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Massage Green Spa Salon Price List for all Services

Doesn’t it feel amazing when you get your body all massaged and relieved? All those clench muscles and joints just giving away at the slight touch of the masseur’s fingers feel like heaven. But most people shy away from getting themselves a good massage, due to either lack of budget or just because of the uncomfortable situation they don’t imagine putting themselves into. But there is a spa called the Green Spa Massage that has been the customer’s choice for years and will continue to be. You will

The best part of going to any Massage Green Spa Locations is that they make their customers feel comfortable first by their soothing environment. They have various options like reasonable Massage Green Spa Membership Prices that comes with an introductory offer where first-time customers can enjoy a SPA facial, a full body massage, all of it at a special discounted price. They also let the customer choose between several packages that include a one-hour full body massage.

Massage Green Spa Prices

Green Spa Massage is one of the most popular spa centers in the country. The reason behind this is their very cheap and affordable price range that also comes with a first-time customer discounted price. The cost at Green Spa Massage usually ranges between $25 and $60. And it is recommended by us to our readers to get themselves a Membership pass to enjoy the most of it.

Massage Green Spa Prices image

Green Spa Massage Price List

Green Spa Massage Salon Price List
Hot Stone Massage$60
Pain Management$55
Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna$15
Stress Management$50
Couples Massage
Functional Mobility$50
Light Touch Regenerative Therapy$55

All About Massage Green Spa

The Massage Green Spa was founded in 2008 by Allie T. Mallad. The company has spread all across the world. There are different franchises in different parts of the world. They have set 10 branches nationally. The mission of the company is to provide services to enhance the healthcare and wellness of customers. 

One of the famous branches of the company is Massage Green Spa Pembroke Pines. They also give franchises to other people to expand the business. The Massage Green Spa Franchise Cost will not be much if you are thinking of having one in your city or town.

Services By Massage Green Spa

If you are visiting Massage Green Spa for the first time, then you may get confused about the services they offer you. If you go through this article, you will have a brief idea about the service, its type and other relevant things associated with the services. Mainly, they provide you with three types of services, Massage, Facial, Infrared Therapy. 

The duration for Massage and Infrared Therapy is 1 hour, which includes 5 minutes for consulting the therapist, 5 minutes for undressing your clothes and 50 minutes of service. Both services cost you the same. But Facial therapy goes for 90 minutes. 

There is also a provision to get a membership. Depending on the services which you require, the membership plan will get decided. Under the membership plan, you will get the service once every month. You will be charged as per the service they include in the plan and you have to pay it every month. There are several plans if you are interested just to have infrared therapy. You will have to pay nearly about $140 if you are willing to take infrared service daily.

Massage Green Spa Reviews

The reviews for Massage Green Spa are fantastic, and when we conducted a survey for it and talked to their past customers, we found various details about the masseur, therapist, as well as the environment. One of the reviews that tell us how comfortable they make their customers feel is, “I am a talker, and I love talking while enjoying a back rub, my masseur was gentle enough to understand that and really started a good conversation.”

Another customer said, “Although my budget is too low to go for a month to month membership, I surely love visiting the place in a quarterly manner. The therapist that was assigned to me last time really helped me get rid of those tight knots on my back”. Another customer was not pleased with their company policy and quoted, “They do not care about the health of a customer, and they did not let me reschedule my appointment as I had a headache; this is not acceptable.”

Massage Green Spa Hours Of Operation

The Massage Green Spa is open on each day throughout the week. The visiting hours for Massage Green Spa are from 9 AM to 9 PM every day of the week except Sundays. Timing for Sundays is from 10 AM to 6 PM. You can contact your nearest Massage Green Spa outlet and book your slot to avoid any delay in getting services.

Massage Green Hours 
Monday9 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 10 PM
Thursday9 AM to 10 PM
Friday9 AM to 10 PM
Saturday8 AM to 8 PM
Sunday8 AM to 8 PM

Massage Green Spa Customer Support

Office Address:

Massage Green International Headquarters

29657 Orchard Lake Rd.

Farmington Hills, Mi. 48334

Massage Green Spa Customer Service Number: (877) 627 3529


Official Website Address:

You will need an appointment to visit Green Spa Massage, but there are also options for Walk-Ins.

Why Choose Massage Green Spa?

If you are looking for a Spa with high-quality services, the Massage Green Spa is the perfect place for you. Unique services like infrared therapy, facial massage and many more can be enjoyed here at a reasonable cost. You do not have to spend much to get services with proper standard quality. One of the critical features of the Massage Green Spa is that the staff keeps the place all the time. You will be in good hands if you are visiting the Massage Green Spa to get services associated with Spa.

All the prices related to different services are reasonable since the services which you will receive will be of standard quality. With the modern technological system, you will be appropriately handled. The experience will be blissful if you are visiting Massage Green Spa. They also provide you with the proper plan that are combos of different services included in a single membership plan. If you are taking the plan every day, you may be saving more than 50 per cent of the cost, which you may spend in other spas.


How much is Massage Green Spa?

The cost in Massage Green Spa is very less and reasonable; it will cost a customer between $25 and $60 for a one-hour full massage and other services.

How much is the cost of a European Spa Facial in Green Spa?

The cost of a European Spa facial in Green Spa has an introductory price of $59.95, which may go down depending upon discounts and first-time customer visits.

How much is a membership at Massage Green Spa?

The Massage Green Spa Membership Cost differs upon the type of package that you select; therefore, their membership costs start from $29.95 and go up to $59.95.

Where Is Massage Green Spa?

Massage Green Spa is available in various locations all over the country. Some of the most popular places will be Dearborn, Novi, Allen Park, Troy, Lansing, Sterling Heights and the list goes on.

How to find a Massage Green Spa near me?

Finding a Massage Green Spa near you is very easy. Just visit And Enter your zip code, and as soon as you have given it the permissions required, it will show you a list of all Massage Green Spa locations near you. You can even book an appointment through that page itself.

Massage Green Spa What To Know Before My Massage?

Before going for a massage at Green Spa, you need to make sure that you have bought the correct membership package for you and your family members in case you have included them. There are various gift cards available along with a special discounted price for first-time customers, so make sure to avail all of them.

What are the Hours of Operation For Massage Green Spa?

The hours of operation for Massage Green Spa is from 9 AM to 9 PM on weekdays, including Saturday, but not Sunday; the timing is 10 PM to 6 PM.

What is the opening time for Massage Green Spa?

The opening time for Massage Green Spa is 9 AM from Monday to Saturday and 10 AM on Sunday. 

Do I need a prior appointment to go to Green Spa Massage Salon?

Yes, you need a prior appointment to go to Green Spa Massage Salon. You can get an appointment through their website or by calling their call center number.

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