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Pretty Kitty Waxing Prices and Services | Experience Best Waxing at affordable cost

Who hasn’t heard of Pretty Kitty as a well-established waxing salon available in the country? They have made a name for themselves due to their very different technique of doing Brazilian wax by using soft wax. Most waxing salons and spa avoid using the soft wax because they are not trained enough for it, and if misused or misapplied, it may cause a lot of pain to their customer.

But in Pretty Kitty, all estheticians are experts and have gone through unbiased training in the use of soft wax, that is good for your skin, and also cause a minimal amount of pain. The Pretty Kitty Wax Prices are charged at a very minimal and reasonable rate, which is what makes it very popular amongst all types of customers. According to the founder of Pretty Kitty, they do not take more than 10 to 15 minutes for a full Brazilian wax, which is impressive.

Pretty Kitty Prices

The Pretty Kitty Brazilian Wax Price is charged at a very minimum rate, which is only $55 that includes a full front, inner thighs, belly trail and back strip. Other than that, all of their services like bikini, brow design, etc., will fall under a range of $10 to $60.

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Prices At Pretty Kitty Waxing Packages

Pretty Kitty Waxing Salon Prices
Half Leg with Brazilian$90.99
Full Leg with Bikini$90.49
Half Leg with Bikini$70.99
Full Leg with Brazilian$105.49
Buy 4 Pretty Kitty Brazilian Wax Price (20 Savings)$200.49

Pretty Kitty Salon Waxing Services Prices

Pretty Kitty Waxing Services Price List
Bikini (Includes Belly Trail & Inner Thighs)$35.49
Face (Sides)$10.49
Half Leg$45.49
Men’s Back$55.99
Full Leg (Includes Toes)$60.49
Full Arm$40.49
Brow Design$20.49
Brazilian (Includes Full Front, Belly Trail, Inner Thighs, & Backstrip)$55.49
Under Arm$15.99
Men’s Chest & Stomach$55.99
Full Face$40.49
Full Arm (with Hands)$50.49
Half Arm$30.49

More On Pretty Kitty Salon

The first Pretty Kitty outlet opened in 2012 by Tricia Hetherington. The first branch was set in Montclair, New Jersey. She thought that the women in the city have sensibilities about the lifestyle of the modern world. The women in the city have a positive approach to health and beauty.

Mainly, they have spread their business in three states, which are California, Nevada, and Texas. With the mission providing service of waxing to women, they have successfully established their business among other competitors. All the products used in all the processes are of high quality.

Pretty Kitty Services

The Pretty Kitty has a variety of services related to waxing. Most of the customers of Pretty Kitty are women. But they also provide services to men as well. Every part can get waxed when you are in Pretty Kitty salon. Body parts like face, chin, lips, arms, and many more can be waxed here. Their services are classified in a good manner. You can even get half leg waxed in less amount of money. You do not need to pay more if you just want a particular section to get waxed. For more information on the pricing of different body parts, you can visit the official website and check the section under the name of Pretty Kitty Montclair Prices.

The primary speciality of Pretty Kitty is that all the service does not require much time. You can get the service done in a couple of minutes and run for other usual work. The timing needed for getting a Brazilian waxing will only take ten minutes. Likewise, another service requires less time to complete. They also have a coupon system. After the service is done, there is always a chance to win Pretty Kitty Coupons, which you can use to get discounts on your next trip to the salon.

They also provide you with different packages in which different types of services are merged into one package. You will get all the services in less amount of money if you are opting for any package. There are different packages like Brazilian waxing, which includes waxing of full-body front, back strips, belly trial and waxing of inner thighs, half leg with Brazilian waxing, full leg with bikini waxing and many more.

Pretty Kitty Reviews

We conducted a small customer feedback session on our website and we found various interesting comments related to the Pretty Kitty salons. Most customers were happy with their ambience as it was not too crowded, whereas some had complaints regarding the professionalism and prices of Pretty Kitty. One customer said, “I didn’t have an appointment, as I was just passing by one of their locations and thought of getting waxing done, they gave me a slot immediately without asking me to wait”.

Another customer was delighted with the inexpensive prices, “I think the charges for their waxing packages are very reasonable and affordable. I always opt for a waxing package whenever I go to any of their locations”. A customer was unhappy about the waxing done on her legs, “My skin started burning after she pulled a wax strip too slow, it gave me rashes and I am never going back.”

The Pretty Kitty Hours

The outlets of Pretty Kitty are open on all days of the week. The timing for Mondays to Fridays is from 10 am to 7 pm. But on Sundays and Saturdays, all the outlets close early. The timing for Sundays and Saturdays is from 10 am to 5:30 pm. To get the exact timing of the nearest Pretty Kitty Franchise, you can contact the helpline number provided below.

Pretty Kitty Waxing Salon Hours of Operation
Monday10 AM to 7.30 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 7.30 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 7.30 PM
Thursday10 AM to 7.30 PM
Friday10 AM to 7.30 PM
Saturday10 AM to 5.30 PM
Sunday10 AM to 5.30 PM

Customer Support of Pretty Kitty

Office Address:



Customer Service Number: (951) 279-6369

Official Website:





Why only Pretty Kitty Salon?

When it comes to waxing, Pretty Kitty is the best option for you. They just provide service related to waxing and nothing more. All the products used in the salon are of high-quality. The oil used in their wax is Argan oil, which is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree. These trees are only found in the regions of Morocco. The oil is specially exported to the salon in order to give quality service to the customers.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, the Pretty Kitty is one of the most trusted salons when it comes to waxing. Even the prices of all the services are reasonable. You can get all the services done within a modest price range.


How much does waxing at Pretty Kitty cost?

Waxing at Pretty Kitty will depend upon if you have opted for the service individually or went for a package. Individual prices will range between $10 and $60, whereas packages start at $90 and go up to $200.

What are the prices at Pretty Kitty?

The prices at Pretty Kitty are very reasonable. If you walk into any salon belonging to Pretty Kitty, you can be assured that you will be charged between $10 and $200 for any of their services.

What are the Pretty Kitty Rancho Cucamonga Prices?

The Pretty Kitty Rancho Cucamonga Prices are the same as any of the Pretty Kitty locations because of their same price rule. It will start at a minimum rate of $10 and go up to $200.

How many branches of Pretty Kitty are available in the country?

There are several locations of Pretty Kitty available in the country that makes it a total of around 24 locations, with many upcoming projects as well.

How to find Pretty Kitty locations near me?

1. Go to Pretty Kitty official website and go to the tab that says locations.
2. Now enter either give your zip code manually or let the website detect it for you by permitting it to access your location. As soon as you have done it, it will provide you with a list of all Pretty Kitty locations near you, along with their contact numbers.

What are the services provided by Pretty Kitty?

The most basic service provided by Pretty Kitty is waxing, such as Brazilian wax, bikini wax, brow design, chin wax, nose wax, lip, face sides, arms, legs, men’s chest and back, etc.

Does Pretty Kitty provide its customers with any discounts?

Yes, Pretty Kitty does provide its most frequent customer with some discounts, also they may offer a discounted price if they are having a promotion or it’s the time of a holiday season.

Does Pretty Kitty require customers to make any appointments?

It is not mandatory to make an appointment for Pretty Kitty if you ever visit their location. But taking an appointment will save you the time that you waste in waiting.

Does Pretty Kitty provide any services other than just waxing?

Pretty Kitty does not divert its attention towards any other services. It’s a salon that is wholly dedicated to providing all waxing needs to their customers.

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