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Smart Style Hair Salon Prices- Smart hairstyling services at reasonable ranges

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of daily life routine, we often neglect to get out hair done and spending some hours on the salon exclusively may seem like a distant dream. But not anymore! On your next grocery run, take some time and visit the Smartstyle family hair salon present at Walmart stores.

Smartstyle Hair Salon Prices are very reasonable. SmartStyle is another venture by the famous Regis Corporation, which is located inside the Walmart stores only. One of the most well-known and convenient family hair salons of all time, Smartstyle salons are not only easy to find, but they are incredibly cheap and affordable on the pocket as well. With expertise on different types of hairstyles and other hair care services, Smartstyle family salons are one of the fastest-growing brands in the mainland USA as well.

Smartstyle Prices

By all means, Smartstyle family hair salons are known for providing excellent hairstyling services in some exciting and highly affordable price range. On generic terms, an elaborate haircut for adults can charge from $15.50 and more. And for children’s haircuts, the Smartstyle Prices range is around $11 and more.

SmartStyle Prices image

Other than generic haircuts, different services like shampoo and conditioning of the hair, perming and coloring, etc. and many more services can be charged anywhere from $10 to $50, depending on the services one has chosen for themselves.

Smartstyle Prices List

Express Haircut$15.27
Cut & Shampoo$18.27
Cut, Shampoo & Basic Style$22.27
Cut, Shampoo & Full Style$32.27
Kids Cut (12 & Under)$13.27

Smartstyle Haircut Prices

Walmart Smartstyle Hair Salon Prices
Men’s Haircut$18.49
Hair Color$44.49
Shimmer Shine Makeover$44.49
Hair Color Glaze$40.99
Women’s Haircut$18.49
Children’s Haircut$10.49
Hair Blowout$14.49
Hair Perm$44.49
WaxingCall for Price
Body Wave Perm$44.49

Smartstyle Prices For Highlights

All-Over Color & Cut$64.27
Partial Highlights & Cut$49.27
Full Highlights & Cut$69.27

The History of SmartStyle Salons- How they Grew this Big From a Single Outlet

Among all the different other factors to establish business accessibility is one of the keys to make it a huge success. The primary objective behind starting the Smartstyle Salons is fundamentally based on this particular principle. Brainstormed and operated by the famous Regis corporation, the Smartstyle brand is chiefly meant for Walmart stores across the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This concept is not only making the brand reachable to all but helps it to build a self community model as well.

First established in 1998, Smartstyle family hair salons have come a long way and now they are the proud owners of 2126 salon establishments across the 49 states of the country. The promise of providing the best hair care services in the most affordable price range is what keeps them going strong for such a long time.

Service Provided by the SmartStyle Family Hair Salons

Smartstyle Hair Salons are known for hair services, specifically for those hair cuts and styles, then have done on the customers. They have a wide array of services which include, women’s and men’s haircuts, hair coloring, different types of hair styling like straightening and perming, etc. Also, Smartstyle hair salon has some exclusive hair shampoo and cutting services for children as well. One can both trim the excess hair or get a new haircut all by itself; the experts in Smartstyle salons can do both with equal precision and expertise. Not only cutting and styling, but the Smartstyle hair salons also have some pretty good hair care services as well, to rejuvenate and replenish your long damaged and dull hair.

The semi, demi or permanent hair coloring services are also pretty versatile and it enables the user to get the type of hair colors they wanted for ages. Moreover, giving your hair an all-new texture is also possible in the Smartstyle salon near you. You can choose from wave or curl or perm the hair texture section; you are good to rock the new hairstyle.

Not only different types of hair related services, but Smartstyle Family Hair Salon Prices are also the home of best quality hair care products as well, which includes brands like Biolage, Paul Mitchell, Nioxin, American Crew and many more.

Smartstyle Review

The first and foremost thing that people love about the Smartstyle family salons is that they are easy to find and locate. As all the Smartstyle outlets are all located inside the Walmart store, getting your haircut done during the monthly grocery trip is as easy and convenient at the same time. The service menu of Smartstyle salon is very versatile and has something to offer to every customer who comes to their outlets. The Smartstyle Services With Prices are pretty affordable and hence that makes the salon more approachable to the users as well.

Smartstyle Hours – Active Hours of Operation

The active hours of any Smartstyle hair salon are in coordination with the Smartstyle Walmart Stores. But, on average, the active timing is as follows:

Smartstyle Family Hair Salon
Monday09.00 AM – 09.00 PM
Tuesday09.00 AM – 09.00 PM
Wednesday09.00 AM – 09.00 PM
Thursday09.00 AM – 09.00 PM
Friday09.00 AM – 09.00 PM
Saturday09.00 AM – 09.00 PM
Sunday10.00 AM – 06.00 PM

Smartstyle Near Me

Official address:

3200 Old Boynton Road

Located Inside Walmart


Boynton Beach

Fl 33436.

Contact number: (561) 733-5868

Official website:




Why choose Smartstyle Salons above others

If you are a regular at any Walmart store, you probably noticed the Smartstyle Salon inside that by now, and definitely the long queue in front of it. People prefer salons or any other wellness clinic, which is easy to access. And Smartstyle Salons are nests inside the Walmart stores, that strike out the “how to reach” the question with bold lines. Scheduling haircuts along with grocery shopping becomes much more convenient and more accessible to this. 

Now, coming to the services offered by the Smartstyle hair salons, the haircut they do on their customers is pretty up-to-date and pretty much what is on-trend at that time. The hair experts are highly trained and decide the hairstyle, keeping in mind both your preference and what suits you most. From traditional haircuts to those up to date ones, nothing is impossible, when you chose Smartstyle family salon for your next haircuts.

Another plus-side with Smartstyle salons is that they take up walk-in services along with prior appointments as well. So, going for an emergency hair care session is not a big deal as well. Moreover, as it is a family salon, so services for both men and women and children under one roof is possible, which also increases the popularity of the hair salon to many folds as well.


How much is a haircut at Smartstyle?

A haircut for adults in a Smartstyle family hair salon costs from $15.50 and above depending on the haircut one may have chosen.

How much is a kid cut at Smartstyle?

A kid’s haircut in any Smartstyle hair salon starts from $10.29 and more depending on the type of haircuts you have chosen for your kids.

How much is a shave at Smartstyle?

Smartstyle salon does not have shaving in their service menu. But they do basic beard trim though.

How much does a perm cost at Smartstyle?

Smartstyle salon has a wide range of perming services in its service menu, which includes Basic wave, partial perm, and specialty wrap. And an average session of these may cost around $23 to $55, depending on the service you have chosen.

How much for highlighting at Smartstyle?

A highlighting service in Smartstyle Salon Prices around $24 to $55 depending on the type of service. 

What time does Smartstyle open?

Smartstyle hair salons are open at 09.00 AM from Mondays to Saturdays and Sundays; the shop will be open from 10.00 AM.

What time does Smartstyle close in Walmart?

Smartstyle salons inside a Walmart closes at 9.00 PM on weekdays and including Saturdays. And for Sundays, they close at 06.00 PM.

What time does Smartstyle open on Sundays

Smartstyle family salons inside Walmart opens at 10.00 AM

How to make an appointment at smart Smartstyle?

As Smartstyle hair salons are nested inside Walmart stores, they are pretty full most of the time. So, making an appointment is always a wise decision to make. They have a separate section on their website for appointments. So, one can fill out the forms and the Smartstyle authority will assign you with your desired service timing. 

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