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Island Sun Tanning Salon Prices and Services

How many of you have ever been to an island and found it the most blissful place of your life? If you haven’t, then worry no more, as Island Sun Tanning will bring the island to you. You can relax in their high-end modern beds and get the glowy tan that you have been yearning for years. No need to worry about Island Sun Tanning Prices, these are reasonable and budget friendly. The ambience of the Island Sun Tan is so similar to an island that you will fail to distinguish between a real island and their island.

Another major focus of their tanning booths is that they charge a very cheap price for all their services without compromising their quality of services. They have extremely effective tanning booths and beds that will rejuvenate the glow of golden brown in your skin. The technology that they use does not create unnecessary sunburns and spots on your skin, ruining the entire look.

Island Sun Tanning Prices

The cost for Island Sun Tanning is very less as they aim towards delivering tanning services to all their customers belonging to different backgrounds. The Island Tan Prices for spray tan sessions start at $35 and may go up depending upon the services. Also, they have monthly spray tan sessions that fall in the range of $10.

Island Sun Tanning Prices image

Island Sun Tan Spray Tanning Prices

Island Sun Spray Tanning Price List
Monthly Spray Tan Plan$10.99
Monthly Spray Tan Session$8.99
Spray Tan Session$35.49

Island Sun Tanning Bed Tan Price List

Island Sun  Bed Tanning Prices
Monthly Bed Tanning Plan$40.99
Bed Tanning Session$37.99

More About Island Sun Tan

The Island Sun Tanning was introduced to the general public in the year of 1987. The first branch was opened in South Jersey by Mike burns and his wife, Debbie Burns. Nowadays, it is one of the most leading salons in the market. Keeping their promise of providing services with high quality, they still manage to stay in the list of top tanning salons.

Island Sun Tanning Services

The Island Sun Tanning salon does not provide many services. They have services only related to tanning. Basically, they offer two types of tanning for customers. The first one is with spray. The spray tanning will be done in different modes. The customers can have this service by using a spinning tanning bed. You need to stand vertically harnessed to the bed, which will move automatically all by itself. As per your choice, the setting is done for a range of tanning you prefer. As the spray is distributed on your body, it gets dried up with infrared lights.

You can take the sessions monthly to sustain the tanning on your skin. If you are taking the first session properly, you just need to take another spray the following month to keep the tanning as it is. The second type of tanning is bed tanning. In this process, they use a horizontal tanning bed. Your body will be exposed to the infrared light, which results in tanning your skin. Even in this type of tanning, you can take a session every month.

After getting your service done, you can even get a chance to earn Island Sun Tanning Coupons. With the help of these coupons, you can get amazing discounts. The cost will be more affordable if you possess the coupons.

Island Sun Tanning Reviews

Island Sun Tan and the results of our feedback session were amazing, as most people had only good things to say about them. Some of the reviews that we found legit, and ought to be shared with our readers are mentioned here. A customer said, “The price for tanning is very cheap, and you cannot expect a lesser price than that in any other store. The quality of service is remarkable and it is easy to select a package and let them do their work”.

A person who has been their loyal customer for many years said, “Not only do I prefer them for their cheap packages but also because they provide me suggestions based upon my daily activities, and the tanning that suits my needs.” Another customer was disappointed with their website and said, “Their website is poorly designed and not so interactive, I had a hard time finding an Island Sun Tan location near me.”

Island Sun Tanning Hours

The time will depend upon which outlet of Island Sun Tanning you are opting for. Generally, the timing for Mondays to Fridays is from 9 am to 9 pm. But on Saturdays, timing is from 9 am to 5 pm and on Sundays, the timing is from 10 am to 3 pm. To get proper information about the timing for the nearest Island Sun Tanning Salon, you can give a call to the helpline number provided below. You can even check the timing of a branch on their official website.

Island Tan Hours of Operation
Monday10.30 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday10.30 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday10.30 AM to 9 PM
Thursday10.30 AM to 9 PM
Friday10.30 AM to 9 PM
Saturday10.30 AM to 7 PM
Sunday10.30 AM to 5 PM

Island Sun Tanning Salons Support

You can also make online appointments through Island Sun official website or call on their customer care number and get an appointment for the center that is nearest to you.

Office Address:

Island Sun Tanning Center

5627 Altama Ave

Brunswick, GA 31525

Customer Service Number: 912-265-5559

Official Website Address:





Why Only Island Sun Tanning Salon?

The Island Sun Tanning is one of the oldest tanning salons in the US. Their staff is well trained to use and equip in handling UV light instruments. Even the staff member will guide you in every step while going through sessions. They take all the care needed to prevent you from any harmful issue during the session. As a precaution, they will provide you eye-patches to protect your eyes by UV lights.

The surroundings and the vicinity of beds are always clean and sanitized. All the rules and regulations provided by the government are followed to keep customers safety at first. Even the charges are pocket-friendly. You do not have to empty your pocket if you want to get tanning service in Island Sun Tanning salon. With proper care, you will be in good hands if you are in the Island Sun Tanning outlet. It is highly recommended to pay a visit if you are looking to tan your body.


How Much Is A Spray Tan At Island Sun Tan?

The cost for a spray tan at Island Sun Tan depends upon which plan you choose, whether it is a one-time spray session or monthly spray tan plan or a monthly spray tan session. All of which fall in the range of $8.75 to $35.

How Much Is A Bed Tanning Session At Island Sun Tan?

The cost for a bed tanning session at Island Sun Tan is around $35.

How Much Does It Cost To Tan At Island Sun Tan?

The cost for a tan at Island Sun Tan is approximately $8.75 to $39. It is very cheap and affordable and the prices cater to all of its customers.

How To Cancel Island Sun Tan Membership?

Island Sun Tan does not have any membership program, but they do have packages that you can buy as a monthly plan or monthly sessions. It is very much similar to membership, and to cancel your package; you may have to contact their customer care number directly.

How To Cancel Island Sun Tan Membership Online?

There is no possibility of cancelling membership for Sun Tan Island online as it has no membership plan but has a monthly plan or monthly session packages.

How to find an Island Sun Tanning Salons Near Me?

1. Go to their official website named and go to their locations tab provided in the menu that will be on the top of the page.
2. As soon as you click on the locations tab, it will open a new window and the page will request your permission to access your location. After you have provided it with the permission, it will open a list of all the island Sun Tan centers near you.

What Time Does Island Sun Tan Close?

Island Sun Tan closes at 9 pm for Monday to Friday and 5 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

What Time Does Island Sun Tan Open?

Island Sun Tan opens at 9 am every day from Monday to Sunday.

Does Island Sun Tan remain open for all the days of the week?

Yes, Island Sun Tan remains open for all days of the week.

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