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Kim Kimble Hair Salon Prices

Kim Kimble Hair Studios is a celebrity hair salon known famously for its celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble and her signature set of Kimble Hair Care products and services. The hair studio offers its own set of unique and innovative hairstyling techniques that are accredited by world-renowned magazines.

The Kim Kimble Website also displays and retails Kim Kimble’s range of special hair care and styling products. These products range from shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, hair masks to more hair care products. The hair styling products include an expansive range of Kim Kimble wigs and Kimble hair extensions that come in advanced variations and for different lengths and volumes.

Kimble Hair Studio Prices

With a number of different hair care treatments and styling services under their belt, a designer hair cut cost anywhere between $60- $150. The Kimble Hair Studio extension prices and Kim Kimble wigs prices are directly proportionate to the volume of these products that are put in your hair and the same goes with other hair care treatments. With more volume, extra work done is done and the prices climb accordingly. For different services, the Kim Kimble hair salon prices are as follows.

Kimble Hair Studio Prices image

Kimble Hair Studio Price List

Kimble Hair Studio prices of all services are as follows.

Flawless Fashionista

Lace Front Piece w/ new install $75
Removal (includes shampoo and blowdry)$80
Braid or Link by the track$50
Crochet Weave (includes shampoo and braiding) $250
Partial Sew-In $250
Smart Weave Sew-On Unit$250
Full Sew-In$450


Silk Base ClosureLarge$450.49
Silk Base ClosureMedium$350.49
Silk Base ClosureSmall$250.49


Jumbo Senegalese Twist $200
Spring Twist$200
Senegalese Twist$200
Senegalese Retouch$100

Faux Locs Fake

Faux Locs$300
Faux Locs Take Down$100
Faux Locs Retouch$250

Box Braids

Box Braid Retouch$150
Natural Twist$65
Box Braid$250
Box Braids Bob$250
Crochet Braid$65
Jumbo Box Braid$250

Crochet Braids

ServicesKim Kimble Prices
Crochet Recurl$80
Kids Crochet Braid Curled$150
Crochet Braids (freetress) $200
Crochet Braid Removal$65
Jumbo Crochet Twists$125
Crochet Braid Press & Curl$200
Crochet Faux Locs with Marley$200
Crochet Braid Afro/Natural$150
Crochet Braid Curled$200

VIP Package

House Call$250
Makeup + Eyelash (strip)$120
Lunch & Bellinis$80


2 Cornrows$95
Kid’s Cornrows$65
4 to 6 Cornrows$125
Cornrow Ponytail$200

Havana/Kinky Twist

Kinky Senegalese Twist$250
Kinky Senegalese Twist Retouch$150
Havana Twist$200
Havana Twist Retouch$100

Glam Party

Stylist (plus hair service cost)$150 
Tape-Ins and Clip-InsTBD
2-3 Appetizers & DessertTBD

Kimble Celebrity Wedding Package

Additional stylists for Bridesmaids/Mother of the Bride$150
Full day on location (hair and makeup touch-ups)$150
Makeup, Eyelashes (Strip), Nails$100
Reception styling (new hairstyle for the reception)$300

Color Glam Hair Color

Roots to ends color$100
Corrective Color$110 
Balayage or ombre$170
Color Glossing$55
Highlights/lowlights -half$135
Creative color$185
Roots touch-up $85

Conditioning Treatments

Mist Steamer$50
Heating Cap$25

In Stock Wigs

ServicesKim Kimble Hair Prices
Customized Wigs$150.00
Middle Part $500.01
Full Lace Silk Top$850.01
Skin Top / Machine Wefted Back$750.00
U Part $500.01
Hair Restoration Wig$1,500.00
Left Part$500.01
Right Part$500.01
Full Customized Wigs$0.00
Natural Skin Top Lace Back$750.00


Body Curl10″-32″$155
Relaxed Texture10″-34″$155
Relaxed Textured Blend10″-34″$155
Kinky Curl10″-34″$155
Afro Curl 10″-30″$155
Kinky Straight 10″-34″$155
Indian Curly10″-34″$155
Jeri Curl10″-34″$155
Straight Relaxed Texture10″-34″$155
Brazilian Beach Wave12″-34″$175
Body Wave10″-34″$155
Deep Curl10″-34″$155
Indian Wavy 10″-32″$170

Micro-Loop Application

Up to 150 loops (tighten) $155
Up to 200 loops (tighten)$180
Up to 150 loops (application)$250
Up to 200 loops (remove)$155
Up to 250 loops (application)$380
Up to 250 loops (tighten)$205
Up to 250 loops (remove) $180
Up to 200 loops (application)$330
Up to 150 loops (remove)$130

The Trend Setter – Clip-In

Price per piece$25
Removal (includes shampoo and blowdry)$80
Clip-In Application (9 pieces full set, includes braiding)$180


Service Fee – Full$650
Service Fee – Half$400

The “IT” Girl (Tape-In Application)

Removal (includes shampoo and blowdry)$80
Tape-In Application (Full head is 22 pieces)$220
Price per piece$10

Additional Services

Texturizer (w/ shampoo)$115
Basic Set (w/ shampoo)$75
Re-Touch (relaxer w/ shampoo)$115
Mini Relaxer (no shampoo)$45
Shampoo and braid-up$50
Wrap Set (w/ shampoo)$75
Doobie Set (w/ shampoo)$75
Keratin treatment (w/ shampoo)$245
Designer Cut $60 – $150
Shampoo and round-brush$65
Virgin Relaxer (w/ shampoo)$135
Straw Set (w/ shampoo)$85
Shampoo, blowdry, and thermal$85
Flat Iron$40
Shampoo and blowdry$45
Spiral Set (w/ shampoo)$85

About Kim Kimble Hair Studio

The Kim Kimble Hair Studios are the brainchild of the celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble who belongs to a lineage of professional hairstylists. The professional hairstylist rose to fame when she started styling several top list celebrities like Halle Berry, Rihanna, Beyoncé and more. To expand her empire, she launched the Kimble Hair Studios situated in Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles in California. Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, and the Kim Kimble Website to expand her business over the internet as well.

Services offered in the Kim Kimble Hair Studios

The Kim Kimble Salon Prices are varied also because of the plethora of hair services that are offered in the Kimble hair studio. The hair salon has the capacity of being able to cater to all sorts of hair styling needs while also emphasizing the use of natural products and maintaining the health and integrity of the hair. 

The studio has well- trained professionals that follow in the footsteps of their president, Kim, in using techniques that allow them to style their customer’s hair for any event and taste. The fact these professionals deal with celebrities all the time makes them perfect in their skill and they are used to every kind of hair and are great with natural styling due to the rich culture of the whole business and its owner. 

The styles range from wet sets to spirals to basic sets. All sorts of people can avail of the expertise of the Kim Kimble’s hair professional’s team as they are great with natural styling. The different styles they can bless your hair with include- twists, locks, Bantu Knots, Corn Rows and more. The studio has also successfully dwelled in perfecting their hair coloring and can cover any sort of coloring right from lowlights, Brazilian Sunkiss, highlights to even Corrective color.

If you’ve wondered ‘How Much Does Kim Kimble Charge for a Haircut?’ then you should rest assured that it will be worth its pricing. 

The professional at the studio can cut and style your hair just like your favorite celebrities and role- models and offer a wide enough range of haircuts from the basic type to the more daring, designer ones. The hair studio also offers Keratin treatment and the Hair Relaxing service for the same. 

Getting on to the fancier part of services, wigs, and extensions. You must be all too familiar with the Kimble Hair Studio Extension Prices and the Kim Kimble Wigs Prices which are made to address every individual’s need while looking at their natural best. The hair studio also offers a VIP treatment package, event styling, membership package, and hair enhancements. 

Customer’s review on Kim Kimble Hair Salon

Initially, the brand- Kimble hair studios was famous and followed due to the celebrities that frequented it and their fan followed the role – models into the Kimble hair studios to have themselves groomed just like their favorite stars. Although gradually, as Kim Kimble, the owner, and president of Kim Kimble Hair Studios rose to immense fame, people recognized her brand and skill for its worth and her loyal customers became her fans.

A customer, Minkkwan W. wrote on Yelp about the Kimble hair salon, “I just wanted to say how blessed I was to find this salon on a day when I needed it most” and rated the Hair Studios 4.5 stars. Overall, the Kimble hair salon has a 3.5-star rating and the Kimble Hair Studio Review vouch for its professionalism and performance. 

Kimble Hair Studio Opening and Closing Hours

Kimble Hours
Tuesday9AM to 6PM
Wednesday9AM to 6PM
Thursday9AM to 6PM
Friday9AM to 6PM
Saturday9AM to 6PM

What about customer service?

To avail suggestions about aftercare, maintenance, appointments and more, call on 323.650.2222. Head to the Kimble hair salon at

8280 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA,

90046. Fax: 323.650.2229.

Visit the website to know more about the services and book your appointment.  

Why choose the Kim Kimble Hair Salon?

If not Kim Kimble, then whom? The Kim Kimble brand’s reputation precedes itself and the Kimble Hair Studio Review vouches for customer satisfaction and expert delivery by the Kimble hair salon professionals.

The services provided by the salon are not limited to just haircuts and hairstyling but they go a notch above and offer a variety of wigs, hair extensions, natural hair styling, and hair enhancement treatments and styles like braids. The brand is also available at your disposal if you want them to style your hair from your events, weddings, photoshoots and more. How can you not choose a brand that is trusted by the best people in the show business? 

Hope our Kimble Hair Studio prices article helped you to estimate the price for the service you require at the salon.


How much does Kim Kimble charge for a Haircut? 

As per the official Kim Kimble hair salon website, a designer haircut could cost you anywhere between $60- $120.

Where is the Kim Kimble Hair Salon?

The Kim Kimble Hair Salon is located in California, USA. The full address- 8280 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA, 90046.

Where can I buy Kim Kimble products?

You can buy the products from the official website for shopping the Kim Kimble products- . The Kimble hair studio also retails their products.

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