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Salon Lofts Hair Price, Gift Cards and Discounts

Salon Lofts is a very unique concept where they not only provide customers with all their beauty needs but also a partnership or deal to become a loft owner oneself. We will discuss more of it in the following segment, but before that, let us focus on the high-class service they provide. Salon Lofts will give you the treatment received by royalty. They will let you choose from thousands of specialists on their website and enables you to decide which is the best.

Another vital point about Salon Lofts is it’s easy to gain the franchise. There are more than 139 locations of Salon Lofts all over the country with more than 1000 owners. People have kick-started their career with them, and they provide you with the décor to utilities, staff training, and management. They have partnered with the top brands of the industry to give their customers the best support they can.

Salon Lofts Prices

The Salon Loft prices may appear to be a bit midrange to high range for most customers. But we can assure you that customers who have actually tried them, are more than satisfied with the charges as they will style your hair in the trendiest cut, and make sure that they don’t disappoint you. A crisping will come very cheap, which is only $10, whereas a haircut will cost you between $35 to $50.

Salon Lofts Prices image

Salon Lofts Haircut Prices

Conditioning Treatment (Add on Service)$20.99
Children’s Cut (0-2 Years)$15.49
Children’s Cut & Style (3-12 Years)$25.99
Bang Trim$10.99
Men’s Cut & Style$35.49
Beard Trim$10.99
Women’s Cut & Style$50.49
Conditioning Treatment$30.99

The Loft Salon Formal Design Price List

Bridal (Trial Run)$70
Bridal (Day of)$75
Special Occasion$65

Salon Lofts Coloring Service Prices

All Over Color + Cut + Style$125
Full Highlights + Cut + Style$150
Face Frame Highlights + Cut + Style$80
Shine Gloss + Style$55
All Over Color & Style$75
Partial Highlights & Style$75
Shine Gloss + Cut + Style$105
Men’s Color + Cut$75
Color Retouch + Partial Foil + Cut + Style$135
Full Highlights & Style$100
Partial Highlights + Cut + Style$125
Color Retouch + Cut + Style$105
Color Retouch & Style$55
Face Frame Highlights & Style$30
Men’s Color$40
Color Retouch + Partial Foil + Style$85

Salon Lofts Waxing Services

Eyebrow Tint$20.99
Eyebrow Tint + Eyebrow Shaping$32.49
Eyebrow Shaping$17.49
Full Face (Brow, Lip, and Chin)$35.49

Salon Lofts Straightening Services Cost

Brazilian Straightening Treatment$275

More About The Loft Salon

With a mission of flourishing the profession of beautification and to spread their business throughout different parts of the country as well as providing quality services to customers, Salon Loft started in 2003. In the beginning, the salon was just to earn some profit. After a couple of months, Sadd bought the place. Before owning Salon Loft, he used to invest in real estate. After he became president of Salon Loft, he flourished the business.

From a single outlet, they have slowly moved to different cities. The journey was not easy since there were many other competitors as well. Even then, they have managed to secure their own position in the market. Nowadays, there are more than 50 outlets of Salon Loft throughout the US. They have fully functioning outlets and well-established businesses in five central states of America. The company encourages taking their franchise in their city in order to spread their business. Salon Lofts Franchise Cost can be confirmed after contacting them personally via email or phone call.

Services in Salon Lofts Spa

There are numerous services offered by the salon. But the primary services provided by the Salon Loft are haircuts and styling of hair. You can get any haircut or a new style for your hair. They offer haircuts to all customers regardless of their age group. You can take your children to Salon Loft in order to get a new haircut of a style for any special occasion like a birthday party or any other. For women, they provide exceptional service of bangs. After getting a haircut, you can ask for shampoo as well as a blowout for your hair.

They even provide services like hair coloring, hair straightening, waxing and many more. The Loft Salon And Spa Prices are very reasonable and it has numerous options for coloring your hair. It offers packages in which there will be different options for you, such as full hair coloring with a haircut as well as styling, partial coloring with haircut and styling and many more. You can even get different types of waxing done under the same roof. From full body to each part of your body, all the kinds of waxing services are available for you here.

If you pay a visit to the nearest outlet of Salon Loft, you will get a brief idea about all the services in detail as well as information related to it. If you are interested in opening an outlet of Salon Loft, you can do that by contacting them. Salon Loft Rental Price is displayed on the official website. To get more information on this, it is recommended to contact the company personally.

Salon Lofts Reviews

We conducted a review to find out the best services and what people like about Salon Lofts. And we found various people commenting about the services, stylists, the ambiance and so much more. A customer said, “I made a booking through their website and found it to be effortless and hassle-free. When I walked into their store, I told them my name and number, and they gave me a slot immediately”.

Another customer quoted about the interior and ambiance of the salon, “When I was getting my hair straightening done, I was much amazed by observing the interior of the salon, as it had high ceilings, so didn’t feel cramped.” “The Salon Lofts is not meant for mid-income people like me, as they charge too much even for a simple haircut”.

Salon Lofts Hours

The timing for Salon Loft is from 8 am to 8 pm. The salon is open every day. You can pay a visit whenever you want in their office hours. In order to avoid delay in getting services, you should book your appointment online or over a phone call. You can book your slot online from Salon Loft official website. There is also the facility of booking slots over a phone call.

Salon Lofts Timings
Monday8 am to 8 pm
Tuesday8 am to 8 pm
Wednesday8 am to 8 pm
Thursday8 am to 8 pm
Friday8 am to 8 pm
Saturday8 am to 8 pm
Sunday8 am to 8 pm

Salon Lofts Near Me

In order to find the Nearest Waxing Salon of Lofts, you have two ways; the first method is by going to their official website and opening the tab that says locations. As soon as you have clicked that tab, the website will open a new web page, which will ask you permission to access location. If you don’t want to permit it, you can also choose to enter your zip code manually. It will provide you with a list of all the locations of Salon Loft that are near you. You can even make appointments from that list. Another way is by searching for it on Google Maps.

Salon Lofts Customer Support

Office Address:

7454 Beechmont Avenue,

Cincinnati, OH 45255

Customer Service Number: 216.407.3417

Official Website Address:





Why Choose Salon Lofts?

The prime most reason behind choosing Salon Loft over others is that they provide quality services to all the customers. The quality is not faded even after several years have passed b after opening their salons throughout the country. All the staff members are competently trained before they start to work in their outlets. You can clarify all the doubts regarding the services provided by them to any staff member since they have all the required knowledge.

Even the workplace and surrounding of the salons are pleasant. You will get a blissful experience from the first step in the salon. In order to get an experience of Salon Loft, you should definitely pay a visit to their outlet in your vicinity. You can even start your own franchise by taking Salon Lofts Lease Agreement.


How much do Salon Lofts cost

The cost for Salon Lofts will differ depending upon the service you choose, such as haircuts and styles will start from a minimum of $10 to $50. Straightening will cost you $275 and coloring services will begin at $40 and go up to $150. The formal design will start at $65 to $75; waxing services will start at $9 and go up to $35.

How much is rent at Salon Lofts?

The rent at Salon Lofts will depend upon the location you have chosen to franchise in. The rent will fall between $200 and $300. Maximum it will go up to $400.

How much for a haircut at Salon Lofts Fairlawn cost?

The cost for a haircut at Salon Lofts will depend upon whether it is a women’s haircut, men’s haircut, or kid’s haircut. Women’s haircuts will cost you around $50, men’s haircuts around $35 and kid’s haircuts around $15 to $25.

Can their website help in finding the Nearest Waxing Salon?

Yes, the website for Salon Lofts will help you in finding the nearest salon to your place.

Are there any Salon Lofts Gift Card available, if yes, then how to avail it?

Yes, there are various Salon Lofts Gift cards available in third-party apps and stores such as diners, restaurants, marts, and even from their website. You can avail them by using it while booking through their website.

When Does Salon Lofts open?

The Salon Lofts open at 8 am for all days from Monday to Sunday.

When Does Salon Lofts close?

The Salon Lofts closes at 8 pm for all days from Monday to Sunday.

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