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Sun Tan City Membership Prices and Other Services

Everyone loves to see the glow of a good tan on their body, the peachy golden color on the skin just feels right in the daylight, and Sun Tan City has made it possible for everyone to get that glow. All Sun Tan City Deals are made in such a way that no customer may feel as if they are looted out of their money. They also have amazing membership offers that are available to customers, such as automatic payments, discounts, upgrades, etc.

Although not every customer needs to get themselves a membership to enjoy the services, you may miss the opportunity to get yourself a discounted Sun Tan City Package Prices for their services. Other than that, the spa has started with the aim to cater to a maximum number of people possible by making the most of their accessibility easy though online appointments and payment getaways, which we will discuss more.

Sun Tan City Prices

The prices for Sun Tan city are very much variable and also depend if you have got yourself a membership or not. In case you don’t have a membership, the price for instant sunbeds will start at $34 and go up to $799.99. Whereas the Sun Tan City Spray Tan Prices are not provided exactly as all their prices are given in terms of plans.

Sun Tan City Prices image

Sun Tan City Instant Sunbeds Prices

Prices For Sun Tan City Instant Sunbeds
Single Visit Price$34.99
Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$89.49
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$799.49
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$59.49
2-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49

Sun Tan City Tanning Fastest Sunbeds Prices

Sun Tan City Fastest Sunbeds Price List
Single Visit Price$24.99
3-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$39.49
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$599.49
Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$69.49

Sun Tan City Sunless Booths Prices

Sun City Sunless Booths Price List
3-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$599.49
Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$59.49
1-Visit Plan (Price Per Month)$19.49
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$39.49
Single Visit Price$24.99

Sun City Fast Sunbeds Prices

Sun City Fast Sunbeds Price List
7-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$14.49
Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$24.49
Single Visit Price$9.99
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$199.49

Faster Sunbeds & Booths Prices

Sun Tan City Sunbeds & Booths Price List
Commitment Plan (Price Per Month)$24.49
5-Visit Package (One Time Price)$49.49
Single Visit Price$14.99
Flex Plan (Price Per Month)$49.49
Annual Plan (Price Per Year)$399.49

All About Sun Tan City Tanning Salon

The Sun Tan City was established in 1999 by Brother David and Rick Kueber. Before the opening of the Sun Tan City, they used to own a Video Retail Shop. They have faced many twists and turns while establishing their business. But without giving up the idea, they now have 250 tanning outlets throughout the 18 states of the United States of America.

They have started with a single tanning unit in their store to start a new idea. And since then, they have started expanding their business. In just six years, they have successfully launched their business in 21 other locations. Nowadays, they are one of the leading companies in the field of tanning. You can easily reach out Sun Tan City Near with this page

Sun Tan City Specials & Services

Mainly, there are two options of tanning your body if you are in Sun Tan City. The first way is with Sunless Sun Tan City Spray Tan and another option is with Sunbeds. In the Sunless spray tanning process, they use airbrush technology to provide you with a glowy look for your body. You also have the option to customize the color you want for your body. You can check the Sun Tan City Prices For Spray Tanning on their official website.

Another way with sunbeds is more costly than the sunless spray process. But they are more effective than the spray process. You can have a premium golden tanning over your body if you are opting for tanning using sunbeds. The tanning given in this process is instant. You can have s premium golden looking fast with this technology. You can have more ideas about the Sun Tan City Lotion Prices once you pay a visit to your nearest Sun Tan City outlet.

The Sun Tan City Packages Prices are more reasonable than other tanning outlets since they provide you with premium quality services. All the ingredients used in the process of tanning are natural. No harmful substances are used while tanning your body. To save money, you can opt for their different plans. If you are a person who goes for tanning regularly, you can opt for their annual plan.

Sun Tan City Reviews

The reviews that we received for Sun Tan City were mixed, although a maximum of them was positive, we still would like to share some of the legit reviews that we think ought to be brought to the attention of readers. A customer had very nice things to say about their services, “I went to Sun Tan City with some of my friends, and we all had a great time in their sunbeds. It gave a nice golden glow on my skin, which lasted for a day”.

Another customer loved their membership prices, “I am a regular in Sun Tan City and the reason behind that is because of how nicely they have prices their membership packages, and the regular discounts that they provide me with it.” A customer was not happy with the service and said, “They charged me too much for a mere spray tan that did not even last for a few days.”

Sun Tan City Hours

Sun Tan City is opened on all days of the week, but the timing for each day is different. The timing for Mondays to Fridays from 7 am to 11 pm. On Saturdays, the spa closes one hour early, i.e., at 10 pm. The timing for Sundays is from 8 am to 10 pm. To get more information about your nearest Sun Tan City Locations, you can contact the helpline number given here.

Sun Tan City Tanning Salon Hours
Monday9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Sun Tan City Customer Support

Office Address:

101 Catalog Drive

Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Customer Service Number: (270) 765-7400

Official Website:





Why Choose Sun Tan City Salon?

All the services provided by the Sun Tan City are of standard quality. They only use the tanning bed with approved tanning power. They have a unique process to support the tanning bed for use. The lamps are selected in a specific way so that you can get deep and dark tanning to your skin. You can get more ideas on all the services provided by Sun Tan City by visiting their official website.

If you are going with Sun Tan City, you are going to be handled with the best equipment. In order to get discounts on your bill, you can use the Sun Tan City Promo Code. All these promo codes can be earned while you are getting service in the spa. It is highly recommended to pay a visit to Sun tan City once to get the best tanning experience. They are one of the best companies that provide authentic service associated with tanning and other services.


How Much Is A Spray Tan At Sun Tan City?

You will be happy to know that the Sun Tan City Free Spray Tan is available for all its customers on a first-time visit. Other than that, the spray tan may approximately cost you around $14 to $20.

How Much Is A Double Dip At Sun Tan City?

The Sun Tan City Tanning Prices for a double-dip is around $30, which they give to their customers every Monday as a special service.

How Much Does It Cost To Tan At Sun Tan City?

The cost to tan at Sun Tan City is very much variable and entirely depends upon the kind of package you opt for. But just to provide a range with their starting price is $9 and goes up to $799.99.

How To Cancel Sun Tan City Membership?

You can contact the customer care official number or ask their head staff to cancel it or even do it by yourself through their official website.

How To Cancel Sun Tan City Membership Online?

To cancel a Sun Tan City Membership online, you have to go to their official website and login to your account. Next, go to their membership option and select cancel membership. It may ask you to state some reason, provide it and it will cancel your membership online.

What Time Does Sun Tan City Close?

From Monday to Friday, Sun Tan City closes at 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm.

What Time Does Sun Tan City Open?

Sun Tan City opens at 7 am from Monday to Saturday, and at 8 am on a Sunday.

Does Sun Tan City remain open for all the days of the week?

Yes, Sun Tan City remains open for all days of the week.

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