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Planet Beach Price List – Best Spa Experience with the right amount of tan

Planet Beach is the fast-growing automated spa franchise in the world. Planet Beach is an innovative spray and spa tanning salon that aims at providing a one-stop-solution for the customers to feel and look good. As Planet Beach Prices very affordable you will never disappointed with their services. By the push of a button, you can enjoy the private spa experience at a reasonable rate and in less time than a traditional spa day.

Planet Beach is like a sanctuary for the women who want to eliminate the stress and recharge themselves for the biggest challenges of life. Planet Beach is not just a spa where you get the services from experts; it is an automated massage center where you get a complete body massage, facial, teeth whitening and red light therapy for a good body transformation and stress relief.

Planet Beach Prices

Planet Beach pricing is based on the services offered at each location and generally, the price varies from membership card to card and for individual services. It is always advised to own a membership card and avail offers.

Planet Beach Prices image

California spray tan may cost you around $20 and up. Hydro Massage, oxygen therapy, Infrared Sauna, Beauty Angel, Body Wrap using Slim it Infrared costs are similar. Infrared Liquid vitamin steam baths, light therapy facial with Lumiere excels service are done with a price range of $30 – $50. Planet Beach package prices are very much less compared to other competitors.

Planet Beach Tanning Price List

Planet Beach Tan Prices
SlimIt Infrared Body Wrap$29.99
Infrared Sauna$29.99
California Spray Tan$20.99
Lumiere Excel Light Therapy Facial$49.99
CyberRelax with Oxygen Therapy$29.99
Liquid Vitamin Infrared Steam Bath$39.99
Beauty Angel$29.99

Planet Beach Membership Prices & Packages

Planet Beach package prices vary from card to card. If you are using the monthly membership card, then you are eligible to get any one of the following privileges:

  • Unlimited UV therapy services – with four spas a month.
  • Unlimited Hotworx.
  • Unlimited access to ALL services – extra charges for a solution.
  • Unlimited access to all services 
  • Unlimited access to any Planet Beach location – extra solution fee for spray tan service.
  • Four airbrushes a month 

These are the offers available for membership cards and they also provide Spa parties up to 5 guests per session. Planet Beach Membership Packages range from $69 – $129, depending upon your requirements. Prices may vary from location to location because of the offers and promotions. It is advisable to check the planet beach near you.

About Planet Beach Spray and Spa

Stephen Smith started the first tanning salon in 1995 at Uptown New Orleans under the name “Electric Beach.” As the salon business started to flourish, Smith decided to establish Franchisee, and thus Electric Beach became Planet Beach. His first Franchise store was opened on April 1, 1996, and now there are more than 200 franchise units worldwide. The headquarters is based in New Orleans, with its first salon still operating successfully in New Orleans.

Planet Beach Spray and Spa have become an international shop with solutions for every customer’s needs. Customers experience planet beach tanning spray and spa treatments with superior customer service.

Planet Beach Tanning Services

Planet beach UV tanning prices and other spa services are available at affordable prices. You can get a complete spa-like experience with the automated machines at the planet beach. There are automated machines for spray tanning, massage and even for facials. You can get excellent dental teeth whitening treatment using the UV rays and automated spray tan machines tan your skin in less than 3 minutes. This service overlaps the full –day sunbath at the beach. 

  • Hot work
  • Spray tans
  • Automated massage
  • Automated facials
  • Red light therapy
  • Full Body hydration
  • Teeth whitening
  • UV tanning
  • Weight Management
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Guided meditation 

They have a variety of products in their salon for Skin Care, Aromatherapy, Sunless tanning, Nutrition, and UV lotions. If you get a membership card, then you can enjoy unlimited services and special focus for VIP Guests. They also provide a personal regime and product consultation and help you choose the right product. They also provide family add on discounts and reciprocal membership options. This option helps you to add your family members at a little extra cost for a complete spa experience. There are monthly promotions in the spa, and you get exciting offers for your regular check-in.

Planet Beach Tanning Salon Review

Planet Beach tanning prices are less than other salons. Customers are happy about the planet beach membership costs as they are even less than the regular Planet Beach monthly costs.

Customer service is incredibly excellent and this is one of the main reasons for the frequent visits of the customers. Customers are all in praise of the services and most of them have membership cards from the salon. Availing a membership card helps the customers to visit the salon whenever they need it. Most of the customers have praised the Planet Beach Spray Tan Cost and the tanning service provided there.

Customers are fond of the automated services provided by them as most of the services found to produce good results. By the touch of a button, they were able to experience a traditional spa-like experience without any assistance.

Planet Beach Hours

Planet beach locations are open from 9 AM and operate till 8 PM on weekdays. On weekends, they close a bit earlier around 4 PM. You need a prior appointment to get a planet beach UV tanning. Prices are slashed for the members and the monthly packages in this salon.

Planet Beach Tanning Salon Hours

Monday9 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 8 PM
Thursday9 AM to 8 PM
Friday9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday9 AM to 8 PM
SundayCM to 4 PM

How to Contact Planet Beach Spa?

You can visit Planet Beach without and with an appointment. It is always best to book the appointment and reach the salon. Almost all the services will be completed in less than half an hour. As most of the Planet Beach membership packages have offers for every month, you can get a complete spa experience for less than $100. To know more about the packages and services offered at the Planet Beach Spray Tan, visit the nearest branch.


5145 &5161 Taravella Road,

Marrero, LA 70072

Contact: +1 (504) 361-5550





Why Do I prefer Planet Beach Spray Tan Salon?

Do you need tanned skin or teeth whitening for the holiday trips? Planet Beach is the perfect place to get both these services in less than one hour. There are automated machines to provide the desired results at unbelievable prices. They help you to achieve your fitness goals and beauty & wellness with their automated services and quality products. A traditional spa will utilize your whole precious day for all the services and bomb your pocket.

Whereas, at planet beach, you get all these services in less than 2 hours. This reason attracts more customers towards planet beach. If you become a member, then you are bound to experience unlimited services of the spa under $89. They also provide many offers and services, which you can utilize to get many exciting free sessions of any service. There are varieties of membership cards for the unique taste of customers. Their consultants will help us to choose the best one from the list.


How much is teeth whitening at Planet Beach?

Teeth whitening costs $59 for one session at planet beach. You can get a combo service pack and get facilities of a spa for $99, which includes tanning, teeth whitening and UV therapy.

How much is a spray tan cost at Planet Beach?

Two auto- bronze spray tans will cost you $58 without any offer. However, you can receive it for $18 on membership cards.

How much does it cost to tan at Planet Beach?

Tanning at planet beach will cost you $50 for one time. This tanning will last you for a whole week.

How much is a Planet Beach membership?

Depending upon the location, planet beach membership prices vary from $69 – $99 per month.

How to cancel Planet Beach membership?

You can cancel the planet beach membership card by providing a written agreement with one of the following reasons:
1. If your residence is more than 20 miles away from any planet beach location.
2. If you are undergoing a long –term medication. For the above-stated reasons, you need to provide proof. Any standing payment balance and cancellation fee of $99 must be paid along with the form. After 60 days, your membership will be canceled.

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