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Massage Heights Price List For Massage and Services

Massage Heights are known for their customized facial treatments and massage therapy. According to their ideals, they believe that a person deserves the best no matter how he or she spends his or her day toiling in the sun. It’s a relaxing massage that you are offered by their therapist that counts and takes away all the pains of the day. Their therapists are highly trained by repetitive training sessions and under strict supervision. Massage Heights Prices comes in your budget only, make sure to visit the nearest store once you refer their menu prices.

They provide their customers with Massage Heights Membership that comes at a very reasonable cost. If you opt for their membership, you can be assured that they will customize a package for you that will make sure that all your day to day life as well as personal life is considered while designing it.

Massage Heights Prices

Massage Heights Spa guarantees that after you have received their massage therapy, you will have several benefits such as less body pain and low tension in the muscle. To get services at Massage Heights, you do not have to spend much. You can easily get many services in modest pricing. In order to check the list of prices of different services, you can pay a visit to the nearest Massage Heights outlet.

Massage Heights Prices image

 Massage Heights Massage Prices

Massgae Heights Custome Massage Prices
90 Minute Massage$74.99
2 Hour Massage$99.99
1 Hour Massage$49.99

Body Elevations Prices at Massage Heights

Prices for Massage Heights body Elevations 
Reviving Foot Scrub (Starting Price)$12
Hot Stone Therapy (Starting Price)$12
Active Therapy (Starting Price)$12
Revitalizing Face Massage (Starting Price)$12

Massage Heights Spa Targeted Treatments Prices

ServicesNon-Members PriceMembers Price
Hot Stone Therapy$40$20
Revitalizing Face Massage$22$12
Reviving Foot Scrub$22$12

Massage Heights Therapeutic Aromatherapy Prices

ServicesNon Members PriceMembers Price

Massage Heights Facial Prices

ServicesNon Members PriceMembers Price
Anti-Aging Facials$99.95 $49.95
Sensitive Skin Facials$99.95 $49.95
Clear Skin Facials$99.95 $49.95
Essential Facials$99.95 $49.95
BioActive Peel Facial Elevation$99.95 $49.95
Skin Enriching Facial Elevation$99.95 $49.95
Skin Refining Facial Elevation$99.95 $49.95
Skin Purifying Facial Elevation$99.95 $49.95

Massage Heights Prices & Services

ServicesNon Members PriceMembers Price
Swedish Massage$99.95$49.95 
Deep Tissue Massage$99.95$49.95 
Sports Massage$99.95$49.95 
Couples Massage$199.95 $99.95
Prenatal Massage$99.95$49.95 

More About Massage Heights

The Massage Heights was established back in 2004 by Wayne and Shane Evans. The first branch was opened in San Antonio. They have started this venture together to help people and take care of themselves when it comes to health care. Even since 2004, they have not decreased the quality of their service at any cost. 

You will get a similar service in all the outlets of Massage Heights. In the present day, they have more than 145 branches in the United States of America. They have also expanded their business in Canada. They are still on the verge of expanding their business throughout many different countries. 

Massage Heights Services

As they were expanding their business, they also upgraded their services as well. With traditional methods of massage and other services, they also introduced their own treatments and therapies. Treatments like Targeted Treatment, prenatal massage, sports massage deep tissue massage and others are some of the unique treatments which you will find rarely. The price will depend on how much longer you will receive the treatment and if you are not a member of Massage Heights. 

The Massage Heights Non Member Prices will be different. If you are a regular customer, you should take advantage of their membership system. You can be a member of Massage Heights in which you will receive discounts on your services. The Massage Heights Membership Cost is different for different services.

They also introduced different methods of Aromatherapy. You can always add-on these services with other services. They use different ingredients as per your choice. They provide you with different types of experiences like relaxing, breathe taking, energized, reviving, and many more. As per your choice, you choose any one or more. 

Different types of facial massages are also available under the same roof. Massages for sensitive skin or aging skin, they have many options to take care of your health. You should try a facial massage in order to look energized and fresh at Massage Heights. It will bring your glow back and make you feel relaxed. It will reveal all the stress in your body as well. You can even check the pricing on their official website under the section named Massage Heights Ames Prices. There is also a provision of inquiry over a phone call in their working time.

Massage Heights Reviews

The customer review for Massage Heights was better than any other retreat. We conducted a small feedback session with all their existing as well as past customers and asked them to share their experience with Massage Heights with us, and they had exciting things to tell us, some have been shared below. A gentleman posted, “I have been a very loyal customer to them from the last three years, and I must say, their lifestyle massage really suits my back. I used to have a terrible issue of joint pain, which thanks to them, is gone”.

Another customer said, “Their membership is really profitable, you get an instant discount of 50% in all their services, which saves you a lot of bucks”. A customer faced some issue in canceling the membership and shared, “I wanted to cancel my membership, but their customer care guy kept asking me to reconsider and call back, which was very inconvenient for me.”

Massage Heights Hours 

Working Hours of Massage Heights 
Monday9 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 9 PM
Thursday9 AM to 9 PM
Friday9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 7 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

Massage Heights Contact Details

Office Address:

305 Brookhaven Avenue Suite B1160

Atlanta, GA 30319

Massage Heights Customer Service Number: (404) 800-4777

Official Website Address:





Why Massage Heights Spa?

If you check the reviews of Massage Heights, you will get nothing but satisfying reviews from the customers. Just give them a look and you will know how blissful is the services provided by the company. It is highly recommended that you pay a visit at least once before you make up your mind about the Massage Heights. The staff members are very friendly in nature. They will guide you in each and every step during the sections.

You will not find even a single flaw while your visit to the Massage Heights. In most affordable pricing, you can get most of the services done. In a single roof, you will get a variety of services related to healthcare. Paying a visit to Massage Heights is worth of money. Do visit them once.


How Much Is A Couples Massage At Massage Heights?

The Massage Heights Couples Massage Price depends upon whether you have opted for membership in their center or not. For non-members, Massage Heights Couples Massage Price will cost you $199.95, which may also go up, whereas, for members, the price is only $99.99.

How Much Is A Facial At Massage Heights?

The Massage Heights Facial Prices very much depends upon the kind of facial you choose for your needs. There are many facials, such as anti-ageing, sensitive skin, clear skin, etc. And the price range for it will be $99.95 for non-members and $49.95 for members.

What are the Massage Heights Massage Prices?

The Massage Heights Cost for massage for non-members will remain the same, which is $99.95, and for members, it will cost you a minimum amount of $49.95.

What is the Massage Heights Vintage Park Prices?

The Massage Heights Vintage park prices will cost the same to all its customers, like all the other centers of Massage Heights, as they follow a strict policy of the same rate charged. The massage prices will range between $49.95 to $99.95 and the facial price will also fall in the same range.

How to find a Massage Heights Near Me

1. First of all visit Massage Heights Spa official Site and click on Locations Page. You can use
2. As soon as you allow it, it will show all the Massage Heights centers near you, and you can even book yourself an appointment from that page.

How many Massage Heights Locations are available in the country?

Massage Heights has come up to be a leading center for wellness, and thus it is no surprise to have more than 150 retreats all over the country, with several upcoming projects on the line.

How To Cancel Massage Heights Membership?

You can cancel your Massage Heights Membership by going to their website and clicking on the call option. It will make a call for you to their customer care number and you can easily cancel your membership through it. They may ask for a reason, just state the issue and you are done.

How Much Is Massage Heights Membership?

The Massage Heights Membership program has several divisions to choose from, but a range can be provided for their various membership offers that start at $59.99 and goes up to $94.99.

How Long Is A Massage Heights Membership?

The Massage Heights Membership will last for a year, but if you want to cancel it, you can talk to their customer service.

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