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The Weave Shop Hair Price List | Get your hair done at a magicians’ hand

The Weave Shop is known as the magician when it comes to handling different customized hair weaves, haircuts and other styling related services. For them, a customer needs to be pampered and loved. As soon as you walk into a Weave Shop location you will be greeted with a warm welcome, flowers and beautiful smiles. Who wouldn’t love that? But that is all about the type of customer service they provide to their customers.

We will also tell you a bit about the professionals that will style your hair in The Weave Shop. They are well-trained and certified in the game of hair cutting and weaving. The prices are reasonable enough to make you visit them again and again, and keep your game on. They will talk to you and understand your needs, on why you want a particular hairstyle, if it will suit your face, and at the end of it all, their service will really satisfy you.

The Weave Shop Prices

The cost of various Weave Shop services is divided into multiple categories. The Weave packages will charge you around $50 to $175. The additional weave services will charge you about $45 to $300. And the A La Carte weave services will cost in between $20 to $45. As you can see, the prices are quite reasonable but to get a more detailed idea on it; we would recommend you to go through the price list that we have provided.

The Weave Shop Prices image

The Weave Shop Angels Price List

Weave Shop Prices for Angels
Long & Thick$15.99
2 Strand Twist$35.99
Cornrow Ponytail with Hair$50.99
Cornrow Ponytail$45.99
Deep Conditioner$10.99
Basic 1-Step (Straightening System)$60.99
Cornrows with Hair$35.99
Kids Take Down$15.49

Weave Shop Eye Brows & Waxing Price List

Eye Brows and Waxing Prices at Weave Shop
Thick & Full$30.99
Eyes with Strip Lashes Only$35.99
Natural Set$20.99
Full Face with Individual Lashes (Natural)$40.99
Full Face with Strip Lashes$45.99
Full Face without Lashes (Includes Brows)$40.99
Brow Fill-In$5.99
Eyes with Brow Razor & Fill-In$25.99
Razor with Fill-In$10.99
Tweeze with Fill-In$15.99
Wax with Fill-in$13.99
Eyes with Wax & Fill-In$30.49
Eyes with Individual Lashes (Natural)$35.49
Eyes Only$20.49

Individual Lashes Price List

The Weave Shop Lashes Prices
Mixed Length$30.99
Natural Set$20.99

The Weave Shop Chemical & Coloring Price List

Weave Shop Coloring Prices
Add-On Semi Color$20.99
Add-On Semi Color (Hairline)$12.99
Add-On Demi Color (Hairline)$15.99
Virgin Relaxer$60.49
Permanent Color with Flat Iron$65.49
Add-On Demi Color$25.99
High & Low Lights$120.49
Add-On Relaxer (Hairline)$55.49

Weave Shop Prices for Hair Services

Hair Serice Price List in Weave Shop
Body Curls/Feathers$20.99
Flat Iron$30.99
Signature Curls$35.49
Detailed Cut$20.49
Shampoo/Blow Dry$20.99

Natural & Relaxed Services Price List

Weave Shop Relaxation Services Prices
Silk Press$55.49
Basic One-Step (Includes Flat Iron)$120.49
Short & Sassy Style$35.49
Kid’s Basic One Step (Includes Flat Iron)$75.49
Ceramic Press$35.49

The Weave Shop Treatment Prices

Treatment Prices at Weave Shop
Steamer Treatment$15.49
Therapeutic Shampoo and Deep Conditioner$10.99
Protein Reconstructor Treatment$10.99
Pre-Service Trim$15.99
Deep Moisturizing Conditioner$10.49

Weave Packages Prices

Package Price List
Gold Weave$85.99
Platinum+ Weave$120.99
Signature Silver Weave$150.99
Platinum Weave$95.99
Signature Platinum Weave$185.99
Gold+ Weave$110.99
Signature Gold Weave$175.99
Silver+ Weave$75.99
Silver Weave$50.99

Al A Carte Weave Services Price List

The Weave Shop Hair Prices
Razor Cut$30.49
Detailed Cut$20.49
Signature Curls$45.49
Body Curls/Feathers$30.49
Flat Iron$25.49

Separate & Custom Units Prices

Custom Service Prices at Weave Shop
Invisible Part (Bond)$25.99
Clip-Ins (Per Track)$25.99
Lace Closure$30.49
Invisible Part (Sew-In)$50.99
Clip-Ins (Bundle)$80.99

The Weave Shop Braidless Sew-in Prices

TWS Braidless Sew-in Price List
Braidless Flat Iron$35.99
Full Head Removal$50.99
Per Track Removal$12.99
Per Track$30.99

Weave Shop Upgrades Price List

TWS Upgrades Prices
Single Tracking$25.99
Circle Braid$10.99
VIP (Weekends Only)$25.99
Mini/Double Circular Braid$20.99
Mini Braid$15.99

Individual Tracks Price List

Tracks Prices at Weave Shop
Removal (Per Track)$7.99
Bonded (Per Track)$5.99
Per Track (Sew-In)$15.99

Ombré Weave Installed Pricing

Weave Price List
1 Color$65.99
Demi $35.99
Semi Hairline$25.99
Partial Relaxer$35.99
3 Color$85.99
2 Color$75.99
Demi Hairline$30.99

The Weave Shop Priceing for Extras

TWS Extras Price List
Extra Pack Hair$25.99
Long & Thick$15.49
Reused Hair$25.99
Curly to Straight$15.99

The Weave Hair Braiding Services Prices

Braiding Without Weave Price List
Retwist Locks$65.49
2 Strand Twist$30.49
Shampoo/Blow Dry$20.49
Cornrow Ponytail$40.49
Designer Cornrows$40.49
Flat Twist$50.49
TWS Braiding With Weave Prices
Perimeter Micros$65.49
Fishtail Braid$25.49
Sectional Cornrows$30.49
Designer Cornrows$50.49
Micros & Up$150.49
Individual & Up$100.49
Kinky Twist$85.49
Sectional Micros$50.49

The Weave Shop Cosmetic Services Prices

Cosmetic Services Price List
Silver+ with Wax$40.49
Gold with Wax$55.49
Platinum with Wax$65.49
Silver with Wax$25.49

More About The Weave Shop

The Weave Shop was started by a determined entrepreneur named Latonya Saunderson with the mission to provide good quality services and products at the most affordable prices to all the customers. Latonya started her career in Atlanta, where she got inspired to start her own venture.

She planned to provide their service to all those people who are interested in maintaining their hair. Nowadays, she owns five outlets throughout the United States of America. They have outlets in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and two more places as well. They are one of the most famous hair caretaking salons in the USA.

The Weave Shop Services

If you pay a visit to any outlet of Weave Shop, you will be able to explore all the services they have to offer as well as The Weave Shop Hair Prices. You will be surprised just by looking at the list of services and their products that they provide to the customers. As per the name of the shop, you can conclude that the shop is well-known due to Hairstyles For Weaves.

They even provide different types of hair treatments as well. After getting a haircut, you can ask for a proper style if you are going to any function to attend. If you are looking for any service associated with cosmetics, you will get a great deal if you pay a visit to the Weave Shop. It is a fine place if you are a person who is interested in enhancing the health of your hair. Some of their treatments are very rare to find, such as their Malaysian hair straightening treatment and many more.

If you are looking for services like the coloring of your hair or straightening, you can get it done at the most affordable prices. All the services are available in all the branches of Weave Shop. You can pay a visit to any outlet and check The Weave Shop Southfield Price List. One of the most famous outlets is The Weave Shop Charlotte. You can check out the Weave Shop Charlotte Nc Prices to get a proper estimate of the cost associated with the services which you require. It is highly recommended to pay a visit even just once to have a blissful experience.

Are the Stylists of the Weave Shop well-trained?

Yes, the stylists of the Weave Shop undergo rigorous training in cutting and weaving to provide their customers with the best service possible.

We conducted various surveys and small feedback sessions by contacting their customers personally and through our website itself. The feedback shared by their customers is very interesting, and it gives us an insight into the working environment as well as the level of satisfaction that their customers get. Some of the reviews that we thought are legitimate and ought to be shared have been given below.

A customer quoted, “I have very curly hair, and it’s difficult to tame them if you don’t get them in a weave. Also, weaving those takes a very long time, but in the Weave Shop, the expert was so quick with her hand and she did it very fast without giving pain in my neck”. Another customer was caught saying, “Their weaves are absolutely gorgeous, but for me, they are too pricey, I could afford it only one time.”

The Weave Shop Hours

There will always be different timing for the salon for different days. Although the Weave Shop will be open on all days of the week. Timing for Mondays is from 9 am to 6 pm. On Tuesdays, timing is quite less, i.e., from 10 am to 3 pm. Timing for Wednesdays is from 9 am to 6 pm. On Thursdays to Saturdays, the timing will be from 9 am to 7 pm. On Sundays, again, timing is quite less, i.e., from 12 pm to 6 pm. In order to get confirmed timings of your nearest Weave Shop, you can always contact the helpline number provided on their official website.

The Weave Shop Opening Hours
Monday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday12:00 AM to 6:00 PM

The Weave Shop Customer Service

Office Address:

Buckhead Plus – 2625 Piedmont Road, Suite 50, GA 30324

Customer Service Number: 404.631.6430

Official Website Address:





Why Choose The Weave Shop?

The Weave Shop is a house of experts when it comes to taking care of hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy, you should definitely check the nearest Weave Shop. They also have a separate section of the services only for children. You can take your young ones with yourself while taking care of your hair. At the most affordable prices, you will get most of the services done. Under a single roof, you will find a variety of services. You will be handled explicitly with experts in their own domain.

Even the prices of most of the services are affordable and reasonable if you compare to the quality of services received. All the services and products will be of good quality. If you are in The Weave Shop, you don’t have to worry about the quality of any product and their services which you will receive.


What is The Weave Shop Southfield Price List?

The Weave Shop Southfield price list is the same as all the Weave Shop prices; they do not change according to locations and remain the same. The price range for the Weave Shop is from $20 to $300.

What are the Weave Shop Prices?

The Weave Shop prices depend upon the type of service you will be opting for, such as the Weave packages will fall in the range of $50 to $175. The additional weave services will be from $45 to $300, the a la carte weave services will cost you $20 to $130, and natural hair packages start at $30 and goes up to $79.

How much does a haircut cost in the Weave Shop

A haircut at the Weave Shop will cost you in between $20 to $45.

How many Weave Shop branches are available in the country?

There is no exact number of how many Weave Shop branches are available across the country, but it is safe to assume that there are more than 15 at least.

How to find a Weave Shop near me?

In order to find a Weave Shop near you, you can do it in two ways. The first way is to go to the locations tab on their official website and enter your zip code manually or let the website do it for you. Another way is by finding it on the Google Maps Application.

Does the Weave Shop provide special discounted rates?

Yes, The Weave Shop provides its customers with discounted rates from time to time, either during a promotion, or on a national holiday, or on some occasions like special festivities.

What is the opening time for the Weave Shop?

The opening time for The Weave shop is at 9 am from Monday to Saturday, and on a Sunday it opens at 12 pm.

What is the closing time for the Weave Shop?

The closing time for the Weave Shop is at 6 pm from Monday to Thursday, and 7 pm on a Friday and Saturday, and at 6 pm on a Sunday.

Does the Weave Shop open for all days of the week?

Yes, the Weave Shop remains open for all days of the week.

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