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Massage Luxe Pricing for their ultimate services

Who doesn’t like to indulge in an elaborate massage routine after an extremely hectic and tiring weekend? I think the answer to this question will be “Nobody.” Undoubtedly, among so many different mediums, which can help anybody to relieve their stress. Massage Luxe is basically one of the leading spas in the entire United States, which are specialized in different types of therapeutic massages and other wellness services for the body and mind. No need to worry about Massage Luxe prices, these are minimal and cost-effective.

Massage Luxe spa and other wellness retreats are designed in such a way that they can be highly beneficial in relieving different physiological and psychological strains from the body. 

Massage Luxe Prices

For first-timers, who just booked a massage appointment to the salon or just considering visiting the place at least for once. Answer to this particular question is pretty crucial. Because literally, nobody wanted to enrol for any health and wellness service before knowing how much it was going to cost!

Massage Luxe Prices image

The Massage luxe group is known for providing a lot of different services like Massages, facials, waxing, etc. The Massage Luxe Pricing ranges from $6 to $110, depending on the type. *The price range of different services in Massage Luxe Spa can vary from location wise as well.

Massage Luxe Massages Prices

ServicesIntroductory Offer for First Time ClientsPrices for Non-Member
HydroLuXe Dry Water Massage Table (Per 15 Minutes)$16$16
Trigger Point$50$75
Hot Stone$50$75
Deep Tissue$40$75

Massage Luxe Spa Facial Waxing Prices

ServicesMember PriceNon-Member
Cheeks / Sides of Face$12.75$15
Eyebrow / Sculpting$12.75$15

Massage Luxe Pricing for Body Waxing

ServicesMember PriceNon-Member
Lower Back$22.95$27
Full Back$35.7$42
Full Leg$49.3$58
Bikini Line$21.25$25
Full Arms$29.75$35
Full Bikini$27.2$32
Upper Back$19.55$23
Under Arms$12.75$15
Half Arm$21.25$25
Full Face$34$40
Half Leg$25.5$30

Faceluxe Prices at Massage Luxe Spa

ServicesIntroductory Offer for First Time ClientsPrices for Non-Member
Papaya Enzymatic Micro-Peel$20$20
Pore-Refining Facial$50$75
Eye Renew Treatment$20$20
Hydra Medic Facial$79$112
FaceLuXe Glyco Peel and Reveal$50$75
Glycolic Peel$30$30
Vita Cura- 5 Phase Firming Facial$79$112
Repechage Seaweed Facial$50$75
Lamina Lift Mask$10
Biolight Facial$79$112
FaceLuXe Famous 4 Layer Facial$79$112
Hydra Amino 18 Scalp Treatment$10$10

Massage Luxe- It’s Origin and Growth

The origin of this super-successful massage and spa chain was dated back to 2008, when President Todd Beckman decided to establish a speciality spa for therapeutic massages, in Rock Hill, Missouri. The primary objective of the founding members of Massage Luxe is to make people aware of the health benefits of therapeutic massages and promote it among people of all ages and types.

From 2018, Massage Luxe has started expanding and definitely travelled a long way with a total of 58 Massage Luxe spas, across 14 different states of the USA in 2019. The 14 different states with Massage Luxe spa include Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Indiana and many more.

What are the Services offered at Massage Luxe?

Massage Luxe salons are basically expertise in different types of therapeutic massages, including some regular ones and some special variations. Now, the benefits of great therapeutic massages are distributed evenly to both physical and metal genres. Therapeutic massages can treat different chronic physiological disorders like High Blood Pressure, boosts the immune system, eases out blood circulation and moreover reduces tension and stress and mental trauma and many more if done in the right manner.

Now, coming to their therapeutic massage segment, they have divided it into two broad classifications, which are regular massages and speciality ones. Now, these two broad categories are loaded with various options to choose from as well. The different types of regular massage include Deep Tissue, Swedish and prenatal, and all of them have their specific benefits. Where Swedish is one of the most common types of massages around, the prenatal and deep tissue massages are meant for relieving stress during pregnancy and those which are buried deep down under the tissues and muscles.

Along with their standard massage services, they also have some special ones, which are much more elaborate and precise than the former. They have specialized Aromatherapy massages, which are supposed to release pain and tension, and relax both the body and mind with the power of essential oils only. Their speciality Hot Stone massage is also a unique one and has a deep and prolonged effect on the body and mind when being used in combination with regular Swedish or Deep tissue therapy.

Other than the therapeutic massage services, Massage Luxe is also providing regular waxing and different types of facials to their customers as well. Their Lamina Lift mask and Hydro luxe services are also one of the best skin care services provided by any massage Spa around the USA.

Massage Luxe Reviews

Undoubtedly there are at least hundreds of different massage spa chains here in mainland USA and that leaves all the customers in the greatest dilemma of all time- “Where to go?” The best possible and also the wisest way to find an answer to this question is to go through all the reviews customers have done on the internet, about Massage Luxe, after getting their treatments. You can also talk with your relatives or friends about the salon, who are regular and associated with the brand for a pretty long time.

After going through all the reviews about the brands online, we found out three features which people are loving the most about Massage Luxe- 1. Affordable price range. 2. Wide variety and 3. Extremely trained staff- the best three combinations to make a brand popular and extremely successful in what it does. Along with all these, their advance consultation system is also pretty elaborate and it helps the customer to choose the right service for themselves.

Massageluxe Hours

Massage Luxe spa has multiple outlets all around the USA and they keep open their salons for 365 days a year. From Monday to Saturday the shops open at 09.00 am and closes at 10.00 pm, according to the local time zones. And on Sundays, Massage Luxe salon will open from 10.00 am to 08.00 pm.  

Massgae Luxe Hours of Operations
Monday8AM to 10PM
Tuesday8AM to 10PM
Wednesday8AM to 10PM
Thursday8AM to 10PM
Friday8AM to 10PM
Saturday8AM to 8PM
Sunday10AM to 8PM

How To Reach Massage Luxe Salons?

Main branch address:

11, Champion Drive,

Fenton, MO 63026

Massage Luxe Customer Support number: 877-321-5893

Official website



Why Is Massage Luxe Spa Different from the others?

Massages are indeed very good for both body and mind, but if done properly. After its inception during 2008, Massage Luxe spas undoubtedly played a major role in the overall popularity of the art, as the salon made it accessible to people belonging from different levels of society. In all the /massage Luxe salons, the staff will guarantee you an overall relaxing experience and the ultimate pampering session for yourself on an affordable budget. 

The overall calming and soothing environment inside the salons also help in the relaxation processes.  Moreover, from the moment you step into the salon, you will get assistance from their highly trained staff, who are there to help, every one of the customers in each and every step, from finding the perfect massage therapy to getting one. 


How Much Is Luxe Massage?

A Massage Luxe Spa Prices fall around $15 for every 15 minutes.

How Much Is a Swedish Massage at Massage Luxe?

For non-members, a full session of Swedish Massage costs around $74, but for first-time customers, they provide the entire session in just $34.

How Does Massage Luxe Membership Work?

After getting a luxe membership for himself/herself, the member can get exciting discounts on various massages and facial packages, along with several hours of free services as mentioned in the specific Membership package. Free consultations are also included under all the packages as well.

How to Cancel Massage Luxe Membership?

To cancel a Massage Luxe membership, you have to contact your nearest spa branch and they will provide you with all the assistance needed.

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