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Mastercuts Prices – Amazing services at affordable prices!

From the most glamorous hairstyles to the voracious color, you will get everything at the tips of your finger at Mastercuts. All you have to do is search for Mastercuts near me, and you will be spell bounded by the services offered by them like haircuts depending upon the shape and structure of your face. In case you are worried about not understanding the right color or style for your face shape and skin tone, you no longer have to overthink as the Mastercuts Hair Salon has experts that will help you on your journey towards a new life.

Their expert stylists can turn your boring hairstyle into something edgy in just 30 minutes. Confused about simple, vibrant, or elegant, Mastercuts Hair salon will help you overcome all your fears by giving you the look that you yearned for a lifetime. You can also use their Mastercut Coupons to avail special discounts in services like permanent hair straightening, coloring, highlighting, hair cuts, retexturization, etc. The products used by them are tested and safe, and their team is completely dedicated to giving you a service of a lifetime.

Mastercuts Price List

At the Mastercuts Hair Salon, you can expect to get your haircut even at the lowest price imaginable. The main motive of this hair salon is to provide its customers services like haircuts to coloring within the range of $15 to $100.

Latest MasterCuts Prices of different services like haircuts, waxing, coloring, etc are as follows.

Master Cuts Prices image

MasterCuts Prices 


ServicesMastercuts Prices
Kids Haircut (w/ shampoo)$15.95 
Shampoo and conditioning$6
Adult Haircut (w/ shampoo)$18.95
Kids Haircut (12 and under)$12.95
Adult Haircut $15.95 
Shampoo only$3

Other Services

ServicesMaster Cuts Price
Conditioning Treatments$10
Color $49
Blow Dry Styling$7
Facial Waxing$10
Perm $49

More about Mastercuts Hair Salon

Having its roots starting deep from the Regis family, Mastercuts started in the year of 1985, as a salon that will tend to people who are very busy with the turmoil of their life. And that is why if you search for Mastercuts Locations in the Google Maps, you will find them mostly in busy places like malls and shopping marts, where mostly the people who hardly have time for themselves are seen.

This Hair Salon Company gained a lot of popularity and recognition, so much that it even gave a neck to neck competition to Supercuts, thanks to its reasonable and very cheap Master Cuts prices.

In the year 2017, a very changing event occurred, which is when The Beautiful Group signed a contract with the Regis family and took over the ownership from them. Soon, this company took over many salons and companies under the Regis Group and became the owner of around 858 salons of Mastercuts all over the country. In the present, Mastercuts has flourished so much that they have even got branches of their salon in Canada as well as Puerto Rico. 

Services Offered by Mastercuts

The list of services offered by Mastercuts is very long, but we are going to brief you with each of them as much as we can. Let’s start by addressing the major pointer that every customer likes. It’s their complementary consultation by hair experts as well as skin experts.

You go for a hair color or cut, and you get confused about which style will look the best on your face, the experts at Mastercuts will have you covered. Other than that, you can also bring your kids for a haircut at a minimal Mastercuts Price.

You can choose hair coloring between permanent, demi, and semi. The permanent hair coloring is recommended for people with grey hair and wants to get rid of it once and for all. The demi hair color treatment is for adding the color back to faded highlights. It will bring back the lost vibrancy and vigor to your hair. The semi hair coloring is for newcomers that want a bright result.

Other than coloring, Mastercuts hair salon also provides an option for highlighting in mini, partial, and full. But that is not the end of their services, as this hair salon is known for their Trend color techniques such as the balayage, ombre/sombre and adding those grey and silver tones to your luscious locks.

There are many special services as well that are offered by the Mastercuts such as the retexturization, which involves permanent smoothing and softening of curly or frizzy hair. Blow Outs where you can relax, and the experts will shampoo and blow-dry your hair along with styling it to give the one-stop look you have been looking for.

Also, if you are a bride-to-be, you can hope for the best bridal treatment from the Mastercuts as they can do any kind of hairstyle from French braid to chignon, you name it, and they do it. Waxing, deep conditioning treatments are some of the extra services that you can avail in any Mastercuts hours of the day.

Mastercuts Hair Salon Review

For Mastercuts Reviews, we conducted a survey and asked various regular customers as well as one time goers about what experience they had in Mastercuts, and this is what they had to say. One person said, “I had a very good experience with Mastercuts as I didn’t have any prior appointment, but they still gave me a time slot and had me attended by one of their best experts. She trimmed my hair, and I was very much satisfied by the result as I didn’t want my hair to look very short, and she followed my directions”.

Another customer said, “At first I was very skeptical about going to Mastercuts, as I am very much conscious about someone cutting my hair and the result being not up to the mark. Still, I went for Mastercuts, and their expert gave me a free consultation on which hair cut will look the best on my face, and the color that should go along with it. She also suggested some treatments to revive the vibrancy of my hair locks. Overall, I am very much happy with their customer support”.

We found almost every customer praising how easy it is to get an appointment in Mastercuts as they have an option for a quick booking. It is not mandatory to have a prior appointment to get your hair cut, reaching the place, and making a quick appointment is also available.

The only review that we found to be disturbing was where a girl was found to be quoting, “My experience in Mastercuts was horrible, I asked for loose ringlets, but the lady insisted on giving me tight curls”. Still, we would say that the ratio of good and bad in Mastercuts is around 4:1.

Mastercuts Hours of Operation

In the United States, the Mastercuts Hair Salon is open for all the 7 days of the week. The opening time for weekdays is morning 10 AM till evening 9 PM. Whereas the Mastercuts hours for Saturday is morning 9 AM till evening 6 PM, and on Sunday, it is open from 12 noon till evening 6 PM.

Monday10 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday10 AM to 8 PM
Friday10 AM to 8 PM
Saturday10 AM to 8 PM
Sunday10 AM to 8 PM

Customer Support of Mastercuts Hair Salon

Office Address:


2700 Colorado Blvd Ste 113

Los Angeles, California 90041

United States

Mastercuts Phone Number:

(800) 345-7811 (toll-free)

Official Website Address:

Social Network Links:

You can make an appointment in Mastercuts through their official website, but it is not mandatory.

Why Choose Mastercuts?

Choosing Mastercuts to do your hair cut does not only involve getting styled, but you will also be opting for a free consultation by their hair experts. They will guide you step by step, and make you aware of which style you will like the best, as well as suit the texture of your face. Getting a hairstyle that you liked the most in an actress or actor is possible but with proper guidance.

This guidance is available only at Mastercuts. It has a salon company that has lived up to the reputation and the trust that its customers have put on them. Walking into the salon, and leaving the salon will surely make you feel and also will give you the change that you have been waiting for in a lifetime.

The best service, according to their customers, is the special hair color treatments that they provide to their customers that too at a minimal cost. You can choose between a semi, demi, or permanent hair color treatment depending upon your hair.

Also, they have got experts that are trained in hair styling. No matter what the occasion is, whether it is a party, an award function, an office party, or even a marriage, you can rely on Mastercuts to give you the right hairstyle in a minimal amount. They have options for even blowouts where they shampoo and dry your hair along with trimming and styling it if needed.

Children under the age of 12 can avail a discounted price of only $12 for haircuts without shampoo. But with shampoo, the cost will go up to $15. The best part of Mastercuts is the very cheap and reasonable price that they offer their services to their customers. According to the various Mastercuts reviews that we referred to, customers have said that they are going to visit the place again, as there are various branches of it available in malls and shopping marts, which makes it very reachable.


How much is a Haircut at Mastercuts?

The starting price for a haircut at Mastercuts for adults is from $15.95. This price may go up at any point in time, maybe due to some extra services that came with the cut.

How much does Mastercuts cost?

On average, if you go for a haircut, the starting price is from $15.95, whereas the minimal amount for grooming and some other service starts from around $7. If you want to opt for hair color and some other treatment, the cost may go up to even $40 to $50.

How much are Highlights at Mastercuts?

The cost of highlights at Mastercuts is very reasonable if you compare it to other salons. Its starting price for highlights is around $29.95, and it can go up to even $50.

How much is a Bang Trim at Mastercuts?

A bang trim at Mastercuts will cost you between $9 and $12. It will also depend upon the length of the hair.

How much does Mastercuts charge for Balayage?

For Balayage, Mastercuts will charge you around $100 to $120. 

How much is Mastercuts in Waco?

The cost of Mastercuts at Waco falls under $7 to $50. This cost may change depending upon the type of services you ask for.

Where is Mastercuts in The Galleria Mall?

There are various Mastercuts at different locations in the Galleria Mall. Some of which are shared below:
1. Mastercuts Hair Salon – Cool Springs Galleria, Franklin, TN – 37067
2. Master cuts Hair Salon – York Galleria Mall, 2899 Whiteford Rd, York, Pennsylvania 17402
3. Mastercuts Hair Salon – The Galleria, Johnstown, PA – 15904

Where is Mastercuts located in The Arnot Mall?

The location of Mastercuts in the Arnot Mall is 3300 Chambers Rd #5125, Horseheads, NY 14845, United States.

How many Mastercuts locations in the United States?

Looking at the popularity, which the Mastercuts Hair Salon has gained over the years, it’s no wonder that there are around 858 of its branches all over the United States.

What kind of Hair Dye does Mastercuts use?

You can be sure that the Mastercuts does not use any harmful chemical for hair dyeing. In their demi hair color treatment, they use hair dye that does not involve any ammonia, whereas, for semi and permanent hair coloring, the dye may contain some level of ammonia in it.

How much is a kids Haircut at Mastercuts?

The Mastercuts Haircut Prices for kid’s hair cut without shampoo is $12.95, whereas with shampoo, it costs up to $15.95. The kid to be considered for this discount must fall under the age of 12.

How much does Mastercuts charge for Hair Curling?

The cost at Mastercuts for Hair curling is not very specific as it can be permanent as well as temporary. But the range is near about $25 to $49.99.

How much does it cost to go to Platinum Blonde at Mastercuts?

The cost at Mastercuts to go Platinum Blonde can fall between $150 and $200.

What Time Does Mastercuts Open?

Mastercuts on weekdays open at 10 AM, on Saturday at 9 AM, and on Sunday at 12 noon.

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