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Phenix Salon Products and Prices – Enjoy your personalized sauna in your private suite

Apart from getting a pampering session, after a busy and hectic week, an hour and so in a public salon can be pretty distressing at the same time as well. All those running of the salon professionals here and there, that continuous chit-chat of other patrons. Discussing sad life stories with their stylist while the session is going on- all of these are literally enough to ruin the ultimate peace of your mind. What if, you and your favorite stylist will be in a separate room, calm and quiet, and your stylist know what to do to rejuvenate your hair and skin, and you get the peace of mind you are looking for days. Make sure to have a look at Phenix Salon Suites Prices before visiting.

We know, all of these are way too tough to get, especially when you are living in a country with some 329 million. And here comes the saviour to save from all of these and give you everything you need at the end of a busy day. The Phenix Salon Suites are one of its kind salon services, which are known for not only giving its clients a perfect haircare or skincare services but also provides the required private space, for those who like to work freely and on their own terms.

Phenix Salon Suites Prices

Before taking the first footstep about 85 years ago, the primary objective of Phenix Salon Suites is to make skin and hair care services affordable to everyone. Other than giving their salon suites for rental to franchises and individual entrepreneurs, this salon has a wide array of hair care services, including manicures and nail arts as well. Phenix Salon Suites Nail Prices are very minimal.

Phenix Salon Suite Prices image

For haircuts, this particular Phenix Salon Suites Cost something between $15 to $50, whereas the Phenix Salon Prices of hair coloring services may vary from $40 to $100 and even more in some cases. Now, for other hair care services like Deep conditioning treatments and Keratin Complex treatments, the Phenix Salon Suites may charge $20 and $250 respectively for single sessions.

Phenix Hair Salon Suites Prices

Phenix Salon Haircut Prices
Style Out$30.99
Women Cut & Blow Dry$50.99

Phenix Salon Straightening Services Cost

Prices For Straightening at Phenix Salon And Suites
Keratin Complex Treatment$250.49
Deep Conditioning Treatment$20.49

Phenix Salon Suites Costs for Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring Services Cost
Partial Caramelized$70
Full High or Low Light$90
Full Caramelized$100
Accent High or Lowlight$40
Full Color$65
Partial High or Light Lights$65

All About Phenix Salon Suites

In the history of salons and other wellness establishments, the Phenix Salon Suites are considered as one of the pioneers who are meant to bring changes in the market. Established over 85 years ago, the Phenix Salon Suites are esteemed as the pioneer, which brings the “boutique salon suite concept” in the USA. Founded by a family of hair and make-up professionals who have a dream to provide a safe space for everyone, with an aspiration to become the best in the industry.

The present popularity and uniqueness of this particular brand started in 2012 when Gina and Jason Rivera took over the business. After they came, the Phenix Salon Suites started growing like never before and have opened at 26 new locations around the country. With its never-ending franchise opportunity, the Phenix Salon Suite has already begun at about 200 locations with the goal of making it 300 in the next few years.

Phenix Salon Products & Services

Services and products provided by any wellness institutions are the primary keys behind all the fame it gets, and the Phenix Salon Suites are no different at all. And in case of them, the most unique thing is the idea of providing franchises and individual professionals a safe space where they can showcase their work on their own terms. With options like “boutique” and “spa” business models, the Phenix Salon Suites will provide all the structures and well-equipped frameworks needed for successful salon services. In contrast, the entrepreneurs can concentrate on other factors to grow their business-like developing client base, improving skills and formulating their strategies, etc. The Phenix Salon Suite professionals also provide required training to those in need.

Now, other than providing salon suites for rental, the Phenix Salon Suites also have their own hair cut and hair coloring services, where they pamper their patrons with almost every type of hairstyle and hair coloring services that are in trend at this point of time. From balayage to ombre to regular highlighting, the Phenix Salon Suites has everything to offer in the hair-coloring genre to their customers.

Other than different types of services, they also have a wide range of hand-curated products, such as the Ash-vintage volume lifter, Souffle Salt Scrub or the Glove lotions for hand and many more which are hand-curated for different purposes. Moreover, the money gathers by selling these products, the Organization used it as a medium of charity for cancer ailing patients.

Phenix Salon Suites Reviews

As Phenix Salon Suites are associated with professionals and customers, to get a better picture of them and their services, we have gone through all testimonials on their website and on other websites over the internet as well. And interestingly, from franchise owners to salon professionals to customers and patrons, all have something positive to say about the brand.

Where the franchises praise about the structural and business developmental help and ideas they get from the Phenix salon executives, the individual salon professionals, who take up space for rentals, have gone gaga about the well-equipped spaces and work-friendly quiet environment, the freedom of working on their terms and also the assistance they got from salon professionals all the time. And finally, all the customers who love their quiet time in their private salon suit, without all the hustle and bustle of the generic salon spaces.

Phenix Salon Hours of Operation

The Phenix Salon Suites believe in maintaining work-life balance and stay open from 09.00 AM to 04.00 PM, only on Mondays and Saturdays and Tuesdays to Friday, the active hours’ changes from 09.00 AM to 07.00 PM respectively. The Phenix Salon Suite is closed for Sundays, in all their locations whatsoever.

Phenix Salon Suites Hours
Monday9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

How to reach Phenix Salon Suites?

Phenix Salon Address: 

1084 N EL Camino Real,

Suite B #427, Encinitas,

CA 92024

Contact number: 719-785-4858

Phenix Salon Suites Official Website:




You can find nearest Phenix Salon Suites Locations at

What makes Phenix Salon Suite different from the others?

The answer to this particular question is pretty obvious, according to us, first of all. The idea of bringing the “boutique style salon suits” into the United States is what makes the brand different from the others in the first place. There are so many individual salon professionals and experts, who are not comfortable with the idea of working under “bosses” who tried to suppress their creative capabilities, by insisting them to stick to the salon menu. The Phoenix team is a safe space for all who can work on their own terms and also get all necessary help like structure, framework, all the required equipment and many more, which are essential to establish a personal salon space, and that too on a rental basis.

Also, the generic hair styling and hair coloring services provided by them have also involved the best quality products and advanced techniques, which ensures the safety of the hair and skins. Other than hair related services, they also have some Nail related services like Pedicures and Manicures as well. The wide varieties of products being sold in the Phenix Salon Suites are also one of the best in its genre, in terms of quality and price range as well. Moreover, these products can be used by general customers as well.

Although, the incredibly calm and quiet environment, with ultimate privacy for each professional, is what makes it different from all existing salons in the market at this point in time.


How much is the rent at Phenix Salon Suites?

The Phenix Salon Suites Rental Prices varies from location to location. But on an average, one mat gets charged somewhere between $150 to $250 per hour, depending on the type of the suite you have chosen. For more details related to this, one should contact the salon in the first place.

How much are Phenix Salon Suites?

The franchise of Phenix Salon Suites may range somewhere around $50,000, depending on the location of the salon you opted for.

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