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Walmart Hair Salon Prices and Services from SmartStyle

How many times have you wished for a celebrity hairstyle but got stuck with something totally out of this world, thanks to your local stylist? Well, bid goodbye to your nemesis and say hello to a new dawn with a Hair Salon at Walmart called the Smartstyle Hair Salon. They have experts from all over the country trained and curated for you to satisfy all your needs starting from haircuts to curling, colouring and even special hair treatments. You name it, and they will do it for you.

But that is not all that makes the Walmart hair Salon one of the best salons for all age. It is the price of the company that has made a drastic difference in the way people looked at Walmart services. The prices of the services offered are very minimal, and you can get a beautiful balayage within $100 itself without spilling your pockets too much.

In this information based article, we will share with you Walmart Hair Salon Prices, their best services and specialities. Walmart has made a name for itself for providing people with exactly what they have in mind with their expert consultancy and suggestions.

Smartstyle Walmart Salon Prices

In our Walmart Hair Salon price list, you will find all the latest price of the services offered by this company. They have made a name in being one of the most affordable and friendliest salons that cater to all age groups.

Walmart Salon Prices image

The haircutting price for adults will start from around $15.95, whereas other services like hair straightening, styling, curling etc. may go up to $59.95. Hair colour starts from $44.95 and depending upon the length and color it may go up to even $200.

Walmart Salon Price List

Walmart Haircut Prices

Kid’s Haircut & Express Dry (10 and under)$13.95
Kid’s Haircut (10 and under)$10.95
Buzz Cut$10
Adult Haircut$15.95
Adult Haircut & Express Dry $18.95 

Walmart Salon Prices for Styling

Luxury Style$44.95 
Specialty Style$26.95 
Advanced Style$18.95 


Relaxer Retouch$44.95
Virgin Relaxer$49.95

Corrective Color

Color Remover$18

Permanent Wave

Specialty Wrap$54.95
Partial Perm$23
Basic Wave$44.95


Color Rinse $3
Bleach (includes toner)$54.95
Full Foil $49.95 
14 Foils$34.95
Beautiful Browns or Jazzing$24.95
Individual Foils$6
Cap Highlighting$44.95
Permanent or Demi Permanent $44.95 
7 Foils $24.95

Smartstyle Hair Salon Prices for Other Services

Partial Highlights & Cut$49.27
Full Highlights & Cut$69.27
All-Over Color & Cut$64.27
Basic Conditioner$1
Wave Nouveau$59.95
Moisturizing Conditioner$3
Intense Conditioner$10

About Smart Styles Salon Walmart

The Walmart hair salon is one of the best hair salons all over the country. This hair salon was first started in 1988. They are affiliated with one of the largest hair salon corporations named Regis Corporation. The Regis Corporation owns more than 10,000 hair salons all over the country. Among all 10,000 salons, 2,100 are of SmartStyle.

Other famous salons associated with Regis Corporation are Fiesta Salon and the Cost Cutter. Since most of the SmartStyle hair salons are settled in Walmart malls, they are commonly known as Walmart Hair Salons. With a surprisingly low cost of services and proper place, they have managed to engage most of the clients in quite a short amount of time.  

The group started expanding slowly, setting up most of the salons in crowded places like Walmart malls thinking that people passing by will tend to be their customer. They have many outlets in almost all states of Canada. Out of 50, the SmartStyle has outlets in 49 states of Canada.

Now they are expanding their business in Puerto Rico as well. Due to assurance from the company about providing service at an affordable price and maintaining the quality, they have succeeded in getting the attention of many customers. In just 20 years, they have successfully flourished their business to a large extent. 

Services by Walmart Hair Salon

If you have not yet visited the Walmart hair salon, you will be surprised just by looking at the list of services they provide. Almost all the services are covered related to hairstyling under one roof. You need not have to go to different places for styling. With experts, you will get the best service available in the market.

If you are in Walmart Hair Salon, you do not have to worry about anything. You will be in good hands. The services provided by the salon are haircuts, colouring, corrective colour, styling, permanent wave, and many more. The list is long. You should definitely check the nearest Walmart Hair Salon in order to get the best for your hair.

Most of the services are quite affordable than other fancy hair salons. All care will be taken by experts with many years of experience. From haircut to styling and colouring, every service will be done there at a minimal amount of charges. The cost of normal haircut for an adult is very affordable.

You may have to spend more than $18.95 if you are looking for a haircut with Express Dry. You can even get a haircut for your children as well. For haircut included with Express Dry for children will not cost you much than other salons. 

Other services like colouring will cost you a little more. For permanent colouring for your hair, it will be more expensive than regular coloring methods. The SmartStyle Hair Salon also provides its customers with full foil coloring as well as semi foil coloring. But if you just want to color your hair up to 7 foils, then the cost will be in a very minimum range and after that, if you decide to go up to 14 foils, then charges will increase subsequently.

There is also a provision of bleaching your hair, cap highlighting and many more in most affordable ranges and quality. They also provide you with the service of rinsing colour from your hair, which is not available in all stores. 

There are numerous styling options available in Walmart Hair Salon. You can choose any one of them. The price may vary according to the style you choose. The price of styling starts from around $14 or so, which seems pocket-friendly. It will hike as per your choice of style. There are many categories in which the styles are classified. There are basic styles which start from normal rates of styling.

Also, there are advanced styling options which include blow drying your hair, hot iron, and many more. There is the provision of Therma smoothing of your hair as well. This includes non-chemical straightening for your hair in 4 advanced steps. Walmart Hair Salon can be trusted to cater to all your needs at one place itself. 

Walmart Hair Salon Reviews

We went through various online review sites as well as customer complaints site to find out some of the most genuine reviews left by their customers, and we selected three of the most helpful ones. The first person said, “I went to Smartstyle on a very busy day, and I wasn’t sure if they will give me a slot as I had no prior booking done, they told me that they have noted my request, and asked me to either wait for around 30 minutes or to just go around the mall and do the rest of my shopping and come back, which was totally fine with me. I came back after around 40 minutes, and they had a slot for me. The treatment they gave was satisfactory, although pricey”.

Another customer said, “I often visit Walmart Hair Salon to have my kid’s haircut, and I simply love the way they experiment with new styles on him that makes him look cute. The shaggy haircut that one of their experts gave to my child was amazing, and I also loved the way they gave him a free shampoo after it”.

Although there were mostly good Walmart Hair Salon reviews, we dug in further and found some really nasty comments as well. One of the most prominent comments which received a lot of upvotes was about a customer having to wait, and getting an unsatisfactory hair cut at the end.

She said, “Despite having an appointment, they made me wait for 30 minutes. When I asked her to use a razor, the expert told me she was not used to it and would like to use a scissor. She was so slow with it that she gave me neck pain. After cutting, she dried my hair and didn’t offer shampoo. The funny thing is that she charged me an extra for drying my hair”.

Walmart Hair Salon Hours

The Walmart hair salon will be open on all the days of the week. The timing for getting service is 10 AM to 7 PM except for Sundays. The time for Sunday is from 10 AM to 6 PM only. You can give a call in order to book an appointment. But it is not mandatory. You can also get service upon reaching there, but you may have to wait for a short period of time.

Monday9 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 8 PM
Thursday9 AM to 8 PM
Friday9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday9 AM to 8 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

Customer Support Information on Walmart Hair Salon

Office Address:

SmartStyle Hair Salons

781 Main Street

Presque Isle


Customer Service Number:


Official Website Address:

Social Network Links:

An Android Application and an iPhone Application is available for download through which you can make bookings and know all the necessary information.

Why choose Walmart Hair Salon?

This is a question you should definitely ask whenever you are looking for any product as well as service. Not just one, but there are several reasons why should you choose Walmart Hair Salon. First of all, your precious hair will be handled with skilled well-trained experts who will have experience of several years.

The facilities which they provide will be of proper standards. And the most amazing reason that attracts most of the public is that they provide all the services in a very affordable amount. There is no reason by which you can ignore going here in order to get a proper caring for your hair.

If you want a special styling for any special occasion, you do not have to spend much. In just $26.95, you can get a speciality styling from an expert in Walmart Hair Salon. The Smart Style Walmart Salon Prices makes it one of the best salon available in the current market. Getting styled in luxury is also possible in this salon.

Hairstyles like spiral curls, twist, the straw set will cost you much if you go for any regular salon. But in Walmart Hair Salon, it will just cost you $44.95. There are several services which you will find reasonable if you are in Walmart Hair Salon.


How much does Smartstyle Cost?

Walmart Haircut Prices is very reasonable, especially well-trained stylists will help you in your makeover. The haircutting costs start at $15.95, a buzz cut will cost you a minimum of $10, whereas other services like coloring and treatments may cost you maximum up to $250 to $300.

What is the price of kid’s hair cut at Walmart Hair Salon?

The price for kid’s hair cut at Walmart Hair Salon is $10.95. However, the kid must be below age 10 and under to be considered for this discount.

Does Walmart Hair Salon provide special discounted rates?

Yes, Walmart Hair Salon does provide special discounted rates for a hair cut for children under the age of 10. Also, during some special holiday and festivities, they provide discounts on services.

How much is a Haircut at Walmart?

The cost of a haircut for an adult starts from $15.95 and may go up depending upon the type of styling, texture and extra services.

Who is the head owner of Smartstyle Hair Salon?

The head owner of Smartstyle Hair Salon is the Regis Corporation, and it is one of the leading and largest companies in the world for hair salons that are trusted by many.

Is Walmart Haircut Salon the same as the Smartstyle Hair Salon?

Yes, both the Walmart Hair Salon and Smartstyle Hair Salon are the same stores, and they are not to be confused with being different.

Are gift cards available to buy for Walmart Hair Salon, if yes then where?

Yes, gift cards are available to buy for Walmart Hair Salon, and they are available almost in all Walmart Salon stores available near to your location. 

Is a salon of SmartStyle available in every Walmart?

Yes, a salon of SmartStyle is available at every Walmart.

Does Smartstyle do perms?

Yes, Smartstyle has the option for its customers to do perms, extensions, styling, colouring, trimming, curling, hair wash, and so much more. All you have to do is ask.

Are the stylists of Walmart Hair Salon licensed and trained?

Yes, the stylists of Walmart Hair Salon are well-trained and licensed by the country to provide you with expert guidance and hair cutting solutions. You don’t have to worry about any damage being caused to your hair, as they are taken care of under expert supervision.

Does the Smart Styles Salon Walmart do hairstyles for special occasions?

Yes, the SmartStyle salon Walmart can do hairstyles for special occasions, such as bridal, wedding parties, office party, award functions, etc. You may have to make a prior appointment for this special service, and it depends upon the availability of the stylist.

What time does Walmart Hair Salon close?

For all days of the week, except Sunday the Walmart Hair Salon closes at 7 PM, and on Sunday it closes at 6 PM.

What time does Walmart Hair Salon open?

For all days of the week, the Walmart Hair Salon opens at 10 AM.

Is the Smartstyle Hair Salon open for every day of the week?

Yes, the Smartstyle Hair Salon is open for all days of the week including Saturday and Sunday. It may close under special circumstances without prior information. 

Can I make prior appointments before going to Walmart Hair Salon?

Yes, you can make all your bookings and appointments through the Walmart Hair Salon official website and the applications that are available in the PlayStore and iTunes store.

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