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Pro-Cuts Prices- Men can now flaunt their hairstyles at the most affordable prices

When it comes to haircuts, specifically, women always happen to get the most versatile styles in that genre. Admit it or not, Men’s hair has deprived of all the fun for the last two decades or some. But not anymore. If you are living somewhere in southern Massachusetts, then there is nothing you should worry about. Search for “Pro Cuts Near Me” in your favorite search engine, and you will get all the answers you are looking for.

Pro-Cuts Prices image
Pro-Cuts Prices image

Pro Cuts are known for providing the best hair care services, including evaluation and hair medications, especially to men. Awarded as the best hairstylist salon for ten consecutive years by the readers of Wicked Local, ProCuts hair salon had been successful in holding back their large base of loyal clients for almost four decades. Their exciting hair services menu, care menus, and, most importantly, affordable Pro Cuts prices are what keeps them holding up their business for so long.

 Pro Cuts Prices

Unlike most of the popular hair styling salons in the USA, Pro Cuts solely believes in keeping everything short and simple. And this particular point of view of them is also clearly visible in their service menu and Pro Cuts Prices point as well. As this is a haircutting salon, their service menu consists of a few types of hair cuts only. And to get them, a customer may get charged something around $16 to $19 depending on the age of the individual. They also offer some additional services like shampoo and blow-drying, etc., but most of the time, they are granted for free with haircuts.

Pro Cuts Price List

ServiceProCuts Prices
Semi-Pro (18 Years Old and Under)$15.99
Pro Cuts Haircuts Price$18.99

About Pro Cuts Salon – Who they Really are?

Pro Cuts Salons are basically sister cooperation of Regis Corporation, the most extensive hair centric company, which manages over 10,000 hair salons all over the world. Moreover, Regis Corporation is one of the fewest brands present in the world, which deals with Men’s hair care only. Now, Pro-Cuts, as a brand, first opened its store in the year 1980 with only one store in southern Massachusetts, which multiplied itself into a few more branches over the past years. This started as a hair care salon only for men of all ages and Pro Cuts also evolved in the sector and started their hair care services for women as well in the late 2000s.

Pro Cut Salons Services

It is easily understandable by now that Pro-Cut Salons are all about hair and hair care services. As it is one of those brands solely meant for boys only, the influence of different celebrity haircuts is pretty much prominent in their service menu. There was a time when Pro-Cut Salons were known for duplicating famous sports men’s haircuts on their clients. From minimalistic basic ones to all things avant-garde, the haircut specialists in Pro-Cut Salons can achieve any type of hairstyle as per the requirements of their clients. Some of the most popular Men’s hair cuts done on Pro Cuts barber shop include classic fade, short layer, taper cut with a part, etc.

Starting as a men’s salon only back in the ’80s, Pro cuts have gone through a lot of evolution down the road and finally have opened their path for women and children. Some of the famous women haircuts done in salons include cuts like Curly lob and long layers and many more. They have also gained expertise in little Boy’s and Girl’s haircuts as well, in the past few years.

Other than hair cut services, they also have included additional services like shampoo and blow-drying of hair. Though all these additional services come free with the hair cuts, sometimes the customers have to pay for them separately, if they only opted for these services only. Other than regular cutting and styling, Pro-Cuts Salons also do beard trimmings as well.

Pro Cut Hair Salon Reviews   – What People have to say?

To know more thoroughly about the Pro-Cut brands and their services, we have gone through a few numbers of testimonials from their clients. From those, and also some online reviews, we have got a clear picture of the brand. Pro Cut Salon experts are extremely professional and well-trained in what they do. From evaluating the hair quality and suggesting the best hair cut according to the face shape, one can get assistance from them right after entering the salon. Moreover, all the products used by them are best in the industry and extremely beneficial for hair and scalp. Also, as the Pro Cut Salon had emerged as a Male-centric brand, the décor and vibe inside the salon are pretty edgy and vibrant by all means.

Pro Cuts Hours

Monday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM to 8:00 PM 

Pro Cuts Near Me

Official address:

Silverbell Plaza Li
2500 N, Silverbell Road
Ste 130 Tucson
AZ 85745

Telephone Number: (520) 792-0070

Official Website:

Don’t know how to find Pro Cuts Near Me? No worries here is the link –

Social Media Handles:

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What makes Pro Cuts Barber Shop Different from the others in the market?

In the world of competition, where everyone is competing with all the others, about how much they know, keeping one’s foot grounded is quite a difficult job. In the beauty and salon industry, most of the big names are loaded with hundreds of different services to lure their customers. But, unlike all of those, Pro-Cuts Salons are still stuck to those minimum services they happened to do some 40 years ago.

And they are so good at it that apart from not having so many different services, they still manage to hold the first position in the hair care business for quite a few years now. And also, the highly affordable price point of the Pro Cut Salon services is also making them different from the other top names. Regarding the fact that Pro Cut Salons are one of the best in the business, their rates are pretty cheap and affordable. And this fact solely makes their service accessible to all men around there.


How much is a men’s haircut at Pro-Cuts?

For an adult man haircut in Pro Cut, it costs around $19. Along with shampoo, conditioner and blow-drying included in the service.

What does a haircut cost at Pro-Cuts?

Pro Cuts service menu is basically comprised of two different types of hair cut services, which are Pro-Cut and semi-pro, and the Pro Cuts Haircut Prices are $19 and $16 for them, respectively.

What time does Pro-Cuts open today?

Except for Saturdays, Pro Cut Salons opens at 09.00 AM. And for Saturdays only, the time changes to 08.00 AM.

What time does ProCuts close?

For the weekdays, the Pro Cut Salons close at 8.00 PM and for the weekends, i.e., for Saturdays and Sundays, the closing time changes to 07.00 PM and 06.00 PM, respectively.

How much does a Pro Cuts Hair Stylist make in the United States?

On an average, Hair stylist hourly pay is $9.37 apporx in the Pro Cuts, United States.

Final Verdict

Pro Cuts gives you the exact hair cut that you are looking for. Get to know the latest prices for all its services before making a visit. The prices might vary from time to time and those changes wholly depend on the ProCuts decision.

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