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Xpresspa Nail Care, Massage Prices and Reviews

Have you ever found a place that provides you with all the services at one-stop? Starting from a good head massage, a toe massage, manicure, pedicure, nail fills, table massage, and so much more in that place itself? I am sure you have not. What about a place that will charge you exactly what they have provided in their price list? Probably not. But we do have a place called XpresSpa that has shown that it can provide everything under one roof that too at a very reasonable price.

Not only spa services, but they also have XpresSpa Products such as classic neck pillow with massager, panda travel pillow, classic travel pillow, and others. Whether it be a massage, nail care, facial or waxing, they have the means and experts that can do it all. They have staff that will listen to you, and accordingly carry out your order. They won’t force a style on you that you don’t like, which is one of their major plus points. Below are the updated Xpresspa Prices that you can check out before visiting.

XpresSpa Prices

XpresSpa has all the services, such as haircuts and hair related services, which will cost you in the range of $15 to $85. Whereas their facial will cost $50 to $95, depending upon the time. They even have wax related services that fall in the range of $20 each, whether it be cheek, chin, eyebrows, or upper lips. Another primary service that they provide is nail care, which will cost you around $12 to $60. Their massage prices are quite reasonable and will cost you $42 to $72.

Xpresspa Prices image

XpresSpa Massage Prices

Table (Full Clothed) (30 Minutes)$80
Relaxation Lounger (30 Minutes)$35
Tension Relief (25 Minutes)$62
Relaxation Lounger (20 Minutes)$25
Foot (15 Minutes)$42
Table (Full Clothed) (60 Minutes)$115
Foot (30 Minutes)$72
Table (Full Clothed) (90 Minutes)$165
Hand & Arm (15 Minutes)$38
Full Body (30 Minutes)$85
Neck & Back (15 Minutes)$42
Full Body (60 Minutes)$140
Foot (20 Minutes)$52
Tension Relief (15 Minutes)$42
Hand & Arm (25 Minutes)$52
Full Body (90 Minutes)$180
Add-On 5 Minutes to 25/30 Minutes$10
Neck & Back (30 Minutes)$72
Relaxation Lounger (15 Minutes)$20
Full Body (45 Minutes)$110
Tension Relief (20 Minutes)$52
Table (Full Clothed) (45 Minutes)$90
Neck & Back (20 Minutes)$52

XpresSpa Pedicure Prices

Gel Polish with Removal (Xpres) (Pedicure)$65
Choice of Polish (Xpres) (Pedicure)$50
Gel French Finish (Xpres) (Pedicure)$20
French Finish (Xpres) (Pedicure)$15
Gel Polish (Xpres) (Pedicure)$60

XpresSpa Deluxe Prices

French Finish (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$15
Gel Polish with Removal (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$85
Choice of Polish (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$70
Gel Polish (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$75
Gel French Finish (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$20

XpresSpa Classic Prices

Choice of Polish (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$70
French Finish (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$15
Gel Polish with Removal (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$85
Gel Polish (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$75
Gel French Finish (Deluxe) (Pedicure)$20

Xpress Spa Prices for all Services

Strengthener (Pedicure)$5
Nail Shaping + Polish Change (Pedicure)$25
Gel Soak-Off (Pedicure)$25
Toenail Clipping (Pedicure)$15
Foot Soak (Pedicure)$10
Soothing Foot Treatment Mask (Pedicure)$10

XpresSpa Facial Price List

Enriched (30 Minutes)$75
Rehydrating (30 Minutes)$75
Collagen Facial Mask$25
Rehydrating (45 Minutes)$95
Enriched (45 Minutes)$95
Xpres (20 Minutes)$50

XpresSpa Waxing Prices

Upper Lip$20

XpresSpa Products

A unique thing about the XpresSpa is that all their outlets are at airports. The concept of starting a company is to provide the most comfortable service to passengers who are traveling for a long time in flights. The founders have observed that people always complain about the pain they get after traveling long-distance flights. They turned this problem into an opportunity and thus started a new business.

Nowadays, you will find outlets of XpresSpa in each and every airport. It is the best place for people to spend luxurious time when they have to wait for their flight to board. People love the services of XpresSpa. Most people have good reviews of XpresSpa. You will get all the required services associated with a general spa.

XpresSpa Services

There are various services provided by the XpresSpa. You will be surprised to know that the spa covers all types of services provided by a general spa. The XpresSpa is famous for its massages. A whole body to a specified part, you can get any kind of massage done here. Many different types of massages are usually provided here, such as neck massage, foot massage, hand massage, leg massage, and many more. All the massages will release your stress and provide you with a pleasant and relaxing experience. It is the best place to visit after a long journey in flight. You will feel energized after coming out of the spa. You can check the XpresSpa Price List during your session. 

Services like manicure and pedicure are also available here. All the experts will take good care of your nails. You can spend hours getting a manicure as well as pedicure while you wait for your flight. You can get your nails treated with the utmost gentle care that XpresSpa provides. They have different packages for pedicure as well. You can get a business class manicure and pedicure in which you will receive the best of the services provided by the spa, first-class manicure and pedicure and many more. Check the Express Pedicure Prices on their official website to get more information on the services.

If you forgot to wax your legs, you do not have to worry about it anymore because you can get it at the airport with XpresSpa services, where you can get a quick waxing therapy. One of the famous outlets of XpresSpa is in Denver. It is recommended to pay a visit to the branch of Denver and check the XpresSpa Denver Airport Prices.

XpresSpa Customer Reviews

The XpresSpa Customer reviews were mostly interesting, although some people praised their all-in-one service, there were a few who did not like the queue, or lack of proper customer support. Some of the customer reviews that we collected through our survey and found legit enough to be shared are given below. A customer who is a frequent visitor at XpresSpa said, “Their all-in-one service is very helpful for me, as I do not have to visit multiple centers just to get myself pampered. I start with massage, go for hairstyle, get my nails done, and even waxing in a few cases.”

Another customer said, “They may appear to be a little pricey for some, but I really like the quality of services that they provide to their customers. My nails were done by a girl named Stella and she was really good at it. I loved the color she gave me”. A customer was not happy with the waiting time and said, “I had to wait for almost 20 minutes to get a slot, which is unacceptable”.

XpresSpa Hours

Another beneficial feature of XpresSpa is that the outlets are open on all days of the week. The timing is the same for every day. The regular timing of XpresSpa is from 6 am to 10 pm. In order to confirm your slot, you can give them a call or even make an online appointment and it is recommended to book your slot in order to avoid any delay. You can also get the services done after you reach the spa without an appointment, but there may be a delay in time till you reach your scheduled slot.

XpresSpa Hours
Monday6 am to 10 pm
Tuesday6 am to 10 pm
Wednesday6 am to 10 pm
Thursday6 am to 10 pm
Friday6 am to 10 pm
Saturday6 am to 10 pm
Sunday6 am to 10 pm

How to find an Xpresspa Near Me?

To find an Xpresspa near you, read the following steps:

  1. Go to their official website ( and click on the locations tab.
  2. The locations tab will open a new web page to enter your zip code, city, and state, either manually or website will do it automatically for you.
  3. Later, it will show you a list of all the Xpresspa locations that are near to you.
  4. One point to note is that all of its locations are mostly situated inside an airport, so whichever airport is near you, it will have an Xpresspa store in it.

Customer Service Number:


Official Website Address: https://www.XpresSpa .com/

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Instagram: /

Why Choose  Xpress Spa?

If you are at the airport and you are looking to spend your time in luxury, XpresSpa is the best place you got. Even after getting off a long flight, you should pay a visit to freshen up for your essential work. Just by looking at XpresSpa Prices, you can tell how reasonable the services cost. If you already paid a visit to any outlet of XpresSpa, you will never forget the hostility of the staff.
To get a blissful experience, you should without fail check the nearest XpresSpa outlet. They even have a coupon system. After your sessions in the spa, you can get a chance to win an XpresSpa Coupons, which will avail you discounts on your next visit to XpresSpa.


How Much Is A Business Class Manicure At Express Nails And Spa

The cost for a business class manicure is divided multiply as the choice of polish will cost you around $50, the gel polish will be $60, gel polish with requiring remover is $65, and French finish will cost you approximately $12 to $15.

How Much Is A First Class Manicure At XpresSpa Locations

The cost for a first-class manicure like the business manicure is categorized. A choice of polish will cost you around $60; the gel polish will be $65, gel polish with remover will be $75, whereas French finish will be $12 and French finish with gel will be $15.

What are the XpresSpa Foot massage Prices

The price for XpresSpa foot massage is around $42 for a 15-minute spa, $52 for a 20-minute spa and $72 for a 30-minute spa.

What are the XpresSpa Pedicure prices

The XpresSpa Pedicure prices will cost you around $15 to $60 depending upon the gel finish, polish of choice, etc.

What Time Does XpresSpa Close

XpresSpa closes at 10 pm every Monday to Sunday.

What Time Does XpresSpa Open

XpresSpa opens at 6 am for every outlet from Monday to Sunday.

What Time Does XpresSpa Close On Sunday

XpresSpa closes at 10 pm on a Sunday.

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