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Ulta Hair Salon Prices Details and Products

The Ulta Hair Salon is one of a kind, and we are saying that because we have got insights into the hair salon that most of you readers don’t. But worry not, we are going to share some of the best pointers on this salon as well as why you should go for it. The Ulta Beauty Salon is unique because it does not only has a stylist but three different levels of professionals that will tend to your hair. It starts with a stylist which is the lowest, then moves on to Master and then an Elite. A stylist of Ulta has completed the basic degree on hairstyling.

The Ulta Salon Service Prices will vary accordingly depending upon your chosen stylist level. Other than that, this Ulta Beauty Hair Salon has proven itself to be the best because they believe in understanding and knowing the person sitting in the chair to give them the best of their services possible. The experts at Ulta Hair Salon will talk to you and understand all your needs and daily life chores to provide you with a hairstyle that will suit both your personal as well as professional life. You can also avail some Ulta Salon Coupon in the times of festivities from their website.

Ulta Hair Salon Prices

The Ulta Salon Prices are known to be very affordable as they have the vision in mind to cater to all kinds of customers belonging to different backgrounds, and hence there exist the various tiers of professionals available in their salon. Their starting Ulta Salon Service Prices ranging from $5 and it may go up to $150 depending upon the service you require.

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Ulta Hair Salon Price List

Classic Blowout $26
Formal Style $50
Go Out Blowout & Style with Conditioning Treatment $46
Haircut & Style $36
Diamond Dusting Blowout $50
Bang Trim/Neck Trim $12
Signature Haircut & Style$46
Go Out Blowout & Style $36
Signature Blowout & Style $46
Redken Steam Infusion Blowout with Steam Infusion $66
Bombshell Blowout $55
Clipper Cut$20

Ulta Beauty Salon Pricing for Treatments

Redken Chemistry Shots$18
KeraStraight Intense Boost$30
Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment$25

Ulta Salon Waxing Prices

Lip & Chin Wax$19
Brow Wax$21
Lip, Chin & Side Wax$27
Chin Wax$13
Lip Wax$11

Ulta Hair Salon Prices for Highlights

All Over $98

Ulta Salon Price Menu for Texture

KeraStraight Smoothing Treatment $162
Brocato Smoothing Blowout$62
Texture Wave$78
Relaxer $83

Ulta Salon Skin Care Prices

Dermalogica AGEsmart Skin Treatment $75
The Dermalogica Skin Treatment + Microdermabrasion $80
Dermalogica Power Resurfacing Peel $40
The Dermalogica Skin Treatment $55
Dermalogica Cleanse & Moisture Treatment + Microdermabrasion$65
Dermalogica UltraCalming Treatment $55
Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Skin Treatment $65
Dermalogica MicroZone Targeted Treatments $25
Dermalogica Clear Skin Teen Treatment $25

Ulta Beauty Hair Salon Blowouts Prices

Bombshell Blowout $56
Go Out Blowout & Style$38
Redken Steam Infusion Blowou$48
Hair ExtensionsConsultation Required
Classic Blowout$28
Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment$27

Ulta Beauty Salon Pricing for Lashes

trip Lash$5
Strip Lash$10
Lash beLONG Eyelash Extensions$15
Solo Lash (Half)$10
Solo Lash (Full)$15
Cluster Full Lash$35


Strip Lash$10
Makeup Application$40
LASH beLONG Eyelash Extensions$150
Cluster Full Lash $35

Ulta Hair Salon Color Price List

Redken Shades EQ Glaze (Demi-Permanent)$43
Redken Chromatics Color (Permanent)$63
Redken® Color Fusion (Permanent)$58

Brows Prices in Ulta Beauty Salon

Signature Brow Wax$21
Brow Tweeze$23
Brow Tint$19

More About Ulta Hair Salon

The history of Ulta Beauty Hair Salon starts from the year 1990 when the president of Osco Drug Inc founded it. Richard E. George. When George chose to retire from the company, another executive from Osco itself became the CEO of Ulta, Terry J. Hanson. In the year of 1996, September Hanson hired another employee from Osco Charles Weber to become the CFO. After three years of their tenure together, Lyn Kirby who formerly belonged to the Sear Circle of Beauty became both the company’s president as well as the CEO.

Having a total of 675 open stores all over the country, Ulta Hair Salon is one of the largest and most high-end hair salons that you can find. The company earns more than $11.1 million in a year and on an average, the size of every Ulta Hair Salon is around 10,000 square feet with 95% of the carpet area given to salon services. The Ulta Beauty Hair Salon provides not only services based on hair and beauty but also products like cleansers, moisturizers that are very natural and organic.

Ultimate Services Offered by Ulta Beauty Salon

There are several kinds of treatments that are provided by Ulta Hair Salon. But we are still going to brief you about the Ulta Salon Services that will make you want for more. A typical Ulta salon has more than ten stations aiding its customers that includes shampoo and wash area, waxing area etc. But what makes it different from other hair salon companies is the Ulta Beauty Salon Pricing. The pricing of every service is put in a very cheap range that makes it accessible by customers from all backgrounds.
A basic haircut will start from the range of $36, but the price may increase if you opt for extra shampoo and some other hair treatment to go with it. Don’t worry as you won’t be charged extra money for styling as it is included in the price. In haircuts, they have bang trim, clipper cut, neck trim and signature haircut by their Elite professionals. Apart from that other services like a blowout, treatments that come in three different packages which are Redken Chemistry Shots, Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment and the KeraStraight Intense Boost Treatment, all of which fall under $18 to $50.

Ulta Facial Prices

If you have colour in mind, then this place should be your go-to as they have several options in colour and highlighting such as Accent highlights, area highlights, all over and dimensional. The cost of highlights, like other services, is also very cheap, which is only between $48 and $108. Colouring hair also comes in three different packages such as Permanent Chromatic Color, Fusion Color and Demi-Permanent Shades EQ Glaze.
Other than that they also include affordable packages in the nails services like gel colour and removal, Skin treatments such as UltraCalming, Medibac Cleaning, hair texture treatment, face make up for special occasions, and bridal treatment, waving that includes lips, chin, brow, side, leg, and so much more.

Ulta Beauty Hair Salon Review

To gather genuine reviews on this company, we decided to do a mass survey on their existing customers as well as one-time goers and we found that almost 92% of the people gave positive feedback about it. In contrast, a few of them asked for some improvement in their services like a customer waiting time, pricing and quality. Some of the feedback that we found ought to be shared with our readers.

One customer stated, “I am a regular customer of Ulta Hair Salon and I found that their hair treatment on the scalp is simply amazing, with weeks gone by I can see the bald patches disappearing and I am very happy with myself”. Another customer had some complaints regarding the price of the product, “I will never buy a conditioner from Ulta Hair Salon again, as the conditioner that I bought was supposed to make my hair feel softer, but it didn’t and they charged a hefty amount for it”. Apart from that, we had another excellent review, “I find the prices at Ulta Hair Salon quite affordable compared to other salons, and their haircuts are very nice, I recently got a pixie cut and it turned out great.”

Ulta Salon Hours

The Ulta Hair Salon makes sure that all their branches are open for every day of the week because you never know when a customer might need you for their special day. The timing for Ulta hair Salon is the same for all the weekdays including Saturday from 9 AM in the morning till 11 PM in the evening. Whereas for Sunday opening time remains the same that is 9 AM, but changes in the closing time. On Sunday they close early, which is at 10 PM.

Ulta Beauty Salon Hours of Operation
Monday10AM to 9PM
Tuesday10AM to 9PM
Wednesday10AM to 9PM
Thursday10AM to 9PM
Friday10AM to 9PM
Saturday10AM to 9PM
Sunday11AM to 6PM

Customer Support of Ulta Hair Salon

Office Address:

Ulta Beauty Guest Services

1000 Remington Blvd., Ste 120

Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Customer Service Number:


Official Website Address:

Social Network Links:





Ulta Hair Salon also has an application through which you can make bookings and check information on offers and prices.

Why Choose Ulta Hair Salon?

Ulta Hair Salon is everything in one place. From all your beauty needs like skin rejuvenation, hair treatments, waxing, hair cutting, colouring and treatments, all of them are done in one place itself. You don’t have to worry about spending too much money as the price of the services is very affordable. The experts will guide you on why you should opt for a particular hairstyle.

The salon believes in quality over quantity. They believe that their customer deserves the best service possible by their experts and that is why they do not rush you into it. They will talk to you, understand your needs and then provide the best service.


How much is a Haircut at Ulta?

The starting price of a haircut at the Ulta Beauty Salon is not fixed, but the minimum amount is $36, which includes both cutting and styling of hair.

How much does the Ulta Salon cost?

The Ulta Salon is deemed to be one of the most affordable hair salons in the country, and therefore it is no surprise that the Ulta Salon Price Menu is so cheap. The starting price is $5 of service and it may go up to $100 to $150 depending upon the type of service you choose and the tier of professional that you want the service from.

What are Ulta Prices for Cut and Color?

The price for a haircut at Ulta starts from $36 to $50 depending upon your need, whereas the cost of colour falls in the range of $43 to $63.

How To Use Ulta Points?

Using Ulta points is very easy. All you have to do is make sure that you are logged in to your account in their official website, which has the Ultimate Rewards member ID. Now make your purchase and the points will be used by selecting the option to pay by points. In any case, the points will add itself automatically.

What Services Does Ulta Beauty Offer?

The Ulta Beauty Hair Salon provides many services that start from haircutting, styling, blowouts, nail painting, removal, waxing, hair treatments, facial, unique bridal treatments, makeup, texture treatments, skin treatments, hair colour and highlighting. All of these special services are available exclusively at Ulta Hair Salon at a very cheap price.

Does Ulta Hair Salon provide special discounts on services?

Yes, Ulta Hair Salon does provide special discounts to their longtime customers along with some coupons on Ulta Facial Prices that are available on their website occasionally in festive seasons.

Does Ulta Hair Salon use chemical products?

No, Ulta Hair Salon does not use chemical products unless and until it is ammonia that is used for permanent hair colour application. Other than that, the company has upheld a reputation of using only natural and organic products that are good for their customers and does not cause any sort of allergy.

What Time Does Ulta Close?

Every day except Sunday Ulta closes at 11 PM, and on Sunday it closes early at 10 PM.

What Time Does Ulta Open?

For all days of the week, including Sunday, the Ulta Beauty Salon opens at 9 AM exactly.

What Time Does Ulta Close On Sundays?

On Sundays, Ulta closes early, which is 10 PM.

What Time Does Ulta Open On Saturday?

On Saturday, Ulta opens at the same time as other days, which is 9 AM.

Is the Ulta Hair Salon open for all days of the week?

Yes, the Ulta Hair Salon remains open for all days of the week.

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