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Strip Ministry Of Waxing Prices – Are they Expensive?

In the world of waxing, the Ministry of Waxing is definitely considered as one of the pioneers and leading institutions, which has a firm belief in providing great waxing and other skin care services with ultimate safety and hygiene. Waxing is considered as one of the most painful body care services by all means, where most people used to go through a lot of pain and other types of side-effects if anything goes wrong. And the basic difference between the Ministry of Waxing and other waxing salons lies right there. Explore Ministry Of Waxing Prices and services before visiting.

With a highly trained and professional staff and constant development in the field, The Ministry of Waxing has been coming up with so many different products and waxing techniques, which have not only made the process painless but hygienic as well. With the determination of changing each waxing “concept” to a new “trend,” the Ministry of Waxing has its foothold in almost 12 big cities in the entire world.

Ministry Of Waxing Prices

Both the Ministry of Waxing and their Sister organization Strip Ministry of Waxing had been a believer in providing a variety of waxing services to both men and women in the affordable price range. If you consult a Ministry of Waxing services menu online, you will notice, a wide variety of waxing services ranges from Brazilian to full body hair wax to a particular area, in both Hand wax and Laser variants. So, pretty obviously, the amount of money you are spending on the Ministry of Waxing solely depends on the types of the process you have chosen. In a general context, hand waxing is way cheaper than Laser Hair removals by all means as well.

Ministry of Waxing prices image

So, for any manual hand waxing sessions, one may charge from $10 to $95, depending on the area chosen to remove all the unwanted hair. And the same waxing services for the same part of the body may cost around $100 to $1200 when opted for Laser techniques.

Strip Ministry Of Waxing Price List

Strip Ministry’s Brazilian Waxing Prices
BBC (Back, Boyzilian) $160.49
x Strip (+clipping down the front) $45 to 320
Crack $35 to 140.49
Bikini Line $40 to 300
xxxx Strip (all off) $75 to 600
xx Strip (Extra) $65 to 450
xx Strip (full bikini) $55 to 380
xxx Strip (labia+bottom) $75 to 600
BSC (Back, Sac, Crack) $125.49

Strip And Wax Prices for Face

Prices Strip Ministry Of Waxing for Face
Lower Lip $8 to 80
Eyebrows / Tidy Up Brows $34 to 36
Upper Lip $16 to 80
Sideburn $12 to 80
Cheeks $18 to 320
Eyebrows / Between Brows $14 to 16
Jawline $18 to 150
Neck $24 to 320
Forehead $12 to 150
Chin $14 to 100
Ears $12 to 80
Full Face $48 to 650

Ministry Of Waxing Hands & Feet Prices

Hands & Feet Waxing prices for Strip Ministry
Top of Foot $15 to 320
Toes $10 to 100
Back of Hand $10 to 320
Fingers $10 to 100

Strip Ministry’s Lower Body Waxing Prices

Ministry of Waxing Price List for Lower Body
Lower Back $30 to 450
Inner Thigh $25 to 320
Half Leg (TOP) $45 to 950
Half Leg (Bottom) $40 to 650
Buttocks $30 to 950
Full Leg $75 to 1200
Ministry’s Salon Waxing Prices for Upper Body
Navel $15 to 140
Full Arm $45 to 750
Chest & Shoulders $35 to 950
Nipples $15 to 145
Stomach $20 to 450
Under Arm $25 to 240
Shoulders $20 to 320
Chest & Stomach $50 to 1200
Midriff $20 to 450
Half Arm $35 to 450
Full Back $60 to 1400

Strip Ministry Prices for Post Wax Care

Prices for Post Wax Care ar Ministry Waxing Salon
Intensive Post Wax Treatment $10
Extraction 10 mins $20 to $35
ke Mask 10mins $25.99

All About the Ministry of Waxing

According to what stated in their Website, The Ministry of Waxing had started their hair removal services, when the culture around the world is pretty medieval. The Ministry of Waxing had initiated their journey in 2002, when the founder Cynthia Chua, implemented safety, hygiene and less-pain with body culture. So, when the rest of the world is still trying to walk in a straight line after getting full body or a Brazilian, here in the Ministry of Waxing, people are actually enjoying the sessions. Which started only as a single waxing studio in Singapore, the Ministry of Waxing and their sister collaboration Strip, now spread in the whole world, with footholds in cities like London, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, New York, Penang, Shanghai and many more.

Strip Ministry Of Waxing Services

The name says it all. In the case of the Ministry of Waxing, as one can easily understand that, this particular organization is meant to deal with a variety of waxing services including some pre and post waxing skin care services as well. Waxing can be done on literally every part of the body. So, in the Ministry of Waxing, you can get hair removal services for both full body or area-specific, such as arms and legs and chest and back, etc.

Now, in terms of procedure, there are two ways through which hair removals can be done, one is the traditional hand waxing processes done with either hard or soft wax and the other is a more modern approach to the entire waxing scene, which Laser Hair removal. The traditional approach to waxing was always considered the most painful way to look beautiful for ages. But with constant innovation in terms of new techniques and waxes coming forth, the Ministry of Waxing takes the entire experience to a whole new level. They have traditional waxing for almost all the body areas and parts using home-made hard wax and soft wax to choose from in the service menu.

Now, coming to the laser hair removal techniques, the Ministry of Waxing uses similar hair removal services like the traditional ones, but in Soprano laser. Soprano laser is considered as one of the advanced and safest ways of hair removal, where platinum made Soprano ICE device has been used to kill all unwanted body hairs.
Other than different types of waxing services, the Ministry of Waxing is also known for providing different post-waxing skin cares like Ice cream, Sco Ace Cream and Sco peace and many more to smooth out your skin after waxing.

Ministry Of Waxing Review

To know any organization better, it is always a wise choice to go through all the customer reviews about that particular brand. So, like always, we conducted an internet survey and also spoke with some of the patrons as well to get a better picture of how the brand is doing whatsoever. The Ministry of Waxing is solely following its HSQ motto, which stands for hygiene, speed, and quality.

Basically, these are the three words that define the Ministry of Waxing ideally. According to the customers, their waxing services are undoubtedly one of the best in the entire world as they use the best quality of products and their techniques are pretty unique as well. Also, customers claim that the Ministry of Waxing services are pretty fast and painless at the same time. Moreover, in terms of hygiene, the Ministry of Waxing staff prioritizes the matter and provide individual waxing kit for each customer as well.

Ministry of Waxing Operation Hours

When can you get your waxing done in the Ministry of Waxing? The opening and closing timing of each of the outlets depends on the individual time zones of those particular areas only. But as in the USA, the Ministry of Waxing only has its outlet in New York City, where one can take their body hair removal services from 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM on Mondays to Fridays and from 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM, on Saturdays and Sundays. But, unlike most of the skincare and wellness centers, the Ministry of Waxing keeps its outlets closed only on public holidays.

Strip Ministry Of Waxing Hours
Monday 10 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday 10 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday 10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday 10 AM to 8 PM
Friday 10 AM to 8 PM
Saturday 11 AM to 7 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 7 PM

Ministry of Waxing Customer Service

Official Address

381 Broome Street

New York, NY 10013, USA

Telephone Number: +1 212 431 1121

Official Website:




What makes Ministry of Waxing so different from Other?

The popularity of any brand, especially in the market of overall wellness and holistic health, depends on mainly three pillars; and those are the products being used, the techniques and none other less courteous staff. So, if you evaluate the Ministry of Waxing, you will notice that this particular brand has something different to offer in all of these three genres. From the moment you enter their salons, you will notice a fun and quirky environment throughout which eventually lift anybody’s mood in minutes. All the Ministry of Waxing salons possesses a contemporary vibe and décor all along, which basically suits their motto and perspective in true sense.

Now coming to the services they provide, the Ministry of Waxing has the broadest range of waxing services in both traditional and laser procedures. With constant innovation and testing out different types of wax or making specific blends of wax, the primary intention of the Ministry of Waxing professionals is to make the entire wax process super fast and painless at the same time. Moreover, the laser hair removal technique they have been using is also considered as the most advanced, safe and precise among all the other variants as well.

Apart from having extreme pressure and rush of customers all day long, the Ministry of Waxing staff does not compromise with hygiene and sanitation of any of their customers. To achieve a clean waxing experience, they provide individual waxing kit, including expert gears as well, which is thoroughly discarded after the session was over. Moreover, staff in the Ministry of Waxing is very courteous and helpful in each step of your waxing journey.

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