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Woodhouse Day Spa Prices and Newly Added Services

How many times have you wanted to go for a spa treatment but restrained yourself by saying that “no, it’s too costly for me”. Well, dear readers, you don’t have to think about it any longer as the Woodhouse Day Spa packages are very customer friendly and affordable. This group of the spa was made keeping the vision in mind that no customer should refrain from having the day of their life in a spa just due to financial constraints. At Woodhouse Day Spa, you are sure to receive the best services such as massage treatments, skin treatment, facial, rejuvenation treatments, and so much more in a very less price.

Having won accolades by its various customers as well as garnishing their wall of fame with almost 75 awards, The Woodhouse Day Spa will surely cater to all your needs starting from hair treatments to face treatments and even body ache problems. You will be in the best hands possible, as their trainees have been trained rigorously for several years to provide their customers with the most relaxing experience. Their sleep treatments are reputed to be the best compared to any other spa in the country, and it is surely worth a try. Have a look at the updated Woodhouse Day Spa Prices below.

Woodhouse Day Spa Price List

We will be sharing with you some of the best Woodhouse Salon Spa Price List that will surely make your day brighter as they are so affordable. They have various services like waxing that start from around $20 and goes to highly-priced Woodhouse hydra facial, which may cost around $260. Also, depending upon the various types of treatments chosen and the duration of it, these Woodhouse Day Spa Prices may change from time to time, but they are still very affordable.

Woodhouse Day Spa Prices image

Nail Service Enhancements

Paraffin Treatment$10
French Polish$6

Body Treatments

Shrink To Fit Cellulite Body Wrap$115
Wild Lavender And Seaweed Sugar Glow$105
Lazy Days Renewal Ritual$150
Stretch Mark Smoothe$105
The Woodhouse Escape$230
Lavender Dreams Scalp Massage$105
Warmed Spice Mud Wrap$105
Organic Seaweed Leaf Wrap$175

Woodhouse Signature Services

The Woodhouse Signature Four-handed Massage $230
The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti$138
The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure$90
The Woodhouse Escape$225
The Woodhouse Hydrafacial$260
The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat $65


Extended Bikini $65
Waxing- Chest $65
Lower Legs$45
Brazilian Bikini$75
Full Legs $80
Upper Legs $45
Face $45
Upper Arms$35
Lower Arms$35
Arms $65

Sleep Treatments

Blissful Night$95
Lavender Dreams$95
The Soma$95
Deep Sleep Massage$125

Foot Treatments

Bourbon Marshmallow Butter Deluxe Pedi$65
The Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure$85
The Tula$75
Lucky Legs Add On $50
Gentleman’s Pedicure $50
Warm Agave Nectar Pedicure$50
Lavender And Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure$60

Hand Treatments

Warm Agave Nectar Manicure$50
Gentleman’s Manicure$45
Spritzer Manicure$40
Immaculate Wear$15
The Woodhouse Signature Hand Retreat$60
Bourbon Marshmallow Butter Deluxe Mani$65


Spa Classics$235
Great Expectations$250
The Woodhouse Experience$590
Two’s Company$470
Organic Renewal$470

Skin Care

Facial Enhancements$35 – $45
The Express Hydrafacial $100
Calming Rosacea Facial$110
Seaweed Marine Eye Compress Treatment$45
Gentleman’s Hot Towel Facial$95
Restore And Firm Microderm$120 / $165
The Woodhouse Hydrafacial $260
The Skin Fitness Assessment Facial $120
Illuminating Facial $125
Restorative Stem Cell Facial $145
Organic Discovery Facial$95
Timeless Anti-aging Facial $130
The Pure Hydrafacial $180
The Woodhouse Signature Minkyti $145.

Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage $100 / $130
Gentlemen’s Deep Tissue Massage$100 / $130
Therapeutic Stone Massage $95 / $125 / $175
Toasty Marshmallow Massage$95
Romancing The Stone Massage$95
Relaxing Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage$95
Duet Massage $180 / $240
Swedish Massage$90 / $120 / $170
Mellow Mama$95 / $125
Balancing Yoga Massage$125
Reflexology Foot Massage$55 / $90
Gentlemen’s Therapeutic Stone Massage$95 / $125 / $175
The Woodhouse Signature Four-handed Massage$240

More about Woodhouse Day Spa

The Woodhouse day spa is one of the places in which you will get healed physically as well as spiritually. The journey of Woodhouse day spa started in Texas. The first spa was built in 2001 by Jeni Garrett. They will provide you with services related to a spa in the most peaceful environment. The only mission of the professional at Woodhouse is to provide you with the most delightful experience in order to heal you from outside as well as inside. The services provided by Woodhouse will relax you and transform you on a spiritual level. With the standards of Woodhouse, the service will keep you satisfied beyond your expectations.

According to various online statistics, we found that the Woodhouse Day Spa currently has 32 open locations in the US, with 10 more upcoming projects. They have also garnered a lot of reputation by earning more than 70 awards over the years.

Woodhouse Day Spa Services

There are various types of services that Woodhouse Day Spa provides you like skincare, massage therapy, body treatment, sleep treatment, and many more. They have some signature services, which are their specialty. Service like Minkyti, Hydrafacial, escape are some of those categories. All the materials and ingredients used in all the methods are 100 percent natural. The quality is never compromised when you are at Woodhouse day spa. 

The cost is a little more than usual spas. But the costs are reasonable as per the quality of services they provide. There is also a coupon system. You can use your Woodhouse Day Spa Coupons in order to get discounts on your services. This system is applicable for all Woodhouse Day Spa Locations. You can redeem your coupon once in any of the located woodhouse day spas. 

The woodhouse day spa will also provide you services like waxing, manicure, pedicure, and other services, which will save you the time to go for the same in any salon. You can get a great deal if you just visit the woodhouse day spa. It is recommended to pay a visit in order to get a brief idea about the service and the quality provided by the woodhouse day spa.

Woodhouse Day Spa Review

We conducted various online surveys as well as personally contacted some of their regular and used-to-be customers to gather the most legit reviews that would not only be helpful for us but for our readers as well, and we would like to share some of them with you.

The first review that we liked the most is, “I find Woodhouse Day Spa professionals to be very helpful in suggesting what treatment should be the best for you in terms of your skin. Also, I really like the quiet and peaceful ambiance of their treatment centre”. Another customer quoted, “I regularly visit this place for massage treatments for my wife and me, and I must say that it is one of the most relaxing days of our lives.”

These reviews were really nice about the Woodhouse Day Spa, and it gave us a brief idea of how nice their customer support, professionals, as well as ambiance, is. But there always are the negatives to positives, and we found one comment to be the most disturbing of all, where a customer quoted, “After I went to the Woodhouse Day Spa I was expecting a very courteous staff, but they were plain rude and told me they had no slot available for me that day and ask me to leave”. Although there can be accidents and mishaps such as these, we still think that 94% positive comments surely make it one of the best spa centers in the country.

Woodhouse Spa Hours

The Woodhouse Day Spa is open on all days of the week, but the timing is different for different days. Mondays to Wednesdays, it will be from 10 am to 7 pm. For Sundays, the timing will be from 10 am to 6 pm. And from Thursdays to Saturdays, the timing will be from 9 am to 7 pm.

You can ask for a reservation to book your slot by calling the helpline number. Although it is not necessary to book your slot. In order to avoid waiting after you reach there, it is recommended to book your slot before only by checking the below Woodhouse Spa Hours.

Monday10 am to 7 pm
Tuesday10 am to 7 pm
Wednesday10 am to 7 pm
Thursday9 am to 7 pm
Friday9 am to 7 pm
Saturday9 am to 7 pm
Sunday10 am to 6 pm

Customer Support of Woodhouse Day Spa

Office Address:

The Woodhouse Day Spa, One O’Connor Plaza, 1st Floor

Victoria, TX 77901

Customer Service Number:


877.570.7772 (toll-free)

Fax: 361.578.7116

Official Website Address:

Social Network Links:

There is provision for people to make online appointments through their official website or by even dialing the number provided on the Contact US page.

Why Choose Woodhouse Day Spa?

The Woodhouse Day Spa, even after winning more than 70 awards, strictly concentrated on expanding their business and improving their customer service towards their valued and trusted customers. They aim towards providing the best solution to all your problems related to facial, body massage, waxing, manicure, and pedicure. The list goes on if we even try to list half of the services that they offer.

It is surely not worth a miss, because their products and services are very organic and natural. They do not use any kind of chemical product on their customers and always make sure that their customers are receiving the best, they also listen to your problems and will suggest you the best package possible. You can choose to book an appointment online through their website or phone number. But if you go without an appointment, they will still give you a service, but you may have to wait for a while.

Keep visiting for latest Woodhouse Day Spa Prices.


How much is a signature Minkytri at Woodhouse Day Spa?

The cost of a Woodhouse Signature Minkytri will be around $138 plus for a duration of 80 minutes. But if you go for a higher duration, then the price will go up.

How much does Woodhouse Day Spa cost?

At Woodhouse Day spa, you get various types of treatments that range from waxing to facials, body treatments, massages, and all of this range between $20 staring price to around $250. But it should be noted that this price may even go up to $300 if you choose for treatment with a longer duration.

How much is a hydra facial at Woodhouse Day Spa?

The cost of a hydra facial at Woodhouse Day Spa is around $260 for 80 minutes. The price may go up or change depending upon the duration being increased.

How much is a signature hand retreat at Woodhouse Day Spa?

The cost of a signature hand retreat is very cheap at Woodhouse day spa, which is only $65 for a duration of 50 minutes.

How much does Woodhouse Day Spa charge for a pedicure?

The Woodhouse Day Spa has various kinds of pedicure and manicure treatments, one of their best Woodhouse Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure will cost you around $90 for a duration of 80 minutes.

How much does Woodhouse Day Spa charge for a massage treatment?

For a massage treatment like Four-Handed Massage, the Woodhouse Day Spa will charge you around $230 for a duration of 80 minutes.

Are Woodhouse Day Spa available in the US?

Yes, there are various centres of Woodhouse Day Spa that are available in the US for their customers.

How to find the nearest Woodhouse Day Spa to my location?

You can easily find the nearest Woodhouse Day Spa to your location by going to their official website and providing information like choosing your location from the list provided, and the website will show you the nearest Woodhouse Day Spa available near your location. You can do this, or you can also choose to use Google Maps and find the nearest salon to your current location.

How many Woodhouse Day Spa’s is in the US?

According to online stats, we have found that there are 32 open locations in the US at its 14 states. 10 more locations are about to be opened in some more states in the coming years.

Are the products used by the Woodhouse Day Spa safe for skin?

Yes, the products used by the Woodhouse Day Spa is very much safe to be used on the skin. They have tried and tested natural products which have very less content of chemical in it, so you do not have to worry about any skin allergies or rashes being caused by it.

How much is an Express facial at Woodhouse Day Spa?

The cost of an Express hydra facial at Woodhouse Day Spa is very less, which is around $100 for a duration of 25 minutes. But if you wish to extend this treatment, the price may go up.

How much does Woodhouse Day Spa charge for illuminating facial?

The Woodhouse Day Spa charges around $125 to $130 for an illuminating facial that lasts up to 50 minutes.

Does Woodhouse Day spa have any skin rejuvenating treatment that is effective?

Yes, the Woodhouse Day Spa has much skin rejuvenating treatment that is not only effective but will also cost you very little compared to other spa houses. You can browse through the list of treatments available in their website.

What time does Woodhouse Day Spa open?

The opening time for Woodhouse Day Spa from Monday to Saturday is 9 am, whereas on Sunday it opens at 12 noon.

What is the closing time for Woodhouse Day Spa?

The closing time for Woodhouse Day Spa is 6 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and 7 pm on Thursday and Friday, and 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Do they remain open for all the days of the week?

Yes, the Woodhouse Day Spa remains open for its customers on all days of the week.

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