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Massage Envy Price Menu & Services | Get Relief from stress at affordable Prices

The benefits of a good massage cannot be ignored in the first place. After a busy and hectic week, spending an hour or so in a professional massage salon can help anybody to let go of all the stress and tension you have accumulated inside. So, if you are living in mainland USA and wanted to experience a high-quality massage in an affordable price range? Massage Envy Prices are very affordable and minimal.

There is nothing better than Massage Envy salons near you. Massage Envy is one of the largest franchise-based massage parlor chains in the entire United States, which have adequate expertise in providing great quality massages, facials, and other wellness services to their patrons.

Massage Envy Prices

Among so many others, the best thing with Massage Envy services is that they are extremely affordable, apart from being the precise and best ones. They have two different sets of price lists for members and non-members. For non-members, a 60-minute and 90-minute massage can cost from $99 and $149 and more respectively, depending on the type of massage and other service enhancements you have chosen. And for Massage Envy Members, the same prices drop down to almost half and it takes approximately $50 and $75 for the same 60 and 90- minutes sessions.

Massage Envy Prices image

Massage Envy Pricing for Add-On’s

Massage Envy Spa Prices for Add Ons
Hot Stone Envy24.99
Exfoliating Hand Treatment9.99
Exfoliating Foot Treatment9.99
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment9.99
Enhanced Muscle Therapy9.99

Massage Envy Membership Cost

Massage Envy Price List for Members
1.5-Hour Massage (For Members Only)$59.99
1-Hour Massage (For Members Only)$39.99
Hot Stone Envy (For Members Only)$79.99
2-Hour Massage (For Members Only)$79.99
1-Hour Healthy Skin Facial (For Members Only)$49.99

Massage Envy Enhanced Therapies Cost

Massage Envy Price for Enhanced Therapies
Deep Muscle Therapy (For Members Only)$12
Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy (For Members Only)$10
AromaTherapy (For Members Only)$10

Sessions Price at Massage Envy

Massage Envy Non Members Session Prices
1.5-Hour Massage (Non Members)$149.99
1-Hour Massage (Non Members)$99.99
2-Hour Massage (Non Members)$199.99
Hot Stone Envy (Non Members)$199.99
1-Hour Healthy Skin Facial (Non Members)$109.99

Massage Envy Enhanced Therapies Prices for Non Members

Enhanced Therapies Price list for Non Members 
AromaTherapy (Non Members)$15
Deep Muscle Therapy (Non Members)$18
Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy (Non Members)$15

Massage Envy Spa Prices for Services

ServicesIntro (1st visit)Non-member Price
60-Min Customized Massage$59.99$99.99
90-Min Customized Massage$89.99$149.99
120-Min Customized Massage$119.99$199.99
30-Min Total Body Stretch$35.99$49.99
60-Min Total Body Stretch$459.99$99.99
60-Min Healthy Skin Facial$59.99$99.99
60-Min Back Facial$71.99$111.99
90-Min Advanced Facial$89.99$149.99
Microderm Infusion$119.99$149.99
Chemical Peel$119.99$149.99

About the Long Journey of Message Envy

The first day of the journey Massage Envy started was dated back to 2002 when a group of therapists and aestheticians had planned to make therapeutic and other wellness massages accessible to everybody. Which started with one single franchise location, massage Envy has spread out to a total of 49 states of the United States of America, with around 1150 nationwide locations over a period of only 17 years. Their customizable and handcrafted massage services also allure over 1.5 million happy customers to take their membership. Not only that, but Massage Envy is also one of the largest employers of aestheticians and massage professionals, with over 35,000 already appointed in the company.

Like their motto, every member of the Massage Envy family believes in improving people’s lives with their service and becoming an integral part of each of their customers’ well-being journey. And they are earnestly following it from the day of inception.

 Best Services at Massage Envy

Now, one can easily understand by the name that Massage Envy salons are expertise in providing different types of massages, curated according to the needs and necessities of the user only. So now in the massage packages, they offer pretty good varieties in different massages like Trigger point massage, Swedish Massage, sports massage, and deep tissue massage. Now, the deep tissue massage and sports one is chiefly meant for healing muscle strains and injuries, especially on the troublesome area, which is buried under deep tissue. On the other hand, trigger point therapy and Swedish Massage are concentrating on the overall wellness of the body.

Now, other than massage therapy packages, Massage Envy also has a wide array of different skincare packages, which includes customized facials and advanced skincare treatment. Their specially hand-curated facials according to the need and necessity of the customer only, and their advanced treatments like Microderm infusion and chemical peel, etc., in a pretty affordable price range, are worth trying as well, at any Massage Envy locations. Along with the massage therapies, their skincare services are also done by trained professionals and involve the best quality and safe-for-the-skin products only.

What do People Say? Massage Envy Reviews

While reviewing Massage Envy, we have gone through many websites and also talked with some of their customers, to get a better picture of the same. And interestingly enough, the review we have got is pretty affirmative in each way. The best thing about any massage Envy services, that they are not generic and totally customizable with the personal need and necessities of the customer.

These not only give the customers the necessary treatment, but it is also a sort of mental peace as well while knowing the treatment you are doing is chiefly meant for you. Moreover, all the Massage Envy locations are loaded with trained beauty and massage professionals who are known to be courteous with c=each and every customer. Also, the overall environment is pretty calming and relaxing, which makes the treatment sessions more enjoyable and pretty wholesome.

Massage Envy Hours

There are almost 1150 Massage Envy’s here in the United States across 49 states, and it is literally impossible to keep them all active at the same time. So, all their active hours are solely depending on the local time zone. But as the first-ever Massage Envy had started at Scottsdale Arizona,.

Massage Envy Opening Hours
Monday9 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 9 PM
Thursday9 AM to 9 PM
Friday9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 9 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

How to Reach Massage Envy Salon?

Official Address:

2765 North Scottsdale Road #101

Scottsdale, Arizona 85257

Contact Number:


Official Website:



 Why Massage Envy is so different?

There are almost a hundred different professional and therapeutic massage brands in the USA, but Massage Envy is definitely one of the prominent names among them. Undoubtedly, the milestones achieved by Massage Envy in such a short span is not some mere number, but a cumulative result of a powerful vision and principles. Rather than making a lot of money and expanding their business, Massage Envy only concentrates on making their customers’ lives better. And to achieve that, they have done everything they could. They brought up their shops in the most accessible part of the cities; their shops are well decorated with all the advanced equipment.

Moreover, each of the services they provide, be it massages or skincare ones, all are hand-curated and built as per the requirements of the customers after they visit for the first time for consultation. The prices of each of their services are pretty affordable as well, to make therapeutic Massage accessible to all. Although, with attractive Massage Envy membership costs, customers can also get all the services at a pretty discounted rate as well. The staff are courteous and helpful to give the customers a friendly and comforting environment.


How Much is a Massage Envy membership?

The monthly membership cost in Massage Envy can cost around $60 to $70/ month, depending on the location only. The membership costs for six months and one year is, however, $360+$50 (enrolment fee) and $720, respectively.

How to cancel Massage Envy membership?

For cancellation of the existing Massage Envy membership, one must put a 30-day advanced official notice to initiate the proceedings. Some cancellation charges might also deduct from the customer as cancellation fees.

How much a Massage at Massage Envy?

The average price range for massages in Massage Envy salons may vary from $50 to $75; for members and non-members, it can rise up to $99 to $149, depending on the period of the Massage.  

How much is a facial cost at Massage Envy?

Massage Envy Facial Price for 1-hour is around $100 on average, which increases to $150 for a 90-minute session.

How much a 90-minute massage at Massage Envy cost?

A 90-minute massage can cost $75 and $149 for members and non-members, respectively.

How much is a couple’s Massage at Massage Envy?

A 60-minute Massage Envy Couples Massage Price is around $100 for members and $180 non-members. Also, one can avail, exciting discounts on couples’ massages as well, on several Massage Envy Locations.

What time does Massage envy open?

On Mondays to Saturdays, Massage Envy salons are open at 08.00 AM and on Sundays, they will be open from 10.00 AM.

What time does Massage Envy close?

From Monday to Saturday, Massage envy Salons closes at 08.00 PM, whereas on Sundays, they will close the shop at 07.00 PM.

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