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Palm Beach Tanning Salon Memberships & Pricing for all Services

There is no shame in admitting that you require tanning, nothing to be called vain about or even self-obsessed. We all need that layer of confidence on our skin to feel good about ourselves. And that is exactly what Palm Beach Tan Las Vegas or any other place is all about. They are here to fulfil all your tanning needs with their highly advanced and technologically well-equipped tanning beds. There is nothing to be called artificial about it.

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Not every one of us has the free time to go to the beach and lay there for hours to give our skin the golden tan it requires, some of us may be too busy with our lives, and that is precisely where the Palm Beach Tan San Antonio or Meridian comes to play. They have the cheapest Sunless Palm Beach Tanning prices that anyone can afford and the best part is that you can even opt for a membership that comes in silver, gold, platinum and diamond packages.

Palm Beach Tan Prices

The Palm Beach Tan Prices are very affordable and it is ranged in a low to highly luxurious packs. They have got the provisions for Monthly Plans whose startup fee is $20, and the Palm Beach Tan packages start from $19 with the highest going up to $119.95. There are also upgrade sessions available that have one-time session fees that start from $7.50 and go up to $30 maximum. There are single sunless sessions that are available only for premier membership, and the cost range of it starts from $35 and goes up to $60.

Palm Beach Tan Special Services Prices

 Special Service Prices at Plam Beah Tan
One Spray Tan per Month$14.95
Unlimited Level 1 Sunbed Tanning per Month$14.95

Palm Beach Spray Tan Prices

Palm Beach Tan Single Tan Prices
VersaSpa Sunless Skin Care System$36
VersaPro Heated Sunless Spa Series$36
Mystic Tan$36

Palm Beach Tan Sunless Tanning Prices

Sunless Tanning Prices at Plam Beach Spa
Sunless Premier Membership–One per month$25.99
Sunless Premier Membership$60.99

Palm Beach Tan Prices for Monthly Package

Monthly Package Prices for Palm Beach Tan
Gold Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$59.95
Gold Sunbed Tanning$49.95
Silver Sunbed Tanning$29.95
Diamond Sunbed Tanning$109.95
Diamond Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$119.95
Bronze Sunbed Tanning$19.95
Platinum Sunbed Tanning$59.95
Platinum Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$69.95
Silver Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$39.95
Bronze Sunbed Tanning (Flex)$29.95

Palm Beach Premier Membership Prices for Sunless Tanning

Premier Membership Prices at Plam Beach Salon
Versaspa-Moist (Premier Membership)$35
Versapro (2 Pack) (Premier Membership)$60
Mystic-Dark (2 Pack) (Premier Membership)$50
Versapro (Premier Membership)$40
Versaspa-Moist (2 Pack) (Premier Membership)$50
Mystic-Dark (Premier Membership)$35

Palm Beach Tan Non Premier Membership Prices

Non Premier Membership Price List
Versapro (2 Pack)$80
Versaspa-Moist (2 Pack)$70
Mystic-Dark (2 Pack)$70

Palm Beach Tan Salon Additives Prices

Additive Services Prices at Palm Beach
Desert Bloom Coconut Lime Tropical Paradise Scent$2.99
Triple bronze boost$6.99
Hypertan , Accelerator$7.99

Palm Beach Premier Member Silver Platinum Price List

Silver Platinum Prices at Palm Beach Tan Spa
Triple Bronzeboost$4.99
Desert Bloom Coconut Lime Tropical Paradise Scent$1.99
Hypertan, Accelerator$6.99

Palm Beach Tan Membership Prices for Diamond & Sunless

Palm Beach Tan Diamond & Sunless Prices
Hypertan, Accelerator$6.99
Desert Bloom Coconut Lime Tropical Paradise Scent$1.99
Mystic EFT-Dark$7.99
VersaSpa EFT-Dark$5.99
Triple Bronzeboost$4.99

Palm Beach Tan Upgrade Session Prices

Bronze to Gold Session$15
Silver to Diamond Session$14
Gold to Diamond Session$12
Bronze to Diamond Session$30
Bronze to Silver Session$7.5
Gold to Platinum Session$10
Bronze to Platinum Session$22.5
Silver to Platinum Session$12
Platinum to Diamond Session$10
Silver to Gold Session$8

Beauty Angle Service Prices at Palm Beach Tan

Palm Beach Tan Beauty Angle Prices
Flex$115 a month
Level one$60 a month

Palm Beach Tan Silver Membership Prices

Prices for Silver Membership
Upgrade to level four$+20
Level one$30 a month
Flex$50 a month
Upgrade to sunless membership $25.99
Upgrade to level three$+14
Upgrade to level two$+10

Palm Beach Tan Gold Membership Prices

Upgrade to Sunless Membership starting at$25.49
Level two$50 a month
Flex$65 a month
Upgrade to level four$+20
Upgrade to Lever three$+12

Palm Beach Tan Platinum Membership Prices

Flex$85 a month
Level three$70 a month
Upgrade to level four$+10
Upgrade to sunless membership Starting at$25.49

All About Palm Beach Tan Salon

The Palm Beach Tan is a company that is made for people that wants to make themselves feel confident about their daily life. The first person to get a franchise of Palm Beach Tan was the CEO and former president of Zales Jewelers, Donald Zale, in the year 2003. Soon this company became an $8 billion company as it rose to fame with an uproar amongst the customers. The main business philosophy of this company is to give its customers exactly what they want.

In order to make themselves more accessible, the company listens to every customer’s needs and tries to fulfill them up to the maximum extent possible. They have memberships with a bare minimum fee of $20 and even have a bronze package that only costs $19 to cater to people with the most basic wants. Due to their flexible plans, this company has reached so much profitability that it has more than 150 branches of Palm Beach Tan all over the country.

Services offered at Palm Beach Tan Locations

There are numerous services provided by the Palm Beach Tan. In order to know about each and everything on Palm Beach Tan Spray Tan Prices and services in detail, you should visit the nearest outlet. In this article, you will have a brief idea about the many services offered by the salon. The prime most service for which they are famous for is tanning. They provide this facility in many ways like tanning with sunglasses, tanning without sunglasses, sunbed tanning, spray tanning, skin tanning and many more. At most affordable prices, you can have the best tanning service in your vicinity.

There are several ranges of service to get your body appropriately tanned. They even have a system of membership, as well. You can buy a plan for yourself and get a service a couple of times in a year. In such a system, you can get many discounts as well. You can redeem your Palm Beach Tan Coupons to get a discount on your membership plan.

The membership plans are classified based on month by month or one-time service or auto-billing. All these plans are further categorized into diamond, gold, platinum and silver, as per your choice you can select your membership plan. Above are the complete Palm Beach Tan prices for all services. You can contact the salon to get more information on Palm Beach Tan Membership Prices.

Palm Beach Tan Reviews

The Palm Beach Tan Meridian has the best customer reviews that we found so far. Although almost all its locations had a useful review, we still would like to share some of the reviews we found reliable. One customer quoted, “I have a silver membership due to low budget, but I am pleased with the number of services they provide even in that range.”

Another customer said, “I feel so relaxed after entering one of their stores, and their tans last for a long time and feel good on skin.” Another customer said, “The price is too much for me, and I don’t think their bronze package does justify the price it costs.” Therefore, we can see that customers are both satisfied with their quality of service but still think that the price is more than required.

Palm Beach Tan Hours

The hours may differ from day to day. The timing for Sundays is from 12 pm to 8 pm. But it is not the same for all days. The timing for Saturdays is from 10 am to 8 pm. And for the rest of the days in the week, the timing is from 7 am to 9 pm.

Palm Beach Tan Salon Working Hours
Monday7 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 10 PM
Thursday7 AM to 10 PM
Friday7 AM to 10 PM
Saturday8 AM to 8 PM
Sunday9 AM to 9 PM

Palm Beach Tan Contact Info

Office Address:

Palm Beach Tan, Inc.
633 E. State Hwy 121, Suite 500
Coppell, TX 75019

Palm Beach Tan Customer Service Number: (888) 604-3455 (800) 835-7527

Official Website Address:

Social Media Links:

You can follow the below social networking pages to get the Palm Beach tanning coupons or any other offers.

At Palm Beach Tan, you may not need an appointment to visit the place, but you will surely need a membership to choose from as their services exclusively depend upon the kind of package you choose. If you are already a member and if looking for Palm Beach Tan membership cancellation, you can call the above customer service.

Why Palm Beach Tan Salon?

If you ask a person who has been to Palm Beach Tan Salon, you will only receive good reviews. One of the features of the salon is it is always clean. They feel the environment neat and tidy. You will never feel uncomfortable when you visit the salon. Even the staff is friendly. They will assist you in every step if there is a need and make you feel comfortable as well. It is for sure that you will have an overall pleasant experience after your visit to this place.

When it comes to maintaining the quality of the tanning bed, the Palm Beach Tan Salon comes in the first position. You can check the review of people online to clarify your concerns about anything associated with the salon. They only use the top line tanning system, which is the reason behind a few hikes in the cost. Palm Beach tan is the best place for you if you are looking for a quality tanning experience for yourself or your loved ones.


How much is a Spray Tan at Palm Beach Tan?

The Palm Beach Tan spray tan cost is around $14.95. It is provided as one spray tan per month for their customers who have got themselves a membership.

How much does Palm Beach Tan cost?

The cost at Palm Beach tan for startup is around $20, and then the packages start from $19 that is a bronze sunbed tanning package and then goes up to the highest Diamond sunbed tanning that is priced at $119.95. The price entirely depends upon their membership that you opt for.

How many locations of Palm Beach Tan are available in the country?

A total of 170 locations are available on Palm Beach Tan are available in the country.

How to find the nearest Palm Beach Tan to me?

To find a Palm Beach Tan Near Me, visit Palm beach tan official site and select Locations page and enter your Zip code, State name. Or you can use this direct link to find nearest Palm Beach Tan Locations.

How to cancel my Palm Beach Tan Membership?

You can cancel Palm Beach Tan membership either through their official website by logging into your account or even by contacting them personally through their call center number.

Does Palm Beach Tan provide discounts to their customers?

Yes, Palm Beach Tan provides discounts to their customers. 

What Time Does Palm Beach Tan Close?

Palm Beach Tan closes at 9 pm on Monday-Thursday, 8 pm on Friday, 6 pm on Saturday and 7 pm on Sunday.

What Time Does Palm Beach Tan Open?

Palm Beach Tan opens at 9 am on Monday-Friday, at 10 am on Saturday and noon on Sunday.

What time does the Palm Beach Tan open on Sunday?

On Sunday, the Palm Beach tan opens a little late for their customers, which is at noon.

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