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JCPenney Salon Services Price List, Hours & Reviews

JCPenney is not just a name but is a brand itself. It started as a company made solely for clothing and other household purposes, but it also increased its business line towards salon as well. JCPenney salon started keeping one point in mind, that is to provide the customer with outstanding services in one place itself. The JCPenney Salon Prices are although very low – that is starting price at $18, but if you really wish to look like a diva then the price may even shoot up to $300.

Not only is this salon known for its amazing haircuts, but the JCPenney Salon Products are also one of the best quality products related to hair and skin that you will find in the market. If compared with other salon products, the JCPenney products are found to be cheaper and of good quality. They have made their salons with a warm, cosy environment to provide their customers with a homely feeling along with a touch of lavishness.

JCPenney Salon Prices

The JCPenney Hair Salon Prices start in a very affordable range, and as I mentioned earlier, it may go up to a very costly range as well if you want to look and feel like a dive. There are options for both women and men as it is a unisex salon, where the kid’s haircut starts at a bare minimum price of $14. This may be more than the general $12 price at other salons, but you should be assured that the precision and quality of the cut will be much better than other salons. Rest if you go for more services refer to our JCPenney Hair Salon Prices List and it will guide you well-enough in what is the price of each service available at this salon.

JCPenney Salon Prices image

JCPenney Salon Haircut Prices

Haircut Prices at JCPenney Salon
Add Haircut to any Service (with any chemical service)$16
Haircuts & Blowdry$33
Express Cut$23
Clipper Cut$19
Kids Haircut 12 and Under$15
Complimentary Bang Trim or Neck Trim (service not required)

JCPenney Beauty Salon Prices for Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments Prices JCPenney Salon
Dry Scalp & Dandruff
Dry Scalp Tonic$15
Collectives Penetraitt Deep Conditioning$15
Humecto Deep Conditioning$15
Color Treated – hair recovery by redken$15
Clarifying – Malibu Wellness Intensive Clarifying$15
Mizani Custom Blend$15
Mizani Custom Blend$15
Moisture Loss
Breakage & Strength Loss
Mizani Custom Blend & Scalp Tonic$25

Relaxer Prices at JCPenney Hair Salon

JC Penny Relaxer Prices
Relaxer w/ Color$90
Retouch up to 1$45

JCPenney Salon Natural Styling Prices

Natural Styling Prices at JCPenny
Cornrow w/ Design$50
Shampoo & Diffuse$25
Bantu Knots$50
Basic Cornrow$30

JCPenny Speciality with Extensions Prices

JCPenny Extensions Price List
Double Twist – tow strand$60
Top Twist$150
Spiral or Pencil Curl$60
Press & Curl$60
Sets & Twists$60
Micro Braids$200
Rod Set$60
Shampoo Services – w/ two standard twist or flat twist set$60
Kinky Twist$120
Straw Set$60
Single Twist – comb twist$60

Prices at JCPenny Salon Locs

JCPenny Salon Locs Prices
Loc styling$50
Loc maintenance$50

JCPenny Salon Sets & Twists Prices

Sets & Twists JCPenny Hair Salon Prices
Straw Set (Starting Price)$60
Shampoo Services with Two-Strand Twist (Starting Price)$60
Double Twist (Two Strand) (Starting Price)$60
Press & Curl (Starting Price)$60
Shampoo Services with Flat Twist Set (Starting Price)$60
Single Twist (Comb Twist) (Starting Price)$60
Rod Set (Starting Price)$60

JCPenny Speciality With Extensions Prices

JCPenny Hair Extensions Price List
Micro Braids$200
Kinky Twist$120
Rope Twist$150

JCPenney Salon Hair Color Prices

Hair Color Prices for JCPenny Salon
Corrective Color (Starting Price)$70
Double-Process (Bleach & Tone) (Starting Price)$80
Temporary Color Rinse$5
Double-Process with Haircut (Starting Price)$95
Single-Process (Starting Price)$55
Glossing (Performed Following Chemical Service to Add Intense Shine)$15
Single-Process with Haircut – (Starting Price)$70

JCPenney Salon Highlights Prices

JCPenny Hair Highlights Price List
Foil (Starting Price)$75
Cap Highlight with Haircut (Starting Price)$80
Partial Foil (Up to 12 Foils) (Starting Price)$45
Dimensional Color with Haircut (Starting Price)$105
Accent Foil (Up to 4 Foils) (Starting Price)$20
Ombre (Hair Coloring Technique Where a Gradual Fading of Color from Dark to Light, or Vice Versa is Achieved)$90
Balyage (Free Hand Technique of Applying Highlights, or Lowlights, with Select Pieces of Hair Receiving The Color Enhancement)$90
Balyage with Haircut (Starting Price)$105
Ombre with Haircut (Starting Price)$105
Cap Highlight (Starting Price)$65
Foil with Haircut (Starting Price)$90
Partial Foil with Haircut (Up to 12 Foils) (Starting Price)$60
Dimensional Color (Two or More Colors to Create a Unique, Multi-Dimensional Look) (Starting Price)$90

JCPenny Perms Prices

Perms Prices at JCPenny Salon
Basic Wave (Starting Price)$60
Specialty Wave with Haircut (Starting Price)$90
Specialty Wave (Starting Price)$75
Basic Wave with Haircut (Starting Price)$75

JCPenny Finishing Touches Prices

JCPenney Salon Services Prices
Formal Up-Do (Braiding, Up-Styles, and Curls) (Starting Price)$50
Shampoo & Set with Haircut$36
Shampoo & Set$26
Basic Blowout (Shampoo and Blowdry with a Brush) (Starting Price)$22

JCPenny Signature Blowouts Price List

JCPenny Blowouts Prices
The Cosmopolitan (A Tousled Look with Movement and Volume) (Starting Price)$30
The City Sleeker (Sleek and Shiny) (Starting Price)$30
The Sexy Beach (Beachy Waves to Frame The Face.) (Starting Price)$30
The French Quarter (Cascading Curls) (Starting Price)$30

JCPenney Salon Overview

JCPenney is one of the leading salons in America. They provide all the facilities related to your healthcare and wellness such as haircuts, massages, treatments and many more. They are also a departmental store as well. The company was founded in 1902 and since then they have flourished their business to different parts of the country. They own more than 900 salons throughout the country with more than 18000 workers under them. 

There is a golden rule on which the company runs. The rule is that you should treat the customer like they always expect to be treated. They are also certified under the Energy Star standards. They recycle over 85% of the company’s waste materials. It has a strong history of producing different products with several styles and designs. 

JCPenney Salon Services

If you visit any JCPenney salon nearby, you will be surprised after having a look at the services they provide to keep their customers satisfied. Almost all the service associated with the salon after getting a haircut, styling, manicure, pedicure, and the company will provide many other services. You can even earn a JCPenney salon coupon. From the tip of your hairs to the toes of your feet, all the care can be taken here. You can visit the nearest to get a brief idea of JCPenney Beauty Salon Prices.

With modest prices, the salon will give you a great deal to take care of your hair. You can get your hair curled, extended, coloured, corrected, and many more at most reasonable prices. Even though there are many services related to the care taken for your nails. You should check the JCPenney Nail Salon prices while you visit any of their outlets.

JCPenney Salon Reviews

To provide our readers with a clear cut view of how it is in Jcpenney, we decided to conduct some surveys and feedback forums in order to gather their genuine review. A customer was very much pleased with their prices and has written, “I came here for an Xpress cut by one of their stylists and I was very nervous, but they calmed me down and talked to me about the kind of hairstyle I need, and they gave me one of the most amazing hair colours along with a cut in a very reasonable price”.

Another customer was not so pleased about their coupons not working, “I availed a discount from an online coupon website, but they told me that it wouldn’t be accepted after I had a haircut, and I had to pay the entire amount”. One customer was pleased with the laid back environment, and cosy furniture, “I really loved how warm and cosy it was inside the salon, as soon as I walked in, I thought I was in a hotel lobby, as it was so spacious and charming”.

JCPenney Salon Hours

The JCPenney Salon is open on all days of the week. But the timing will differ day by day. The regular timing for the salon to be open is from 10 am to 9 pm. But this time is not applicable on Sundays. The timing for Sundays is from 12 pm to 6 pm to be fair to the workers.

JC Penney Hours of Operation
Monday10 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 6 PM
Thursday10 AM to 6 PM
Friday10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday5 AM to 5 PM

 JCPenny Customer Service

Office Address:

6501 Legacy Dr

Plano, Texas 75024

Customer Service Number:

(927) 431-1000

Official Website Address:




Why Choose JCPenney Salon?

The list will not finish if anyone started to convenience you to choose the JCPenney Hair salon over the others. You can get all the services related to taking care of yourself under a single roof. They provide you with all the service with high quality. The quality is not compromised under any circumstances. People have faith in this brand since they were in the market from 1902. 

You will be handled and taken care of the best people who are trained well. With the experience of many years and proper training, the work will take care of you well. You should definitely choose this salon over others if you are looking for quality services.


How Much Is a Haircut At JCPenney Hair Salon?

The cost of a Haircuts combined with blow day at JCPenney starts at a minimum price of 432 and it may go up depending upon the style, length and texture of hair.

How Much Are Highlights At JCPenney Salon?

The cost of colour highlights at JCPenney starts from the minimum price of $20 and goes up to $90, depending upon the number of foils, partial and accent.

What are the JCPenney Salon Hair Color Prices?

The cost at JCPenney for hair colour is very less compared to other salons, and it starts from $5 which is a temporary colour rinse, and then $15 and goes up to #80 for colouring, depending upon whether you want to gloss, single process, double process, etc.

How Much Are Hair Extensions At JCPenney Salon?

As JCPenney does not precisely provide the cost of hair extensions as for that you have to talk to one of their consultants personally and they will give you the price.

What is an Xpress Cut at JCPenney Salon?

An Xpress Cut is where the stylist or hairdresser will spray your hair with water to make it quick and also save you time and money before haircutting.

Are there any JCPenney Salon Coupons available for their customers, if yes then how to retrieve them?

Yes, there are many JCPenney Salon Prices Coupons available for their customers that are frequent as well as new users. You can avail these discounts by an ongoing promotion on their website or by checking in with the salon itself.

What Time Does JCPenney Salon Open?

JCPenney hair salon opens at 10 am from Monday to Saturday, and at noon on Sunday.

What Time Does JCPenney Salon Open On Sunday?

For Sunday JCPenney Hair salon opens at noon.

What Are The Hours Of JCPenney Salon?

The hours for JCPenney salon is from Monday to Saturday it is from 10 am to 9 pm, and for Sunday it is from 12 noon to 7 pm.

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