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Planet Sun Tanning & Sunless Spa Prices and exciting discounts over memberships

Planet sun is a high-quality prized tanning spa and its primary intention is to offer outstanding customer service. In Planet Sun Tanning salon, the consultants are certified, trained, and friendly who is always available to make sure that every tanning and spa experience is enjoyable.

The Planet Sun Tanning Studio struggles not only hard to maintain a new, stylish, and client welcoming atmosphere but also make sure that cleanliness is their first priority at every moment. As Planet Sun Tanning Salons’ commitment to customers is to provide healthy tanning in restraint and their goal is to educate each patron on how to get a stunning tan most safely and harmlessly.

Planet Sun Prices

Planet Sun Tan prices are in sequence with other countrywide tanning salons like Sun Tan city, south beach tanning, and Palm Beach tan. The prices of this salon are much lower, unlike other salons with a monthly membership card. The membership client can have access to the Planet Sun Clubs, along with the option of limitless choice to have a level tanning bed or every month for once you can have a gratis sunless tan. There are many Planet Sun Tanning Coupons available, particularly for new clients who can utilize it to get some discounts. There are four levels in tanning based on the level the price will vary.

Planet Sun Prices image

Planet Sun Tanning Prices

Services Single Session Price Monthly Membership Price
Level I 11$ 24$
Level II 16$ 44$
Level III 25$ 64$
Level IV 32$ 84$

New Jersey’s Finest Tanning Salons – The Planet Sun

Planet Sun Pueblo West was established in the year 2000 and it is one of the best tanning salons found in New Jersey; at present, it has expanded in 9 locations and is rapidly growing. Its success and development are due to the constant dedication to the client service, well maintained, and cleanliness.

Planet Sun Tanning & Sunless Spa is the most elegant tanning salon of New Jersey where one can always get a friendly welcome, a personalized experience, and for sure, you will receive the most wonderful tanning ever. The Planet Sun Tanning Salon is the most developed salon in Northern NJ and perfectly specialized in sunless tanning, which is known for faultless results.

Planet Sun Tanning Studio Services

Planet Sun offers several unique services that are not available in most of the other salons. This salon provides teeth whitening service with the help of the BleachBright partnership. Using the Norvell equipment, the Planet Sun Salon provides modified airbrush tanning. They are widely extended and respected as one of the very advanced and highly developed salons in the US. You require only a single session for getting much shaded darker skin, which is perfect for one time tanning in a year or for any special event.

A unique service provided by Planet Sun is Red Light Therapy. You are suggested to have this service three times a week and to continue for 12 weeks. Along with light therapy, they offer different levels of vibration that give relaxation to muscles, stimulate circulation, relieve tension, and tone muscles.

Planet Sun Reviews

It is the best tanning salon with friendly and knowledgeable staff and the salon itself maintained in unimpeachable shape. Rooms are kept neat and clean, and there are several bed choices for you, so choose the best one that works correctly for you. The Planet Sun Spray Tan Price is reasonable and the service offered by staff is impressive; the outcome is flawless.

If you are looking for a wonderful client service, neat and properly maintained beds, and a stunning, long-lasting tan, then this Planet Sun Salon is what you need. The staff is well trained and they will always welcome when you arrive and suggest the right bed for the best results. It is highly recommended and an amazing salon for the people who want the best tanning and spa.

Planet Sun Tanning Hours

The Planet Sun Tanning Hours will vary from day to day schedule. The Planet Sun Hoboken hours are; the salon’s opening time from Monday to Saturday is 9.00 AM, whereas it opens at 10.00 AM on Sunday. The closing time is 10.00 PM from Monday to Friday, on Saturday the salon closes at 8.00 PM and on Sunday it closes at 6.00 PM.

Planet Sun Hours of Operation
Monday 9AM to 10PM
Tuesday 9AM to 10PM
Wednesday 9AM to 10PM
Thursday 9AM to 10PM
Friday 9AM to 10PM
Saturday 9AM to 8PM
Sunday 10AM to 6PM

Planet Sun Salon’s Customer Support

You can make a call to take an appointment for scheduled hours from the trained staff or visit the salon during working hours.  

Planet Sun’s Corporate Address: 1102 N Jefferson Ave, Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455. 

Contact Number: (201) 840-6968

To make an appointment or to have a look at the services and products, please visit the official website

The other location is 225 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

Contact number: (201) 798-7788

Why do I choose Planet Sun Tanning Salon?

To improve your tanning and spa experience, Planet Sun Tanning Salon will help you in finding the appropriate skin-care product according to your skin-tone that will harmonize your tan, increase your true tanning potential, and make your skin look healthier.

Planet Sun provides the Spray Booth Mystic HD, which will make you streak-free, UV free, faultless and has a natural tan, which is suitable for any skin and any event.

Since customers are their top priority, this salon is open for seven days in a week with comfortable business timings to fulfill your requirements. Planet Sun’s trained and well-knowledgeable tanning specialist will make sure that each customer will leave the salon with their preferred results for whatever service they come either for a base tan, or special occasion, or to have a healthy glow. Special discounts are given for club members of Planet Sun Salon.

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