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Sola Salon Price List – The perfect salon destination

It takes no rocket science to realize the fact that helping someone getting an appealing personality and an overall panache is not easy to achieve. It takes up a lot more than “do-it-yourself” or “at home” remedies in today’s swift and competitive world. The entire process is so arduous and demanding that help from a professional in some aspects is necessary. And in such cases, there are no valid viable options other than professional salons and wellness centres. But again, in the best time for consumerism and yet competition, finding the best salon in such a chaos, can be a little tricky and intimidating as well. So, here we are presenting you with all the details like the service they provide and Sola salon prices and more in the following sections.

Again, it takes a lot more than just the salon environment to keep your faith in them. It is the wide array of services they offer and the amount they are charging for them is what should do all the talking. While the thousands of salons glorify the streets of the United States, Sola Salons are definitely one of them, which has the potential to become the best.

Sola Salon Prices

Primarily, before going to any other details of a particular salon brand, it is a fact that prices are something, which lures you to step into the particular one in the first place. So, in this context as well, Sola Salon has a safe spot as well. The Sola Salon Prices and Service Menu is pretty deviant and versatile in a true sense. From hair care services including hair colors and texture modification and many more, they have services for men, women and even children. So, for any regular hair care services, the charges may vary from $11 to $85 in any Sola Salon locations.

Sola Salon Prices image

Other than providing different hair care services on their own, the Sola salon also provides safe and fully equipped salon spaces on rentals to individual professionals in utter need. Sola Salons has different space setups for different needs and interested individuals require to submit requisitions based on their requirements. The per hour or per day rental sessions of those salon setups depend on the needs and necessities of the professionals only, and it changes accordingly.

Sola Salon Haircut Prices

Sola Salon Pricing for Hair Cut
Ends Clipped$10.99
Signature Cut$15.99
Half Cut$10.99

Sola Salon Texture Modifications Prices

Sola Beauty Salon Texture Price List
Touch-Up Relaxers (Adults)$25.49
Virgin Texture Softeners (Children)$45.99
Virgin Relaxers (Children)$40.49
Touch-Up Relaxers (Children)$15.49
Virgin Texture Softeners (Adults)$40.99
Virgin Relaxers (Adults)$40.49
Touch-Up Texture Softeners (Children)$25.49
Half Touch-Up Relaxers (Adults)$15.49
Touch-Up Texture Softeners (Adults)$35.49
Half Touch-Up Relaxers (Children)$15.49

Note: Children Age 8-12 Years Old, Adults 13 And Over

Sola Salon Studios Treatments Prices

Sola Beauty Salon Treatment price list
Aphogee / Protein Treatment$25.99
Deep Conditioner / Hot Oil Treatment$15.99

Sola Salon Pricing for Color

Sola Salon Color Price List
Highlights (Half)$50.99
Tips (Half)$50.99
Highlights (Whole)$85.99
Tips (Whole)$70.99
Whole Head (1 Color)$35.99
Each Additional Color$15.99
Small Section$15.99
Uncolor Process$20.49

Sola Salon Extension Install Cost

Extensions Prices ar Sola Salon 
Individual Extension (Each)$5.99
Half Quick Bond Extensions$15.99
Versatile Sew-In Extensions$160.99
Fusion Extensions$360.99
Quick Bond Extension Tightening$15.99
Quick Bond Extensions$35.99
Non-Traditional Sew-In Extensions$210.99
Half Sew-In Extensions$60.99
Full Sew-In Extensions$110.99
Sew-In Extension Tightening$20.99

Sola Salon Dreadlocks Prices

Dreadlocks Price List at Sola Salon
Twisties (Children)$40.99
Retwist (Adults)$40.99
Retwist Style (Children)$10.99 
Retwist (Children)$30.99
Dreadlock Repair (Each)$10.99
Twisties (Adults)$50.99
Retwist Style (Adults)$15.99

Sola Salon Cost for Special Sets

Special Sets Prices at Sola Salon
Natural (Children)$15.99
Natural (Adults)$25.99
Relaxed (Adults)$25.99
Relaxed (Children)$15.99

Sola Salon Studios Prices for Sets

Sets Price List in Sola Salon Studios
Natural (Adults)$50.99
Natural (Children)$40.99
Relaxed (Children)$30.99
Relaxed (Adults)$40.99

All About Sola Salons

The revolution in the salon fraternity began in the early 2000s when the Sola Salons first launched their flagship store in 2004. This started with only one store, with the utmost dedication from both the professionals and the customers who put their faith in, the Sola Salons have more than 200 outlets, spread across different locations in the United States.

The primary intention of the Sola Salon is not only to provide a space for the individual or franchise owners but to build an entire community. A community where people can get all the assistance they require to develop their own business, along with creative freedom. With the help one gets from the community, any professional can design their own salon space, fix the service menu and price according to their needs as well.

Sola Salon services

The primary service of all the Sola Salons which are around is to provide customizable salon space to individual professionals and franchise owners. Investing thousands of dollars at the beginning of a business is definitely not a wise option. So, came the Salon rental spaces. All individual salon space comprises a personal waiting, where the clients can wait before the session starts. All salon spaces have its individual glass door, best quality hydraulic chairs, well-lit mirrors, shampoo basin, separate styling stations and cabinets and drawers for storage purposes.

Moreover, to give a head start to all the newbies, they have created a start-up package as well. The Package includes all the products and equipment for hair care and hairstyling with discounted samples, which can be showcased on the shelves. Moreover, the place is also well equipped with all types of security measures to keep all your belongings safe.

Other than their space rental services, they also provide their customers with all sorts of hair care solutions, which include hair cuttings, and coloring and treatments, etc. Other than these basic services, they also comprise several variations in the texture modification genre, like touch-up texture softeners, Virgin Relaxers, and many more. Their protein treatment and hot oil treatments also helped the user to get back the lost glory to their hair and rejuvenated it from its core. Moreover, their different types of Deadlocks services are also best for people who like all adventures when it comes to hair.

Sola Salon Review

\Unlike most of the leading salons and wellness centres around the mainland USA, the reviews about the services and other of Sola Salons are mostly affirmative. And most of the praises are related to their price point. Apart from having so much variety in the generic services they have to offer, the price point is definitely on the affordable side so that anyone can take their services from time to time. The staff and managing members of the salons are also pretty co-operative and ready to help from the right moment customers stepped into the salon.

And for professionals, the 24/7 access to their salon space without any terms and conditions is a pretty good opportunity to grow their business on their own terms. And having creative freedom, along with all the necessary help to build their business, will lure all the professionals to get connected with the organization for the longest time possible.

Sola Salon Studios Hours of Operation

Gaining 100% customer satisfaction is their primary goal to achieve, Sola Salon believes in serving its clients for 365 days a year, without any leave or off days. The opening and closing time of different Sola Salon franchises may differ from one another, depending on the local time zones. But, on average, the active hours are pretty similar across the locations. From Mondays to Sundays, the Sola Salon will be active from 09.00 am to 07.00 pm.

Sola Salon Timings
Monday11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday12:00 AM to 7:00 PM

How to reach Sola Salons Near You

Sola Salon Headquarter address:

Contact number: 303-625-9774






Why choose Sola Salons?

Finding your own safe space, where you can indulge in your creative hunger, without thinking of anything mortal or mundane, is always an artistic dream. Like all the blooming artists around the nation, the Sola Salons also believe in creative freedom from its core. So, Sola Salon provides a fully equipped, ready-to-move-in professional salon space, with all the necessary guidance to individuals. This will definitely help a newcomer to stronghold their feet in the beauty and salon industry. The professionals can set their own salon hours, set their pricing and also can enjoy ultimate privacy, apart from being part of the community’s most popular Boutique salon suite culture.

With the ultimate combination of advanced equipment and technologies, proper training and the highest level of aesthetic sense, Sola Salon is there to empower each passionate beauty professionals who require that boost. Along with these, there are some other amenities as well, which all the individuals can take advantage of. Some of which include 24/7 access to the salon space, intimate setting to build a one-to-one connection between you and your client, etc.. customizable salon space decoration according to your preference and utilities like free Wi-Fi are also in the list.


How much does a Sola Salon cost?

The price of Sola Salons solely depends on the type of setup professionals require to build their own brand. Sola Salon cost ranges from $5 to $ 110 based on services. The salon gives the request for individual pricing for each salon space upon private inquiry.

How much is rent at Sola Salon?

The average rent for a Sola Salon can be anywhere between $250 to $500/per day depending on the needs and necessities of the professional only.

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