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Lee Nails And Spa Prices & Packages with Extra Specialties

How many times have you walked into a spa and hated the smell of chemicals? We all have experienced it, and that is why we have brought to you Lee’s Nail Salon that prides itself in using the most organic and natural products to provide their customer with safety as well as long-lasting and healthy nails. The Lee Nail Salon Prices are very much high if you compare it to the other spas, but that is acceptable as they provide you with high-end quality products.

The Lee Nails Spa wishes well for all its customers and has never compromised with the quality of service offered to them. They do various kinds of services that not only relate to nails but also with spa features like facial and massage. They not only have an option for acrylic nails, but will also provide their customer with natural nails that use all kinds of healthy and natural products that are biodegradable, but it may cost you slightly more than the acrylic ones.

Lee Nails Prices

Lee Nails Spa Prices are not cheap as it is because they use biodegradable and high-quality end products to provide their customer with a chemical-free experience. So if you are willing to spend a few bucks more, then the Lee Nails spa will be the right choice for you. Their natural nails start at $14 and go up to $42. Whereas their artificial nails begin at $3 and go up to $45.

LEE Nails Prices image

Lee’s Nail Salon Prices

Lee Spa Nails Service Prices
Hot Stone Spa Pedicure$40
Shellac Manicure$30
Classic Pedicure$24
Paraffin Manicure$25
Sport Pedicure$42
Deluxe Aroma Spa Manicure$25
Candle Spa Pedicure$32
Candle Spa Manicure$30
Serenity Stone Manicure$35
Deluxe Aroma Spa Pedicure$35
Classic Manicure$14
Gentlement Deluxe Manicure$15

Lee Nails Artificial Nails Price List

Artificial Nails Prices at Lee Spa
Fill pink only$20
Fill Acrylic$17
Fullset glitters nail$45
Fullset Acrylic$22
Fill pink/white$32
Fullset Pink/white$35
Fullset Gel$30
Fill Gel$20
Sculpture Nails$40
Take-off Nails$5
Nail Trim/Cut down$3
Nail Repair$6

Body Waxing Prices at Lee Nails Spa

Lee Nails Spa Waxing Prices
Regular Bikini$30
Brazilian bikini$40
Full Leg$55
Half Arm$25
Full Arm$45
Full Face$30
Half Legs$40

All about Lee Spa Nails Salon

The Lee Nails Spa started as a nail salon with a primary goal in mind that is to provide the customer with organic and healthy products to give them a long-lasting effect of healthy nails. Their first store was set up in Starkville, Mississippi, and what started as just a manicure and pedicure centre, soon became a household name as it started providing its customers with other services like body massages, facial and waxing.

They are known for giving their customers a clean and hygienic environment in which they feel like home, and the best part is that all their products may be a bit pricey but are biodegradable. The Company president and CEO are not only aiming towards gathering profit but also to contribute to the environment. 

Services offer at Lee Nails Spa

You will be surprised after you pay a visit to the Lee Nail Spa. They provide you with different types of services to take care of your nails. You may not be even aware of the service which they provide. But do not worry about it. You can ask about the service to the works around the spa anytime. They will give you all the details about the service. Mainly, the famous service for which they are well-known comes under three categories. After visiting, you will have a brief idea about the Lee Nails Waco Prices.

The first one is related to artificial nails. Services like sculpting nails, setting acrylic nails, and many more come under this category. The second category is relevant to natural nails and their care. This includes different types of manicures like Shellac Manicure, Classic Manicure, Candle Spa Manicure, paraffin manicure, and many more.

The last category is related to Body waxing. You can get the facility of waxing to all the parts of the body. You can get different cost estimate depending upon the type of waxing you prefer. There are various costs for different parts. While waxing, you can include many parts of the body, such as Eyebrows, chin, Full face, underarms, and other parts of your body. After visiting, you will know the Lee Nails Saco Maine Prices.

Lee Nails Reviews

We conducted a small survey and asked various frequent customers to comment or share their experience about Lee Nails Spa with us, and we found that most customers loved their organic products and ambience, but a few had problems with their high prices. One customer quoted that, “I went to Lee Nails Spa to get a nail filling, and I simply loved the staff who gave me a beautiful pastel colour, and a cute design.”

Another customer quoted about the fantastic ambience of the spa, “I am a frequent visitor at Lee’s nails, and not only do I get my nails done, but also waxing and some other special services, I just don’t feel like leaving the place as it is so cosy”. One of the customers was not happy with the high price she had to pay for a basic nail job and she said, “The price is too high even for artificial nails, I am not satisfied with the quality of service at such a high price.”

Lee Nails Hours

The timing of Lee Nails Salon for Mondays to Thursdays is from 10 am to 9 pm. However, the timing for the Sundays is significantly less than others. The timing for Sundays is from 11 am to 6 pm. You can confirm your slot by calling the helpline number. It is recommended to book your slot before you pay a visit to the spa in order to avoid any delay in getting a slot. 

Lee Spa Nails Hours
Monday10 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 9 PM
Thursday10 AM to 9 PM
Friday10 AM to 9 PM
Saturday10 AM to 9 PM
Sunday11 AM to 6 PM

Lee Nails Spa Customer Support

Office Address:

448 highway 12 west, suite 3

39759 Starkville, Mississippi

Customer Service Number: +1 662-323-1033

Lee Spa Nails Website:


You can book yourself an appointment at Lee Nails Spa website.

Why Lee Nails Spa?

The Lee Nails Spa is one of the finest places in America where you can get all the care needed for your nails. All the services provided by the spa are of top quality. With experts from different parts of the country, you will receive the finest service in the states of America. 

In most affordable prices you can receive service of all kinds related to your nails. When it comes to taking care of your nails, you will have the best shot with Lee Nails Spa. It is hard to ignore visiting for your nails corresponding to the service they provide to the customers.


How much do Lee Nails Cost?

The cost at Lee’s nails is very variable and completely depends upon whether you opt for natural nails or you go for artificial nails. The price for natural nails starts at $14 and goes till $42, whereas artificial nails come very cheap, that is $3 and goes up to $45.

How Much Is A Manicure At Lee Spa Nails In Mooresville Nc?

The cost of a manicure at Lee Spa Nails in Mooresville Nc starts from a range of $15 and goes up to $35. It entirely depends upon what kind of manicure you opt for, such as shellac, classic and gentleman deluxe.

What Does Lee Nails Charge To Fill Nails?

The cost at Lee Nails to fill nails starts at a minimum price of $17, which may go up depending upon the type of filling you opt for.

How Much Is It To Get Nails Done At Lee Nails?

The cost of getting nails done at Lee Nails is dependent upon whether you want artificial nails or natural nails. If you go for the artificial price is less, that is only $3 to $45, whereas natural nails will cost you from $14 and go up to $42.

What are the Lee Nails Pedicure Prices?

The Lee Nails pedicure prices fall in the range of $24 to $42, which completely depends upon the type of pedicure you have asked for such as the classic, elegant aroma, hot stone, sport, etc.

What Time Does Lee Nails Close?

The Lee Nails closes at 9 pm on weekdays including Saturday, whereas on Sunday it closes early at 6 pm itself.

What Time Does Lee Nails Open?

The Lee Nails Spa opens at 10 am every morning from Monday to Saturday, whereas on a Sunday it opens at 11 am.

Does Lee Nails Spa remain open for all days of the week?

Yes, Lee Nails Spa remains open for all days of the week.

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