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Regis Hair Salon Prices for all luxury services with discounts and coupons

Boost your beauty with stylish hair and attractive services from Regis Hair Salon. From modern cuts and latest trends to specialized services for particular occasions, the stylists of Regis Salon help you to have a perfectly stylish look. The goal of this salon is to provide a connecting space where you can filter and sort out the best look and feel that suits you. The Regis Salon Prices are very reasonable.

So budget-aware people prefer to go to this salon. Regis Salon’s unique mark is its broad service to all customers irrespective of status, ages, and gender. Clients can get both functions and hair care related products at the one-stop store itself.

Regis Salon Prices

The Regis Salon Pricing is affordable with the motto of giving excellent services from trained staff members, especially in different trendy hairstyles. Here is a Regis Salon Prices list for some services.

Regis Salon Prices image

Regis Hair Price List

Regis Hairstylists Price
Mens Haircut–Shampoo, Condition, Cut & Style$28.99
Facial Waxing$14.99
Intensity Conditioning$10.99
Womens Haircut–Shampoo, Condition, Cut & Dry$30.49
Mens Haircut–Shampoo, Condition, Cut & Dry$20.99
Womens Haircut–Shampoo, Condition, Cut & Style$38.49
7 Foils Only (No Blow Dry)$29.99

Regis Hairdressing Prices

Regis Hairstylists Price
Formal Styling/Special Occasion Hair$55
Deep Conditioning Treatments$10
Blow Outs$100

Regis Salon History & Growth

Kunin’s family established this enormous salon in the year 1922, which got expanded immediately into a chain of worth-oriented salons. Kunin’s son Myron, who then took over the string in the year 1958, renamed it as Regis. It is still growing continuously throughout the world and is gaining great conceit in its family-related business model. 

Regis entrusted their brand to make people feel implausible, look gorgeous, and make them go away with an intention that their decision to come to the salon is right. At present, Regis turnover every year is multi-billion dollars and stood as a global leader in cosmetology education, hair restoration, and beauty salons. Today, there are about 10,000 Regis Hair Salon branches throughout the world. Customer service is their primary priority that’s the reason they got succeeded, and still, clients continue to visit the same Regis Salon because of the advanced services offered and consistent satisfaction. 

Regis Hair Salon Services

Regis Salon service list is divided into four categories, such as color, haircut, finish, and treatments. Men or women of any age are welcome to any haircuts and styling. These salons staffs are experts who are familiar with the present trend and fashion culture. The team provides you with a complete array of haircuts, chemical treatments, styling and trendy services, and some other extra services like wet shaves and beard trims. However, the most accepted and main draw services of this salon are hair care and haircut services.

Regis staff assists the customers in finding out the perfect hair color that will match with their personality and give a trendy look. When coming to hair color, Regis Salon will allow their trained color expert masters to satisfy customer needs. Colouring services comprise fashion color, base color, and color correction. Permanent, semi coloring gives complete new coloring, whereas partial, mini, full highlights provide a personalized look.

Treatments of hair services comprise conditioning or straightening for lustre and nourishment, perming. While performing Regis Shampoo and Conditioner, you feel very relaxed with a smooth head massage. Finishing services comprises straightening irons, updos, waves, blow-dry, curling, and teasing. Along with this, Regis Salon also provides many complicated services like ombre, balayage, deep conditioning, and texturizing services.

Regis Hair Reviews

Customer reviews are more important to know about the salon and its services. Customers feel that staff at this salon is amazing, friendly, and has a great atmosphere. The Regis Hair Price was fair and there are plenty of services available here at a reasonable price. Customer satisfaction is their priority and once you visit this salon, you will definitely come back again. 

The stylists here listen to your concerns and suggest you the best one that suits you in a better way. After the completion of the hair cut, they will explain to you how to maintain and keep looking at the style in a significant way. Regis Salon is a wonderful choice for people who are looking for a trendy, classic, and stylish hair cut. 

Regions Hair Salon Hours

Here are the working hours of this salon, so try to visit the salon only in between that timings. 

Working Hours of Regis Salon
Monday10 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 9 PM
Thursday10 AM to 9 PM
Friday10 AM to 9 PM
Saturday10 AM to 9 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

Regis Salon Customer Support

To get Regis Hairdressing appointment or for further information, please go through their official site at and don’t forget to check Regis Hair Salons coupons for an instant discount or any special offer. 

Using the Regis Hair Salon Locator, you can find out the Regis Salons near you along with with address, working hours, careers, and more. 

Why Regis Salon?

Though Regis has spread into an enormous corporation of around 10,000 branches through the world with the billion-dollar turnover every year, the friendliness, humility, and cosiness of this salon are a bit evocative of an area barbershop that helps you to build a comfort zone. Its commitment to providing excellent customer service is what boosts its non-stop intensification and health today.

With the adequately maintained Regis resources, they will appoint high-calibre trained stylist who knows exactly what they are doing and they never forget that customer satisfaction is more important. There is no doubt that Regis staff knows how to handle their clients properly. The main motto is to offer unmatched and faultless customer service.

When you go to this salon, very soon, you will see their dedication to your contentment and professionals will talk to you and explain what exactly you need that day. Another good thing to select Regis is its reasonable prices. Despite the commitment to service excellence, the Regis Hairstylist’s Price is also low, making you have the best look without using much amount from your wallet. Therefore, it is a good option for the whole family.


How much is a haircut at Regis Salon?

The price for women’s haircut is $30.00 and men’s haircut is $20.00. 

What brand of Hair color Does Regis Salon use?

Regis Salons use Wella Master Color Experts. 

How to buy a gift card for Regis Salon?

You can buy Regis gift cards at any online store of Shop Regis or directly from their store salons. 

What time does Regis Salon open?

Regis Salon opens at 10.00 AM from Monday to Friday, 9.00 AM on Saturday, and 11.00 AM on Sunday. 

When does Regis Hair Salon close?

Regis Salon closes at 9.00 PM on all days except on Sunday, which is closed at 7.00 PM. 

Where is Regis Salon in Polaris mall?

Regis Salon is located at 1500 Polaris pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240.

How many locations Regis Salon have nationwide?

There are around 10,000 locations worldwide for Regis Salons.

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