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La Nails and Spa Price s-Most adorable nails at affordable prices

LA Nails is known to be one of the most affordable and good quality services provided in the industry. Their services are related to skin, hair and nail care which are being provided by great attendants and packages being offered by the salon. You will definitely love LA Nails Prices and Services for sure, as both of are just amazing.

LA Nails have shown people which is essential for them to take care of their nails which is why they are a significant player in the nail salon industry now. The only motive that the salon works with is to ensure that whoever comes to them gets the best service that can be provided to anyone.

La Nails Prices

LA Nails and Spa is definitely less pricey than your other nail salons and spas, but you can find all of their prices and get to know about how their prices differ based on services, here. All the services, along with their estimated charges, have been listed.

LA Nails Prices image

La Nails Services Prices

LA Nails Spa Nails Price List
Pink and White$35.49
With Gel coating & French$23.99
Nails Cut Down with Any Service Free
Nail Removal$10.99
Polish Change (Toes)$7.99
Pink Fill$18.99
Nail Removal with Full Set$5.99
Buffing Cream for a Lasting Shine Free
Permanent American Nails$35.49
Polish Change (Hands)$5.99
Full Sets$22.49
French or American Tips (Hands)$3.99
Gel Coating$5.99
Nail Removal with Manicure$5.99
Gel Fills$18.99
Nail Designs$3.99
Gel Power Nails$30.49
Pink & White Fill$25.49
Sculpture Nails$35.49
Nails Cut Down and Polish$7.49
Paraffin (Hands)$5.49
French or American Tips (Toes)$5.99
Gel Coating with French$8.99

Wax Prices at LA Nails

LA Nails Spa Waxing Price List
Upper Lip$5
Upper Forehead$10

LA Nails Spa Prices

La Nails and Spa Prices
Spa Pedicure$30.49
Traditional Manicure (with Paraffin)$15.49
Spa Pedicure (with Paraffin)$35.49
Traditional Combo$30.49
Traditional Manicure$12.49
Spa Combo$45.49
Traditional Pedicure (with Paraffin)$25.49
Spa Manicure (with Paraffin)$18.49
Spa Manicure$18.49
Traditional Pedicure$20.49

La Nails Acrylic Nail Prices

Nail Design Prices at La Nails salon
UV Gel Top Coat$2.99
Nails Removal$10.99
Special Design – each$3.99
Marblize -set$7.99
Nail Repair$4.99

La Nails Kids Manicure & Pedicure Prices

Manicure & Pedicure Prices at La Nails
Toes Polish: 10yrs – 12yrs$7.99
Nails Polish: 10yrs – 12yrs$6.99
Pedicure: 10yrs – 12yrs$18.99
Toes Polish: 4yrs – 9yrs$6.99
Pedicure: 4yrs – 9yrs$14.99
Nails Polish: 4yrs – 9yrs$5.99
Manicure: 4yrs – 9yrs$7.99
Manicure: 10yrs – 12yrs$8.99

Get To Know La Nails Spa Salon

La Nails Spa has its many salons located across the USA with the prime motive of delivering good quality service within a price which is much less than expected. They are also known for the clean environment that their salons promote. Client health and making them feel rejuvenated is on the top of their priority list.

The team that works at the LA nail salons is a team of world-class professionals who have been trained well in the industry. Whether it’s a manicurist or nail stylist, all of them treat their clients very well while making sure LA Nails Spa Prices are approachable.

La Nails And Spa Services For You

At any LA nail salon near you, you will be able to get any of the services from a classic manicure to a pedicure. But, LA Nails Designs are more than just nails as they offer foot and hand spa services as well. You will be easily able to find a package which includes all of these services in one. The price deal would be much better as compared to when you will get these services done individually.

Getting your nails done at LA Nails has an advantage that the stylists refine your nails even before you get the extensions on them. It is a full package of nail extensions and cleaning that they offer, so you don’t miss out on anything.

All types of nail art and nail extensions are available at all LA nail salons, from gel ones to acrylic ones. Throughout the process, it is assured that no harm comes to the natural nails of the client.

LA Nails also have an exclusive range of treatments where your feet are pampered by using very refined quality of products. You will get everything from foot rubs to getting your feet soaked in this special treatment.

There is no restriction in bringing in children because there are professionals who can do manicures etc. for them as well. Along with that, the salon also provides waxing and eyebrow grooming services so you can get it all done in one place.

La Nails Reviews

All the reviews for LA Nails are very positive, and customers have gone back very happy with the service provided to them. The aspects of the salon that were much appreciated were that the salon was spotless and the environment altogether was very relaxing.

Most people who have come back to LA Nails again have gone back for the relaxing experience they received at such an affordable price. Clients who have been regular to the salon have noticed a clear difference in their feet and hand, thanks to the healthy treatments being done at LA Nails.  LA Nails Dallas is known to be the best service provider out of all cities. 

La Nails Hours of Operation

Working Timings at LA Nails
Monday9 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 9 PM
Thursday9 AM to 9 PM
Friday9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 9 PM
Sunday10 AM to 8 PM

Why La Nails Spa?

LA Nails are known for making your nails healthier than they were before, which is why most customers go back to them again and again. They work against the common notion that getting manicures etc. harms your nails. Hence, they are the perfect choice, especially for first-timers.

The simple reason one should definitely choose LA Nails is that they maintain that hygiene in whatever they do. Every equipment they use is well sanitized and they use every measure to ensure no harm comes to your skin or nails in any way. Above all, LA nails and Spa Prices are better than any other. 


How much is it to get your nails done?

According to the gel nails price list, getting your nails done from LA Nails will cost you $18 minimum.

How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost At La Nails?

LA Nails acrylic nail prices come around $22.

How Much Is A Manicure At La Nails?

A traditional manicure at LA Nails costs only $12 while a spa Manicure will cost $18.

What time do LA Nails open?

The opening time for any LA Nail salon is 9 in the morning.

What time do LA Nails close?

Most LA Nail Salon closes at 9 in the evening, only on Sundays the closing time is 8 pm.

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