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LA Tan Package Prices & Services – Get a perfectly tanned skin at LA Tan

So, if you are entirely new to the idea of indoor tanning, it is the way one can get tanned artificially. There are hundreds of different tanning salons in the United States. However, if you are planning to try it for the first, we will recommend you to search for “LA Tan Near Me” in your search engine. LA Tan is one of the oldest and pioneer brands for introducing indoor tanning in the USA some 30 years ago, and to date, they have been considered as one of the undisputed kings of Indoor tanning. Make sure to have a look at LA Tan Prices before visiting, you will really get surprised by their services.

LA Tan Prices

Most people have a preconceived notion about indoor tanning to a super expensive process. But the practical picture is nowhere near that. If you consider the price chart of any LA Tan Packages, you will notice extreme versatility yet in an extremely affordable price range.

LA Tan Prices image

For any regular tanning packages, the LA Tan Prices may vary from $15 to $45 per session. Including customizable airbrushing in specific areas. Also, they have a particular lay down/stand up the tanning process for full-body, which may vary from $0.99 to $2.99/minute depending on the intensity of the program. 

LA Tan Custom AirBrush Prices

Custom Airbrush Prices at LA Tan
Face Only$15
Full Body$45
Legs Only$20

LA Tan Membership Prices per Month

LA Tan Monthly Membership Prices
Versaspa I (4 Free Versaspa Sessions)$39.49
Platinum IV$99.99
Platinum II$39.49
Platinum III$59.49
Versaspa II (7 Free Versaspa Sessions)$59.49

LA Tan Tanning Prices

Tanning Package Prices at La Tan Salon
Post-sunless Super Hydrating Treatment$59
Pre-sunless Ph Balancing Treatment$39
Tan Prices For Spray Tanning$10
Sunless Bronzing Treatment$39
Tan Level I, II & III$5

LA Tan Single Session Prices for Versaspa Skincare

Versaspa Skincare Prices per session
Level II$30
Level III$35
Level I$26

LA Tan Salon -Best for Indoor Tanning

The popularity of indoor tanning started during the late ’80s when people began to identify the harmful effects of sun-bathing and their influence on the occurrences of skin cancer rapidly. So, during that time, so many indoor tanning salons had started to grow and LA Tan was one of them. Established in the early 1990s, LA Tan started its journey with only Four stores around the USA, which have around 130 stores among four different states like Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Washington, Wisconsin, and Florida.

Their extremely trained staff are always there to help customers in every step. As all the LA Tan salons across the states are connected to a single network, it allows each customer to get services from all branches, according to their preference.

LA Tan Specials & Services

What is known by all that LA Tan professionals are expertise in different types of the indoor tanning process, but most of them do not have any idea about the wide array of services they have enlisted in their packages list since the beginning. Now, the overall LA Tan Packages are divided into two big sections, one is regular services and the other is special packages.

The Regular LA Tan packages include different types of spray tans and Mystic tan and Versa treatments. Their Tan Prices For Spray Tanning comes in both Stand-up and Lay down modes, where it allows the customer to get their body tanned in either standing or tanning beds. The Versa Pro and Versa spa services provided by the LA Tan professionals involve one of the most cutting-edge and advanced VersaPro Heated sunless systems, which ensure perfect and flawless tanning in minutes literally. Also, these sunless Bronzing treatments are coming with both pre-tan and post-tan services which makes the skin ready for tanning and then soothes the same after the process gets over.

Along with different types of regular Spray Tan packages, LA Tan specials are one of the most interesting services provided by them. In these particular segments, the customers can get specialised services on discounted price rates for each day of the week, like Mondays are for Spray tan and Saturdays are for Hydration Treatments. One can consult the official website of LA Tan to a clear picture of these services.

Along with regular and special tanning processes, LA Tan also introduces Whole Body cryotherapy, which includes spending a whole 3-minutes in a -270 F chamber. These treatments are especially beneficial for professional athletes and players only.

LA Tan Salon Reviews

It is a clear fact that after proving its efficiency and getting popular, there are also two to three indoor tanning salons built-in almost every street. And some of them are literally pretty good at what they do. Yet, with so many competition’s being around, LA Tan salons are undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing among the entire lot. To find out more about this, we have gone through so many different reviews of the salon and tried to understand the trend. 

Most of the people, we talked through, to get a better picture of LA Tan, give us very affirmative reviews about the wide variety of services they provide to the customers in the extremely affordable price range. Some good reviews are also there in the market about the mechanisms and procedures they use to get even and flawless tanning.

Their processes and techniques are fast and advanced and do not involve any over or under spraying whatsoever. Moreover, some good reviews are also there about the highly trained and courteous staff of the LA Tan salons, which are trained to give full assistance to all the customers from the moment they entered the shop.

LA Tan Hours

one can get their tanning done or take any other treatments in the LA Tan salons 365 days a week. For weekdays I, the LA Tan active hours are from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM. For Saturdays, they keep their shop open from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM and for Sundays, the active hours of the LA Tan salons have been changed from 12 o’clock to 5.00 PM respectively. 

LA Tan Salon Hours of Operation
Monday9 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 9 PM
Thursday9 AM to 9 PM
Friday9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 7 PM
Sunday9 AM to 5 PM

How to Reach LA Tan Salon?

Official address:

3775 W. Arthur Avenue

Lincolnwood. IL 60712

Phone number: 877-GO-LATAN

Fax number: 847-568-0033

Official website:

Social Media handles: 





What Makes La Tan Salons different from others?

As we have said earlier, LA Tan salons are the fastest growing salons for indoor tanning. Apart from having so many competitions around the corner. First and foremost, their highly trained personnel, who are them to give full assistance to each step of their tanning process, from consultation to pre and post tanning treatments. The machines they have used the individual tanning processes are also extremely advanced and free from any goof-ups as well.

These techniques have offered the best tanning experience, without any further health and skin complications, when combined with proper pre and post tan treatments. However, the exciting special plans, also good for first-time customers, who like to have the experience of the flawless tanning in the exciting price range. The customizable LA Tan memberships are coming pretty handy when you are a regular customer there and need their tanning re-done every month. With the Memberships, not only the LA Tan prices have been dropped, but they also offer some exclusive deals as well. 


How much is a Spray Tan at LA Tan?

The average LA Tan Spray Tan Prices will cost from $10 and above, depending on the intensity of the sessions.

How much is it to Tan at LA Tan?

The average cost of taking full-body tanning at  LA Tan Salon may fall somewhere around $10 to $29/ session, depending on the type and intensity of packages chosen.

How to cancel LA Tan memberships?

There is customer assistance present in every LA Tan location, who will help you in detail about how to cancel the memberships you have.

What time does La Tan open?

LA Tan salons open at 9.00 AM on Mondays to Fridays. And for weekends. The opening time-shifted to 10.00 AM and 12.00 o’clock on Saturdays and Sundays respectively.

What time does La Tan close?

LA Tan salons close at 9.00 PM on Mondays to Fridays. And for weekends. The closing time-shifted to 7.00 AM and 5.00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays respectively.

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