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Sports Clips Haircuts Pricing Menu for Men & Boys – Get a Stylish Hair Cut Look

It is a fact that finding a men hair salon can be much more complicated than it is compared to finding a ladies hair salon. Studies have proven that there exists only one good male salon to every four good female salons, which is very less. But to be honest, the ones that are rated as a ‘good’ men salon are really the best and Sport Clips are one of them. They provide their customers with a very unique experience where the customers can immerse himself not only in the royalty treatment but also in the world of sports. Yes, you heard it right. Sport Clips is a unique salon with sports TV everywhere.

Sports Clips Prices image
Sports Clips Prices image

One of their best experiences is the MVP experience which as you can relate, you walk in like a tramp but leave feeling like an MVP. An amazing haircut followed by a shampoo, hot towels and a good neck and shoulder massage. What else can a guy even dream of? Guys are often termed as having a lack of knowledge related to hairstyles but worry not. You may have no understanding of what you want, or what hairstyle is called, but your stylist surely does. They will give you the best haircut with their well-trained hands, and by the time you say “Whoa!’ You are done!

Sport Clips Prices

When you walk into the Sport Clips Hair Salon, you need to understand that the price of the services provided by them is charged at a very minimal rate. Don’t believe us? Why not go through the Sport Clips Prices List that we have provided in this segment. Their services start from $15 to $24. Isn’t that an easy bargain?

Sport Clips Haircut Price

Sport Clips Prices List for Hair Cuts
Haircut (Per Senior) $17 (65 And Wiser)
Haircut (Per Person) $19 Men & Women
Haircut (Per Child) $17

Sport Clips Triple Play Price List

Cost Of Haircut At Sports Clips
Double $27.49
Triple $35.49
Haircut, Steamed Towel, Massaging Shampoo, Neck & Shoulder Massage $25.49

Sports Clips Price Menu for all Services

Sport’s Clips Services Price List
Go the Extra Inning and Enjoy a Triple or Double MVP additional $5.00 each MVP
Beard Trim and Detailing $7
Visit In-between Haircuts for a Complimentary Neck Trim Free for clients

All About Sport Clips Hair Care Company

The most primary thing which makes Sport Clips Hair Salon a unique experience is that it has a theme of sports. They are famous for providing haircuts with sport-theme. This salon is only established for men. Services for women are not offered here. The company was established in 1993. The main headquarters has been set at Georgetown, Texas. Gordon Logan is the main founder of this company. It is one of the leading haircutting salon brands in America. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, it is also one of the fastest-growing companies in their own field. They have over 1800 outlets all across America.

The mission behind this concept is to provide a place for men where they can be comfortable while getting a haircut. Mr Gordon has released that most of the men do not feel comfortable when women are around them while getting a haircut or any other salon services. He wanted to build a place where men can freely take care of their necessity, like haircuts and other salon services without any hesitation. You can get amazing haircut experience in this sport-themed surrounding. If you are a sports enthusiast, you should definitely check this place to get your salon services.

Sport Clips Services & Packages

There are many services provided by Sport Clip Hair Salon. Almost all the necessary salon services required are covered under a single roof. The Sport Clips Haircut Price is affordable since there is a different range for junior boys and senior men. Under just $20, you can get a precise haircut with sports-themed. The Sport Clips Hair Salon is famous for its MVP experiences. It includes a precise haircut with a senior hairstylist, washing hair with shampoo, massage to your shoulders and neck, and a hot towel face wrap. With this place, you will feel relaxed and al the stress will be released within a fraction of seconds. Also, you will get a new haircut with proper care along with washing your hair. 

There are other packages as well, like Triple Play Experience. In this package, all the services except massage to your shoulders and neck are included. You will receive services related to washing your hair, face and a new haircut. Spending a few more dollars on these services, you can lengthen the time of service which you will receive. With haircut service, you will receive a complimentary neck trim service free. They also provide you with the facility of detailing your beard. The cost will vary as per your choice of detailing.

Sport Clips Review

We all already know that Sport Clips is one of the leading male hair salons, but we still wanted to verify some of the claims made for and against it, and conducted some online survey and made in-depth research. We found a few comments by customers out of which maximum were satisfied by the service whereas some were not. One customer told us, “I love going to Sport Clips every month for my regular haircut. Time passes so quickly, as I can watch my favourite sports with fellow guys all the while getting a haircut.”

Sports Clips Salon Hours

There are different timing for different days in a week. From Monday to Friday, the timing for Sport clips hair salon is from 9 AM to 8 PM. But on Saturdays, the salon closes soon in the evening. The timing for Saturdays from 9 AM to 6 PM only. Although there is a slight difference between the timings of Saturdays and Sundays. The timing for Sundays is from 11 AM to 5 PM. For further information on timing, you can always call on helpline number during office hours. You can even book your slot over the call.

Sport Clips Hours of Operation
Monday 9 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday 9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday 9 AM to 8 PM
Thursday 9 AM to 8 PM
Friday 9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM

Sport Clips Salon Contact Info

Office Address:

Sport Clips, Inc.
110 Briarwood Drive
Georgetown, Texas
United States – 78628-2490

Sport Clips Customer Service Number: +1 800 872 4247

Official Site:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:

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Why Do I Choose Sport Clips?

Not just one, but there are many reasons for paying a visit to the famous Sport Clips Hair Salon. The prime most reason to visit this salon is to get a totally different experience while you are getting your salon services. The Sport Clips Hair Salon is precisely the place for those people most of the men and boys have a common fond of sports. The Sports theme will make them feel so comfortable. You can get most of the services at the most reasonable prices. The Cost of Haircut at Sports Clips are affordable as per the services you receive.

Most of the men do not feel comfortable while they enter in beauty salons. And it is also true that most of the salons are themed femininely. Getting salon services around women may be an uncomfortable situation for many men. To avoid all this, you can opt for Sport Clips Hair Salon. The theme of this salon is perfect for men. The place is ideal for men to bond with each other. If you are looking for father-son bonding time, this place is ideal for you. Even the service is provided with all the efforts of the staff. After getting out of the Sport Clips Hair Salon, you will feel like a new man.


How much is a Haircut at Sport Clips?

The Sports Clips Haircuts Cost can vary a lot depending upon the type of treatment you choose. But the basic rate starts from $15 for boys that are aged under 12, and above that, hair cuttery prices goes from $17 to $24.

How much is the MVP at Sport Clips costs?

The Sports Clips MVP price is $24, which includes a haircut, hot towel, massage rub on neck and shoulder and shampoo.

What are Sport Clips Prices?

Sport Clips is a very reasonable and unique place. Surrounded by TV’s telecasting sports channel may seem costly, but it is not. The Sports Clips Pricing starts from a mere $15 and goes up to $24.

How much does the Sport Clips cost?

Going to a Sports Clips Salon will never cost you too much money. You can get the treatment of royalty in a mere $30 budget.

How many branches of Sports Clip are available in the country?

Sport Clips are one of those franchises that have seen massive growth all over the country. They have almost 1800 branches all over America, with various upcoming projects under the proposal.

What are the services offered by Sports Clip?

The services that are offered by Sports Clip is the MVP treatment that is one of the most popular and it includes getting a haircut, hot towel, shampoo and some neck and shoulder massage rub. Other than that they have a triple play that is a haircut with a warm towel and shampoo. A precision haircut called the varsity and SR varsity, which is exclusively for the senior folks. Even kids can go and avail their service called the JR varsity. This Sports Clips varsity haircut price is around $19.

Does Sports Clip have any special discount for customers?

Yes, Sport Clips has special discounts during times of festivities or some other occasions on their official website. You can also get Sport Clips Coupons from their stylist when you purchase a big package.

Do Sports Clip use chemical products?

No, Sport Clips does not use any kind of harmful agent on your skin or hair.

Do Sports Clip have services related to special occasions?

Yes, Sport Clips does have special services for people that are going for a special occasion. You may have to make a prior booking or appointment for that.

What time does Sport Clips Open?

Sport Clips opens at precisely 10 AM from Monday-Friday, 9 AM on Saturday and 10 AM on Sunday.

What time does Sport Clips Close?

Sport Clips closes at 7 PM from Monday to Friday, 6 PM on Saturday, and 5 PM on Sunday.

What time does Sport Clips Open on Sundays?

On Sunday Sport Clips open at precisely 10 AM.

Does Sports Clip remain open for every day of the week?

Yes, Sport Clips remains open for all its customers on all days of the week.

How to schedule an appointment on Sport Clips?

You can schedule an appointment for Sport Clips either through or by the application that is available in the PlayStore.

Is Sports Clips free neck trim still available?

Yes, free neck trim is still available at Sports Clips for its clients.


As one of the top sports themed hair salons, Sport Clips is the best salon that you need to try at least once. The prices and timings of this Sport Clips hair salon is updated above. So, check and make a visit.

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