their branches in the country. The starting price range will be from $8 to $30.

How Much Is It To Tan At Hollywood Tans?

To tan yourself at Hollywood Tans you will have to spend between $8 to $25.

What are the Hollywood Tans Spray Tan Prices?

The cost of Hollywood Tans for spray tan is very less, which is only $25, but the price may go up depending upon the time and quantity.

What To Know When Going To Hollywood Tans?

Before you go to Hollywood tans, you should get yourself a membership if you are going to be a frequent visitor. Membership will come cheap and offer you extra coupons and discounts occasionally. Not only that, but you will get additional services which are not available to their ordinary customers as well.

When Does Hollywood Tans Open Westminster Md?

The Hollywood Tans open at 9 am on Monday to Saturday in Westminster MD, and at 10 am on a Sunday.

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