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Star Nails and Spa Prices for all its services – Enjoy Best Pedicte & Manicure Services

Star Nails and Spa was started to provide a diverse collection of pedicure and manicure services and waxing. Within a short span, they are now present in four locations of Rhode Island with their beauty products and trained nail technicians. The star nails prices were reasonable for all types of customers as their products were majorly eco- friendly products to protect the customer’s nails.

You can do a basic manicure at $15 and all other services are under $100. It is advisable to take prior appointment for nail services as walk-in may lead to long wait hours for the availability of the technicians. On busy days and weekends, you have to wait for more to get your nail job. The people are ready to wait because of their professional services and best rate in the town.

Star Nail Salon Prices

Star nails prices start from $15 for the basic manicure and go up to $40 for colour gel French manicure. You can also fix artificial nails with a lot of add-on for $90 and up. A simple pedicure and manicure for kids can be performed at a low price of $ 25 and above. They provide special foot care ranging from simple pedicure and French pedicure to organic spa pedicure. Other services like star spa pedicure, Green tea Spa pedicure, and Silky Milk Pedicure are available with a price range from $30 – $75. There are special treatments at Star Nails Spa to soothe your tired feet and legs and improve the circulation of your legs.

Star Nails Prices image

Star Nails & Spa Price List for Kids

Prices at Star Nails salon
Kid’s Manicure $10
Kid’s Change Polish (feet) $10
Kid’s Pedicure $10

Star Nails Manicure Prices

Manicure Prices of Star Nails Spa
French Manicure $20
Spa Manicure $28
Buff Manicure $20
Keratin Manicure $20
Color Gel French Manicure $40
Color Gel Manicure $30
Basic Manicure $15

Star Nail Salon Add-OnsPrices

Star Nail Salon Price list for Add On Services
French Lines $5
Callus Eliminator Treatment $8

Foot Care Prices at Star Nails

Star Nails Pedicure Prices
Silky Milk Pedicure $65
Star Spa Pedicure $45
Organic Spa Pedicure $75
Basic Pedicure $30
French Pedicure $35
Green Tea SPA Pedicure $55

Star Nail Salon Acrylic Prices

Artificial Nails Prices at Star Nails Spa
UV Gel French Set $75
UV Gel French Fill-ins $45
UV Gel Extension French $90
UV Gel Fill-ins $30
White Tips $55
UV Gel Extension Set $65
Silk Extensions $65
Silk Wrap Set $55
Regular Tips $40
UV Gel Set $55
Powder Fill-ins $30

About Star Nails & Spa

Star Nails & Spa was started in the year 2013 and they have branches in four locations of Rhode Island USA. They are operating as a full-service salon. There is a comprehensive collection of services for a relaxing spa and quick manicure. Their main aim is to provide professional services at the industry’s standards for their customers. They offer a unique experience and comfort with affordable prices to all.

They follow proper sterilization standards to sterilize all the equipment and after sterilization, they are kept in the closed pockets. These pockets are opened in front of the customers for use. Four locations follow three steps for making your nails look great up to 2 weeks. They also provide loyalty rewards programs for customers. They also offer many benefits to regular customers using this card.

Services at Star Nails Spa

Star nail Salon Acrylic prices are the minimum in the industry as they offer almost all the services at a minimum cost and with much comfort for the customers. Pedicure and manicure are done for men, women, and kids. They have a special waxing procedure to remove excess hair from any part of the body in a private room. The eyebrow waxing, lip waxing, chin waxing, cheek waxing for the face. Bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing, Arms waxing, legs waxing, chest waxing, and back waxing are done for both men and women. The price ranges from $10 – $ 55 only.

Star Nails Spa Manicure services

  • Basic manicure
  • Buff manicure
  • French manicure
  • Keratin manicure
  • Spa manicure
  • Color Gel manicure
  • French-style colour gel manicure
  • Kids pedicure and manicure.

Star Nails Salon Artificial Nails

  • UV gel set, extension set, the French set
  • UV Gel Fill-ins, powder fill-ins, French fill-ins
  • Regular tips, white tips
  • Silk wrap and extension

Star Nails Spa Pedicure

  • Basic pedicure, French pedicure
  • Silky milky pedicure, Green tea spa pedicure.
  • Star spa pedicure.
  • Organic spa pedicure.

These special pedicure procedures use a wide range of products starting from aromatic oils, hot stones, Dead- Sea salt, herbal extract, and basalt stones. This procedure improves blood circulation and soothes your feet. So don’t miss the chance to pamper your feet at Star nail and Spa.

What do Customers say about Star Nails?

Customer reviews have confirmed one crucial aspect for us. That is clean and hygienic service at all four locations. Their customer care starts from the moment you book an appointment online to the time you walk out of the salon. They are extremely clean with their advanced and sterile equipment. There is no fear that you will get a fungal infection in your nails.

Most of the customers have mentioned that the staff were tremendous and serviced them well with the extreme comfort level. They have also mentioned that the salon was immaculate and hygienic. They have felt that the quality of service was very good for a reasonable price. The staff were tranquil and greeted everyone with a warm welcome not and they were best greeted for pedicure services. Customers have given a 5-star rating for their neck and back massage. 

There are some critical reviews too. Few customers have complained that the nail was not filled evenly. They have charged for removing the gel powder from the nail while they had accepted a complete gel manicure. The gel was not great and it left bubbles on the sides of the nails. They have expressed their grief of paying $50 for almost a bad manicure. They have also highlighted the presence of some unskilled technicians, who ruined their nails.

Star Nails Hours

Star nails are present in all parts of the country and the working hours of star nails are flexible. They operate from 9:30 AM and are open till 7 PM. You can book your appointment at a convenient time and get an excellent rejuvenating feel. 

Star Nails Spa Working Hours
Monday 9.30A M to 7 PM
Tuesday 9.30A M to 7 PM
Wednesday 9.30A M to 7 PM
Thursday 9.30 AM to 7 PM
Friday 9.30A M to 7 PM
Saturday 9.30A M to 7 PM
Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM

If you are close to closing hours, then you must call them and check the availability of appointments for convenience. Some salons may close early depending on the location and options of the Franchisees.

How to get Connect with Star Nails?

Star Nails and Spa prefer an online appointment for visiting their salon as they are swamped during weekdays and weekends. It may be a tough job to allot a seat for them if they walk-in simply. All four locations have an excellent front desk with staff to help you with all the needs. So, you will get what you want. 

They are located at four convenient locations like Newport, Bristol, Middletown and East Greenwich of Rhode Island. They have a big parking lot to park your vehicles and there is a good seating arrangement in the waiting hall.

Headquarters :

Star Nails & Spa,

262, Bellevue Avenue,

Newport, RI 02840.

Customer care number: (401) 619 – 5888.



Why Star Nails Spa Only?

Star Nails and Spa is a full-service nail salon that provides professional pedicures and manicures for men, women, and kids. It is more than a nail salon which delivers a relaxing experience for its customers with its service list. Star Nails is known for its hygienic condition and cleanest environment that used medical-grade autoclaves for sanitizing its instruments and tools.

After sterilization, the tools are stored in individual packets and they are opened in front of the customers. Used buffs and files are given to the customers after use. Thus star nails value the health of the customers and are always the extra mile when it comes to safety and cleanliness. They provide professional services for affordable rates and use the best equipment for client care and hygiene.

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